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Sport a moustache for a good cause Fileminders is the underwriter of a fun event where there will be a barber on site who will shave men's moustaches. Proceeds will go to Movember Foundation and Europa UOMO Cyprus. Recently, President Nicos Anastasiades and his Cabinet sported fake

No-Shave November: Manliness for a good cause It would appear that “No-Shave November” and “Movember” have caught on with the general public, considering that “Movember” was able to raise $21 million in 2013, the latest figures available. It all begins with a shave. Men who choose to take part in

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N.J. bar begins 'Movember' fundraiser for men's health On Sunday, TJ's Chop Shop Haircutting Lounge, located next to Blend Bar and Bistro, set up a few chairs for the kickoff to shave men's beards as November is also known as a month for men to not shave. While Blend Bar and Bistro manager Rick Stripp, Jr

Guys, Here's Everything You Need To Know To Get The Perfect Shave Unless you sport a 5 o'clock shadow like George Clooney or decide to grow a collar-skimming beard like Brad Pitt, your morning routine isn't complete without shaving. But do you really know what you're doing with that razor? If nicks, stubble or razor

12 Brave Men Sound Off on Female Body Hair Hell, even transsexuals shave. Men are supposed to be hairy, women aren't. Women have been shaving for how long? Hell, even French women shave. Gay guys shave. Steve (age 54): I don't care for body hair anywhere except on their head and maybe sometimes

क्लीन शेव रखने के फायदे जानिए और आजमाइए - अमर उजाला

मर्दों की दाढ़ी जितनी उनके खुद के लिए जरूरी होती है उतनी ही लड़कियों को इंप्रेस करने के लिए भी। जहां कुछ लड़कियां दाढ़ी वाले मर्दों को पसंद करती हैं, वहीं क्लीन शेव वालों की भी डिमांड कम नहीं होती। जानिए, क्लीन शेव रखने के क्या फायदे हैं और...

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For many men, staving off stubble is just another step in a. m. drudgery, not to mention a source of skin irritation and razor burn. Once upon a time, though, shaving was an art form, and barbers were the purveyors of the perfect shave. With the right tools, tips, and techniques, that perfect shave can be yours every morning. Here are the essential tips and tricks to help you rediscover this grooming ritual and minimize the skin irritation, razor burn, and other issues that often accompany shaving. The Pre-Shave Rinse with warm water. This is a great first step to soften your skin, says Celeste Hilling, CEO and founder of Skin Authority, a healthy skin care company. “I recommend a gel cleanser that includes an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) to kill surface bacteria and prep the skin to absorb the shaving product more effectively for a closer, smoother shave,” Hilling says. “Avoid scrubs with larger particles prior to shaving as they may cause more post-inflammatory reactions such as razor burn or breakouts. Now grab a clean, soft towel and pat rather than rub the skin of your face. “Following cleansing, you need to leave skin moist for the shave. The Perfect Shave Use a gel. “There’s much less friction with gel, and I can put it all over my entire face without too much problem,” says Neal Schultz, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist. You can use fancier, more expensive products, but Schultz says that the shaving gels sold at grocery and drug stores will give you just what you need. Pick a razor with multiple blades and some heft. Hilling says a straight razor works best, but there’s a trial-and-error learning curve involved that could lead to nicks and cuts. For the next best thing, try a razor with at least two parallel blades in a disposable head. “I recommend shaving with a heavier razor, something with some weight to it,” says Billy Lowe, a Beverly Hills-based celebrity hair stylist and Hollywood beauty expert. Use a weighted handle for easier glide — hold the razor lightly in your hands and let it dance. ” Shave in the direction of your natural growth. “Never shave against the hair, especially in the neck area,” says Lowe. “So many men make the mistake of upward strokes in the neck area — it’s a big no-no to go against the hair, especially in this area. Always shave with the hair. “When I shave, I shave three times. “The first time is to get rid of the hair. The second time is to get a closer cut, and the third time is to give a light exfoliation over the skin to reveal brighter, more youthful-looking skin. If skin irritation and razor burn are consistent problems, Dr. Schultz says that an electric razor might be a good choice. If you want to stay with traditional wet shaving, consider shaving on alternate days and be sure to shave only with the grain of the hair, he advises. The Post-Shave Pat your face. Once again, you can preserve good results by patting your damp face with a clean, dry towel after shaving. Don’t rub and distress your skin. Lowe says that a simple facial moisture cream is a better choice than harsh after-shaves with alcohol and other.

Blazes Boylan, Skin-the-Goat and Frederick Sweny: the real people of 'Ulysses' - Irish Times

Blazes Boylan, Skin-the-Goat and Frederick Sweny: the real people of ‘Ulysses’ James Joyce populated his chronicle of a day in Dublin with hundreds of people, famous and ordinary, Irish and foreign, contemporary and historical. Knowing who they were throws light on many passages of Joyce’s masterpiece, which will be celebrated on Thursday, June 16th : Bloomsday “They all belong to a vanished world, and most of them seem to have been very curious types ”. James Joyce in a... Many of the individuals it portrayed were well known here at the turn of the 20th century. Knowing who this eclectic mixture of people were creates a vivid picture of Dublin at the time and throws light on many passages in Ulysses. Partly, he is based on a horse dealer named James Daly from Islandbridge, and on another horse dealer named Ted Keogh. But Blazes Boylan for the most part is based on Augustus Boylan the tenor. Boylan was born at 10 Pim Street, Dublin, in December 1872. He started his apprenticeship as a cooper in Guinness’s Brewery aged 15. The Boylan family had been in this trade for generations and his father and grandfather had both worked as coopers... After seven years’ training, he officially became an employee and his 42 years service in the cooperage began. Boylan won first prize at several competitions of the Oireachtas and Leinster Feis and in 1904, he sang in the Feis Ceoil – in which Joyce participated – as part of a quartet which won the prize-winning anthem. A member of the Palestrina Choir for 37 years, Boylan sang on the same platform as John McCormack at a concert held at the Rotunda, to raise funds for McCormack to travel to the US. The success of that American tour established McCormack’s... Mrs ‘Dante’ Riordan Widow living with the Dedaluses, based on Mrs Elizabeth Conway, governess to the Joyce children. “Mrs Riordan (Dante), a widow of independent means, had resided in the house of Stephen’s parents”. Elizabeth Conway, born in 1827, was supposedly a distant relation of John Stanislaus Joyce on his mother’s side. She entered a convent in the US but before taking her final vows she quit – when her brother died in 1862, leaving her the large sum of £30,000. She returned to Ireland and settled in Dublin where she married Patrick Henry Conway, a clerk in the... After a couple years of marriage, he absconded to Buenos Aires with most of his wife’s fortune. Mrs Conway joined the Joyce family as a governess to the children in the autumn of 1888 while they were living at 1 Martello Terrace in Bray. She remained with the family when they moved to “Leoville”, 23 Carysfort Avenue in Blackrock, but left after a disagreement about Parnell with Joyce’s father. Stanislaus Joyce recounts in My Brother’s Keeper that she was the most bigoted person that he ever had the misfortune to encounter. She died in 1896. James ‘ Skin-the-Goat ’.

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