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At Home With Chris Del Gatto and Veronica Webb But with four children running around, the space that Chris Del Gatto and Veronica Webb Del Gatto have happily settled into is at once cozy and polished, with a professional touch. Mr. Del Gatto, the founder of the jewelry buying service Circa is in

Couple timed woman's suffocation, prosecutors say Couple timed woman's suffocation, prosecutors say. Water20Vault20Folo20mugs20OCT13.jpg. Veronica Houck, 23, left, and Jamar Webb, 33, right were arrested in Minden, La, on warrants issued in the killing of Young Suk Sanchez, 71, according to Las Vegas

Suspects indicted in death of woman discovered in duffel bag Jamar Webb, 33, and Veronica Houck, 23, each face one count of murder, victim 60 years of age or older; conspiracy to commit murder; first-degree kidnapping, victim 60 years of age or older; conspiracy to commit kidnapping; robbery, victim 60 years of

Dark Girl Project Breaks Beauty Barriers It is not unusual to thumb through the pages of a magazine without seeing an image that looks like you. In fact, it wasn't until 1992 that a Black woman became the face of a major beauty brand. Since Veronica Webb's 1992 debut for Revlon, only a

Police Report – December 9 Santiago Hernandez, 52, 607 E. Sixth St. A, was charged Friday with DUI, failure to maintain lane and driving while license suspended or revoked. Rakeen Dagvan Joiner, 17, Davis Road, Ty Ty, was charged Friday with theft by shoplifting. Alton Wayne

Honor Roll for Guilford High School, 1st Quarter 2015-'16 Eileen Reynolds, Julie Reynolds, Ellis Riccio, John Ring, Jack Robbins, Liam Roberts, Priscilla Rodriguez, Ryan Rogers, Connor Rose, Jeremy Rothstein, Isabella Sadik, Mark Salib, Joseph Santino, Madeline Scharf, Oscar Scott, Joshua Secki, Veronica

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If there’s one thing a conversation with supermodel Veronica Webb reveals, it’s that she takes fitness very very seriously. It’s why she was tapped to co-host Healthy Guru this Saturday in Southampton. The inaugural health and fitness event will feature classes from Pure Yoga, AKT in Motion, and Exhale – Webb’s go-to barre class. And when she’s not at the studio, she makes it a point to try something new every year, from running a marathon to taking Beyonce-themed dance classes and learning to figure skate. At 51-years-old, she’s worked as a model for over two decades (she’s credited as the first black supermodel to get an exclusive contract for a major cosmetics company) and she’s still being tapped for fashion week – in February, she walked for... I’ve tried just about everything, and I love trying new things. I always try something new physically every year, I think it’s really important. What was the last new thing you tried. The last new thing I learned, that I actually mastered, was figure skating. And the last new classes I tried were SLT, and the other one was Diva Dance. You go for six to eight weeks, and then by the end of it you know a complete routine from Beyonce’s Lemonade. It’s at a studio, but they pop up around the country, so you have to catch it when they come. Why is that your approach to fitness. It’s important that you form new neural pathways in your brain every year, and the fastest way you can do that is by learning something physical. Also, my kids learn something new every year, and I want to learn something new every year just like they do. And when I was growing up my mother did something new all the time. She got her last master’s degree when she was 63. So I’m drafting off of her example that it’s always always always a good time to get stronger and a good time to get smarter. Do you have a routine that fits in between learning all these new things. I like going to Exhale, it works out really well for me because there’s at least one class on the half hour every hour from 6:30 in the morning until 9:30 at night. And they’re all over the city and country, so you kind of can’t not go. So that’s always my standby. My healthy snack when I’m on-the-go is an apple. Apples have a ton of B vitamins, which are just as much of a pick me up as a cup of coffee. For my healthy snack when I’m at home and want something sweet, I buy a big thing of strawberries, and as soon as I get home I wash the strawberries and slice them up and put lemon juice and agave on it. And then stir it around so you always have... Even if you pig out on it, it’s totally fine. I always have Reverse sunscreen from Rodan + Fields, GoodWipes, and fruit water in my soda stream bottle. I can always make a beauty cream with what I want—so if I want it with an essential oil, or the Reverse system from Rodan + Fields which I use for sun spots, which I have a lot of. Or if I want to do it with a night cream or something like that... I do a lot of treatments at home, a lot a lot. Baby Foot is one of my favorites, because as a runner, you take your shoes.

INTERVIEW: Supermodel Veronica Webb On The Inaugural Hamptons Healthy Guru, Her Favorite Fitness Tips And Skincare ... -

Supermodel Veronica Webb, who was the first black supermodel to win an exclusive contract for a major cosmetics company, and has modeled for Karl Lagerfeld, as well as appeared on the covers Vogue, Essence and Elle, has acquired a plethora of... Taking place at the Southampton Arts Center on Saturday, July 9th, the Hamptons happening will mix fitness, fashion and so much more. After the day of beauty and fitness, Guru-goers can toast to the celebration during a cocktail party from 5 to 8 p. m. We caught up with Webb to learn about her fitness regime, beauty must-haves and what it was like to work with Kanye West for his... What was it about Healthy Guru that attracted you to the event. VW: Well, I love everything that has to do with fitness and I'm always looking at every aspect about how I can make myself stronger and healthier. Whether that's what I eat, a brand new workout that can be anything from cardio to boxing to TRX to figure skating. you name it, I'm into it. Also, anytime there's a way to eat healthier, or actually dress healthier, I'm into it. What are you most looking forward to about Healthy Guru. VW: I'm most looking forward to seeing all these different people who are at the absolute pinnacle of their profession, in terms of creating beautiful, healthy bodies, all in one place, and being able to have that conversation all at once to find... It's a great place for them to find the foundation of their own personal fitness. Do you have any beauty, fashion or fitness tips that you can't live without. It doesn't matter how you do it, as long as you do it. Sometimes all you can get in is running for the train, it counts. One of the things that I always do, every single day, is I stretch before I get out of bed. Any exercise you do, if you do it three days in a row, that's when it's most beneficial because it takes your body 72 hours to make a change, and it takes 72 hours to create a good habit and 72 hours to break a bad habit. How would you describe your personal style and how has it evolved. When I came to New York, I went to art school, so you know that's hours and hours of sitting on floors working on projects. It's very important that you look cool while doing all that stuff, especially when you're in art school. It's always been searching for that balance of comfort and sophistication. VW: I love heavy gold jewelry, whether it comes from Canal Street, or David Webb. That's always a great trend that comes and goes. I love it because it's quintessentially American. What was it like to join Naomi Campbell and Alek Wek at Yeezy's.

July 21: Police murders, Chris Christie and Pokémon - New York Daily News

Grieving for slain fellow police. New City, N. Y. : Hanging on the primitive walls of a classroom at the NYPD shooting range is a wood-burned plaque, admonishing cops that “I can’t means I won’t. I’ve stared at that cheesy plaque for close to 20 years. And like the muscle memory we drill for, that phrase has become part of my lexicon, part of my being. There’s been a million mental “I can’ts” over my career. I can’t shoot, I can’t do another pushup, I can’t catch that guy, I can’t study another page, I can’t stand up another second, I can’t tell these parents their child is dead, I can’t. But I couldn’t say “I won’t”. so I dug in and I did. Another cop was killed today. That makes nine in 12 days, not counting those who survived attacks. My mourning band is just going to stay on for the next nine months, Patrol Guide be damned. It’s a terrible time to be a police officer, and that needs to be acknowledged. My first thought when I heard about yet another cop killed was, “I can’t. ” Can’t keep fighting the good fight, can’t keep trying to explain why cops think like we do, can’t keep worrying I won’t make it home to my kid. But we know how “I can’t” goes with me. So somehow, I will. Woodside: The NYPD should put an end to uniformed foot patrol officers, make all police cars bulletproof and maybe even bring in some military tanks to roam the streets. There is a war going on right here. Manhattan: I am appalled by the speech Chris Christie gave at the RNC. Not a word about his vision for the future of the conservative party, just a diatribe of complaints against Hilary Clinton. Surely Christie can come up with something positive to say. It’s disheartening, to say the least. : Good news: Chris Christie was discarded as candidate for vice president. Bad news: We are stuck with Bully Boy until the 2017 gubernatorial election. Manhattan: I was born when Hitler’s Nazi Germany died. Please don’t let me die when Trump’s Nazi America is born. : After being undecided these past months, my mind has been swayed. It was that moving speech by Willie (Duck Dynasty) Robertson. I know who I’ll be voting for. Ossining, N. Y. : With the rise of a Republican Mussolini embodied by Donald Trump, we are seeing the Republican Party become the home of racists, bigots and xenophobes. Trump and his message have drawn these angry hateful people out from the caves they inhabit and given them a place out in the open. After Trump posted an anti-Semitic photo taken from a white supremacist message board and got the support of racists like David Duke, the GOP had to shut a live chat because of vile posts directed at the Jewish former governor of Hawaii during the... It’s ironic that this event is a parade of endless frightful darkness when it’s filled with nothing but very white people. Seeing the light. Southampton, L. I. : When Donald Trump entered the Republican National Convention arena, with his silhouette in the background, I thought Elvis had reentered the building. Veronica Webb. Belle Harbor: Re “It’s the candidate, stupid” (editorial, July 18): Much of what you say about Trump is indisputable, even if, as usual, you grossly overstate.

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Jane Webb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jane Webb Edwards, (born August 13, 1925 – died March 30, 2010) also known by the stage name Joanne Louise, was an American film and voice actress.

Veronica (Speedwell): How to Plant and Grow | The Old ... Veronica, also called Speedwell, is a carefree and easy-to-grow perennial with long spikes of small petals in purple, blue, pink, or white. This attractive plant ...