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5àsec faz balanço das principais tendências que foi apresentado no São Paulo Fashion Week No mês de outubro, aconteceu um dos principais eventos de moda do Brasil, a São Paulo Fashion Week, que apresentou o que estará nas vitrines de todos os shoppings centers. Deixando de lado os padrões rígidos, as marcas apostaram em estilos mais

Brazilian students occupy Sao Paulo schools against “restructuring” plan Brazilian secondary and middle school students, some as young as 12, are entering the fifth week of a spontaneous rebellion of school occupations and protests against a sweeping “Schools Restructuring Plan” initiated in Sao Paulo, the country's most

São Paulo Fashion Week: Two Brazilian Designers Everyone Should Be Talking About There are two names to know among the new generation of Brazilian fashion designers: Vitorino Campos and Patricia Bonaldi. Both presented their Fall 2016 collections on day two of São Paulo Fashion Week. Campos is making a reputation for himself with

São Paulo Fashion Week Wrap-Up: All Leather All the Time From Patrícia Viera São Paulo Fashion Week wrapped up on Friday. Now in its 20th year, the days of theatrical shows, when a samba school marched down the runway with Adriana Lima in a golden bikini, are long gone. There's a new maturity to the city's collections, the best

São Paulo Fashion Week: Designers Get Sporty in Advance of Rio's Olympic Games The Fall 2016 collections that designers are showing this week in São Paulo will be in stores during Rio de Janeiro's Olympic Games. On the fourth day of SPFW, athleticism seemed to be a driving force. Designer Gloria Coelho had Sweden on her mind

São Paulo Fashion Week: Brazil Is Bringing Sexy Back To celebrate São Paulo Fashion Week 's 20th anniversary, Alexandre Herchcovitch, the city's most iconic designer, took over City Hall on Sunday afternoon. The show ticket was a tailor-made subway pass, which functioned on all lines across town. Recently

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Helena Bordon has more than one million followers on social media The beautiful fashionista, now aged 30, began her training in style earlier than most, thanks to her mother Donata Meirelles, the former international director of the fashion... Now, as Rio 2016 brings Brazil into the world's spotlight, she tells us why her home country has produced so many supermodels, what to buy in the heart of Samba and where to go to see and be seen…. These are the opinions of our visitors, not hellomagazine. com You are not allowed to post comments that are libellous or unlawful We reserve the right to remove comments that we consider off topic Please keep to the subject Please try to write without spelling errors. Before posting a message please check it is correct: comments with no mistakes are more likely to be published.

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Featuring high on the list at Sao Paulo Fashion Week were the bikini collections. Founded in 1982, her colourful, laid-back Salinas brand is now a household name in Brazil, with dozens of shops nationwide as well as buyers around the world. Brazilian-born fashion designer Amir Slama was inspired by Brazilian carnivals from the 1930’s and Forties for his upcoming beachwear collection. Bikini bras were combined with printed plaid pants and mini-rara skirts for that relaxed look on the way to the beach. For boys, there were suggestive screen bathing shorts, tangas in black and white, and Slama’s very own take on the traditional striped sailor’s shirt. The Brazilian-born fashion designer made a name for himself with his beach fashion label Rosa Chá, before launching his eponymous brand with stores in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Rich materials and embroideries of pearl and silk were used in this highly tropical collection, which the designer said was aimed at making people dream in these difficult economic times. Starting out with just one sewing machine in 1985 with the aim of creating a beachwear brand of impeccable quality, Liana Thomaz has achieved her dream: thirty years on, Água de Coco is one of the most respected luxury swimwear labels on the...

SPFW - São Paulo Fashion Week - Inverno 2016 RTW SPFW e Iguatemi São Paulo convidam para celebrar a temporada de Inverno 2016

São Paulo Fashion Week - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The event attracts the attention of the world press. Location(s) São Paulo, Brazil: Inaugurated: 1995 (1995) Founder: Paulo Borges

SPFW - São Paulo Fashion Week - Verão 2016 RTW A 39ª edição do São Paulo Fashion Week celebra os 20 anos da maior semana de moda do hemisfério sul e homenageia o fazer – o fazer que constrói, inclui ...

SP Fashion Week Nos quatro dias de desfiles do SPFW podemos ver várias tendências para o Inverno 2013, além da moda feminina, a Moda Masculina se destacou bastante.

São Paulo Fashion Week: SPFW: Desfiles, Tendências ... Acompanhe tudo sobre o São Paulo Fashion Week : datas, fotos, desfiles, calendário, bastidores, modelos e tendências.