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Maz Kanata, una pirata con alma latina Sus padres son kenianos, pero por ella corre alma latina. Lupita Amondi Nyong'o nació el 1 de marzo de 1983 en la Ciudad de México, en la que vivió durante tres años antes de ir a Kenia con su familia. No fue sino hasta los 16 años que regresó a

Cambio de dirección en Venezuela No importa de qué ideología sea un gobierno o partido, o lo populista que pueda ser, o lo neoliberales que puedan ser, quién va a marcar las pautas de un cambio en las elecciones de un país en crisis, no es tanto la ideología política, sino la realidad

Concha Acústica recebe filme sobre "Laje de Santos" A Concha Acústica de Santos se tornará um cinema a céu aberto nesta sexta-feira (11), às 19 horas. O equipamento público, localizado na orla do Canal 3, receberá a segunda sessão de filmes com temática ambiental que estimula a preservação da vida

Filmado en Cuba: una razón más para ver y ser En tanto, Viva, describe la historia de un joven cubano en la lucha por encontrar su identidad y en conflicto con su padre alcohólico recién salido de la prisión, con la cual tiene el suficiente crédito para convertirse en la candidata irlandesa a los

Ottavia Piccolo sulla scena è un “Enigma” Le chiedo: «Posso svelare ai lettori qualcosa?». La risposta è perentoria: «No. Altrimenti svanisce l'enigma». Ma come si fa a presentare un titolo senza raccontare nulla: un luogo, un tempo, un personaggio. Lei ci pensa un momento. “Enigma - Niente

Enrique Iglesias plantea cambiar modelo productivo latinoamericano MONTEVIDEO.- El exsecretario general iberoamericano Enrique Iglesias aseveró hoy que América Latina necesita reformar su modelo productivo para dar más participación a la industria y depender menos de las materias primas y remarcó el papel que pueden

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At the Aloha Club, boasting “the longest bar” in Oakland, Jahaira Morales dances cumbia with ganas . A DJ and founding member of the Bay Area chapter of Chulita Vinyl Club, she wears a track jacket with a gold chain, doorknocker earrings, loose... When she spins, turns, and kicks up, we’re not in Fruitvale anymore — we’re free. It’s July 7, the night that protestors have shut down I-880 and 2,000 people protest police brutality and the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. We are just a few blocks from where Oscar Grant was killed, and it doesn’t feel like seven years have passed because the killings have not. I also want to find it in myself to dance. I do not know how to cumbia. But I do know how to move, and follow when someone is bold enough to lead. Jahaira, mid-spin, throws her hand out at me, swings under her partner, and begins to sort-of cumbia with me. I say sort-of, because I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m not slowing her down. She’s swinging me so fast, I’m only focused on not flying flat on my ass and becoming an accidental coming attraction. But it feels so good to follow a woman who knows what she’s doing, whose long curly hair flows in every direction, and whenever she laughs, I can’t help but laugh too. And the music. Phenomenal old-school cumbia and soul. SIDE A: Sisters in Dance, Sisters in Struggle I meet Jahaira at the most gentrified spot in the Mission that I can think of, an empty bar on 19th Street with couches and an affected speakeasy vibe — but it’s quiet, which makes it a good spot to do... I try to remember what this place used to be. Jahaira and her fellow DJ crew member Andrea Gutierrez meet me at the bar. After a warm hello, and hugs, Jahaira looks around, and is silent. “Oh wow, this used to be the Lexington Club. And it hits me. The words of Rebecca Solnit : “This was the Lexington, a lesbian bar in the Mission for a long, long time, and now it’s had amnesia, identity theft, and a botox injection of fake SF history. Why does our counterculture continue to be taken away from us. In many ways, Chulita Vinyl Club is carving out a spot for Latina women to take the stage and reclaim a space that should be theirs. By spinning classic, old-school cumbia songs, the all-women DJ crew is keeping tradition alive. I ask Jahaira and Andrea how they started collecting vinyl, and what started it all for them. All they know is work, and they see music and art as something that’s a waste of time,” says Jahaira. “I mean, my Mom would play music too, but it wasn’t no thing to be like, oh we’re going to spend $15 on a CD or something. “I was from Mexico, and with moving a lot, I never really felt like I had the space,” she says. “I feel that always made me not want to collect anything… It’s nice to know, that once you make your own money and are able to take care of yourself now, you can build this little treasure and keep it growing. And that’s why it’s important to share it. ”. Jahaira and Andrea talk more about the need for sharing resources and building community. They finish each other’s sentences and act like sisters. Both recount that they’ve shown other women how to spin, and stress the importance of creating a space for Latinos where they feel like they are safe.

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SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – The eleventh edition of the Latin American Film Festival of São Paulo highlights the growing presence of women in regional film production and honors the São Paulo filmmaker Anna Muylaert. The festival opened yesterday (July 20th) and runs until July 27th, showing 118 films from thirteen countries the Memorial da América Latina in São Paulo. Unprecedented in Brazil, the festival opened with a feature film by female director Muylaert, the 2016 drama “Mãe Só Há Uma” (Only One Mom). There will be 23 titles by the writer and director screened during the festival, including works from the beginning of her career, which are rarely shown in public. Rio-based filmmaker Christina Daniels of Viva Filmes, who spent fifteen years in London before returning to Brazil, shared her thoughts on women in filmmaking. Besides the emphasis on women in filmmaking, the curator and creator of the festival, João Batista de Andrade, said that the purpose of the event is to open the door to new developments in the industry. “The festival has a number of new features: a very large presence of Mexican cinema – comedies and dramas from Mexico. has a very big show of Latin American contemporary cinema and has a special focus on women who are going behind the camera,” Mr. de Andrade told a government news agency. The filmmaker believes that the festival, which began in 2006, paves the way for new talent. “It was very important that the festival did this, since 2006. I think it showed the young people that they have space. The [traditional] filmmakers are still important, but there must be new ideas, new generations [must] have a chance to expose a new vision,” de Andrade added. The exhibition of classic films and directors are not out of the festival programming however. Curator de Andrade explained they are “always counter-balancing, always have a tribute and display of classic films, important films, but the festival is open to innovations and new ideas in film. The special programming “Golden Age Divas” of Mexican cinema shows actresses in productions of the 1940s. Films will be exhibited which include divas María Félix, Ninón Sevilla, Marga Lopez, Stella Inda and Dolores Del Rio. The exhibition also includes a selection of noir films like the “Na Palma de Tua Mão” (Palm of Your Hand), “Irmãs Malditas” (Malditas Sisters), “Outro Amanhecer” (Another Dawn) and “A Riqueza do DiaboAnother” (The Wealth of the Devil). Find out more about the Latin American Film Festival of São Paulo on their web site and on social media.

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THE GRAND FINALE: The last night of #RNCinCLE culminates with billionaire GOP nominee Donald Trump’s acceptance speech, but on the West Coast, we’ll also be watching the star turn of two Californians -- both in the billionaires’ club -- who will... -- STEALING THE HEADLINES -- CRUZ’S SNUB and 2020 PREVIEW: Texas Senator Ted Cruz kicked off his next presidential campaign in stunning fashion -- urging GOPers to “vote your conscience,” and refusing to endorse Trump. POLITICO heard from former CAGOP chair Ron Nehring, who served as national spokesman for Cruz’s presidential campaign and who hailed the Texas Senator, booed in the hall, as the “genuine” champion of conservatism. -- NEHRING’S TAKE -- “Short term, there will be some people who wanted Ted Cruz to endorse the guy who accused his father of being a murderer, publicly attacked his wife, and cited supermarket tabloids as news sources to peddle fictitious stories. In the long term, political parties are built on ideas and there is no more articulate champion of those ideas than Ted Cruz, as he proved again tonight. ” Link to Cruz’s full speech: http://wapo. -- Ben Adler @adlerben: “ @CAGOP delegates are *furious* with @tedcruz for not endorsing @realDonaldTrump. -- Executive and celebrity speech coach Ruth Sherman, speaking to POLITICO, gave Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s keynote a top grade: Pence “softens Trump's rough edges, makes him seem reasonable in that he chose Pence. He knew what was coming and what he was going to do. ”. THE NEXT BIG THING:. -- VALLEY BUZZ -- Silicon Valley will hold its collective breath when tech royalty Peter Thiel, the openly gay founder of PayPal and Palantir Technologies, hedge fund manager, venture capitalist and in-on-the-ground-floor Facebook investor,... -- WHAT TO WATCH FOR: In light of what conservative commentator Margaret Hoover -- on KQED-FM this week -- called the most repressive platform on LGBT issues in Republican Party history -- does Thiel address the party’s positions on LGBT rights. And what of Silicon Valley’s distance from Trump on key issues like trade and immigration. -- THE WORLD ACCORDING TO THIEL -- “Peter Thiel plans to make history as first GOP convention speaker to announce that he is proud to be gay,’’ via The Washington Post’s Matea Gold: “Thiel intends to make the case that the most paramount... He strongly opposes an expansionist military policy and plans to say that he agrees with Trump that the United States should avoid unnecessary wars. ” http://wapo. -- “Peter Thiel’s Embrace of Trump Has Silicon Valley Squirming,” by NYTimes’ Farhad Manjoo: “Venture capitalists have a special term for investment opportunities that offer the potential for a big return but also carry a great deal of risk: high... For Silicon Valley’s political aspirations, Mr. Thiel’s speech is the ultimate high-beta performance. -- “The Strange Politics of billionaire Silicon Valley icon Peter Thiel,’’ by Bloomberg Business: Why this “gay, Christian, trade-loving, Gawker-hating, free-thinking, techno-utopian, anti-war, pro-marijuana, immigrant, kooky libertarian has... ” http://buswk. -- “Meet the 18-year-old leading a Peter Thiel-funded drone company,” by Market Watch’s Sally French: http://on. -- MESSAGE TO TRUMP: IMMIGRANTS ARE VALLEY’S STRENGTH: Mike Galarza, the CEO and founder of Entryless, a Silicon Valley-based tech firm -- says he’ll watching with deep concern Thursday as.

Viva Dance Viva Dance, located in central Auckland, is all about bringing fun, friendship and enjoyment to people’s lives through the medium of DANCE.

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Viva La Musica Latina Curacao - Het Latijns Amerikaans muziekfestival Viva La Musica Latina Curacao vindt plaats op 29 en 30 mei 2015 op de parkeerplaats van Sambil.Kijk op de website

Viva la Musica Latina Curacao 2015 | Showbizz International organiseert op 29 & 30 mei in Willemstad (Curacao) een Latijns-Amerikaans concert: “Viva la Música Latina Curacao 2015”