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#RT10 conference on shape-shifting powers in today's world #10 conference on shape-shifting powers in today's world Live updates. Published time: 10 Dec, 2015 06:53 Edited time: 10 Dec, 2015 11:38. Get short URL. For its 10th on-air and online anniversary is bringing together leading international experts

Collaboration helps shape Army University . December 9, 2015. By Gary Sheftick. . Brig. Gen. John S. Kem, provost for Army University, speaks about the potential for collaboration to more than 200 educators from

Wooden Figures in Poor Shape in Poland's 15th-Century Altar Experts say linden wood figures at the top of a famous 15th-century altar in St. Mary's church in Krakow are in poor shape and need strengthening. Jaroslaw Adamowicz, head of a team working to preserve the altar, said Thursday the structure of the wood

3D printing to shape future of fashion, says Syrian fashion designer Nabil El ... Since then, Nayal has continued to explore the potentials of both 3D printing and 3D scanning in fashion and believes that the growing technologies will shape the future of fashion, for better or worse. Nayal is currently conducting a research

Four trends that will shape digital media in 2016 “Out with the old and in with the new” is one of those sayings that is most commonly used around the holiday and New Year's. But increasingly, we're seeing that this is the standard motto of fast moving industries, like digital marketing and social

Development by 2030: help us shape our events series . We're going to be hosting a series of events throughout 2016 around implementing the SDGs. We need your help - what questions do you want to ask? The global goals are projected onto the United

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RT @StatusCosmo: #Vela Shape V8 #LPG #массаж Аппарат ролико-Вакуумный RF лифтинг и прогрев инфракрксный свет.…

#Vela Shape V8 #LPG #массаж Аппарат ролико-Вакуумный RF лифтинг и прогрев инфракрксный свет.…

@SheVasya между frame tool и shape tool ТАКАЯ ПРИНЦИПИАЛЬНАЯ РАЗНИЦА в InDesign, будто им пользуются не те же люди,

Серьги-подвески в форме снежинок с круглыми цирконами из стерлингового серебра - Косметика для...

Shape-shifting hydrogel can heal itself - Royal Society of Chemistry

Now, a team lead by Tao Chen and Jiawei Zhang from the Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering has developed a material that combines both of these useful properties. The hydrogel is produced by polymerising acrylamide in the presence of a boronic acid-grafted alginate and poly(vinyl alcohol). After immersion in calcium chloride solution, the polymer is strengthened by the reversible double network of boronic acid-diol ester bonds, and chelation of the alginate chains with the calcium cations. The researchers showed that straight strips of the polymer could be bent into ‘U’ and ‘N’ shapes, and then switched between these forms by adjusting the pH and the concentration of calcium ions in the surrounding medium. Unlike many other shape-memory polymers, heat is not required to trigger the shape change. Instead, explains Chen, it is the double network that stabilises the two temporary shapes, and enables the polymer to return to its original form. ‘Just like wrinkled clothes need ironing – heat – to get back to the flat state, most shape memory polymers are thermo-responsive. The team also demonstrated that once fixed into a temporary ‘U’ shape, the hydrogel could be sliced into three separate pieces capable of growing back together, while retaining the ability to return to the original linear form. Patrick Théato, an expert on polymer chemistry based at the University of Hamburg in Germany, says the unusual properties of the material make it ideal for use in biomedicine.

Does The Shape Of Your Wine Decanter Matter? - VinePair

To decant, or not to decant. There are circumstances in which decanting might really help tease out the character of the wine, as with an older wine that needs a little nudge from oxygen. Other times, especially with younger wines, decanting is more for presentation than anything else, or to show Uncle Pete you’re absolutely using the awkwardly shaped wedding gift he got you. We would be if decanters weren’t so varied in shape and price. Does the shape of your decanter actually make a difference in the taste of the wine. The original purpose of decanting, which included the use of a candle to see inside the upper neck of the bottle, was to make sure all sediment was removed from the wine. This was a much more necessary practice back in the day, when wine filtration technologies weren’t where they are today. Today’s decanting mostly serves the purpose of aeration: subjecting the wine to a certain—controlled—contact with oxygen. And while oxygen can be a total jerk to wine if left to its own devices—oxidizing it to the point of brown, even bitter flatness—the right amount of oxygen can bring a wine to its fullest expression. Which is why the shape of the decanter can matter, though only to a certain extent. The size of the opening will obviously determine how much air, and therefore oxygen, is going to reach your wine. The size of the decanter bowl itself—the bottom part where the wine sits while your guests stare at it thirstily, checking their watches—will determine the amount of available surface area. The more surface area, the more contact between wine and oxygen and the less time you’ll need to decant. Of course, some decanters are entirely about design, in which the shape only matters for the shape. The opening in this branched decanter from Etienne Meneau is incredibly small, and there’s only one spot where air will have any contact with a proportionately much larger amount of wine. With the wine bottle under it, you can see how this decanter gives your wine about as much contact with oxygen as an uncorked bottle of wine. according to Meneau, his “ Strange Carafe ” line is meant to “demonstrate ‘how wine becomes modern,'” not how wine becomes well oxygenated. You really don’t have to decant most wines for more than 30 minutes, so we’d recommend you go with your design preference, and checking account balance, on this one.

Mitten: Preseason will shape Mourinho's team - ESPN FC (blog)

Following a 2-0 win at Wigan in their opening preseason friendly, Manchester United fly east to China on Tuesday ahead of two games against sterner opponents, Borussia Dortmund and Manchester City. The travelling squad list will be released before the 11-hour flight. United still came away from the afternoon with no injuries and reasons for optimism, from seeing Luke Shaw playing football again to the admirable first impression from Henrikh Mkhitaryan. The 7,000 travelling fans had a good day out and showed the new boss Jose Mourinho their appreciation, singing that he should sit down. He was encouraged that the players incorporated training-ground ideas into their play, while he praised the performances of goal scorer Andreas Pereira and the brief cameo from Axel Tuanzebe. Mourinho said there's no pressure on his young players, while describing Mkhitaryan as being the perfect age for a footballer. The 27-year-old Armenian impressed, from his command of the English language to the ball. He ran at defenders, and showed the awareness that made him player of the year among his fellow professionals in the Bundesliga last season. He also stayed for 15 minutes signing autographs by the team coach after the match. Mourinho says that footballers are at their best when they're Mkhitaryan's age, and while the manager played him as a No. 10 at Wigan, he can operate on either wing. Mkhitaryan and Anthony Martial are set to play wide, but much can change and there's no such thing nowadays as the same XI players every week -- unless you're Leicester City. Anyone who does a "Jordi Cruyff" -- that is look like a world beater preseason as the Dutch Catalan once did at United -- will enhance their chances. Mkhitaryan, who is strong on the ball and whose skills were described as "silky" by his manager, claims he's happy to play anywhere. That's the right attitude for any new player to help ingratiate himself with colleagues and fans alike. It was very different when United last visited Shanghai in 1999. Then, the team were Treble winners and the players all but certain of what lay ahead. There was no clamour for new signings and the three players who arrived before Christmas '99, Quinton Fortune, Massimo Taibi and Mikael Silvestre hardly stopped the press. It didn't matter, the team was already built and would retain the league comfortably. Sir Alex Ferguson didn't even go on the first part of that tour, which started in Australia for games at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the new Olympic Stadium in Sydney. With the King Cat away, the mice did play. Players on that trip still remember it as the greatest preseason they went on, but not for footballing reasons. "We had a few good nights out and broke the curfew that had been put on us," grinned Nicky Butt, who won't be expecting the same behaviour from the young players he oversees as head of United's youth system. "We stayed out until 4 in the morning in Sydney at a big casino nightclub called Star City.

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Shape - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A shape is the form of an object or its external boundary, outline, or external surface, as opposed to other properties such as color, texture, or material composition.

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Shape - definition of shape by The Free Dictionary Define shape. shape synonyms, shape pronunciation, shape translation, English dictionary definition of shape. n. 1. a.