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Baton Rouge area calendar for Dec. 11-17, 2015 'A CHRISTMAS CAROL': 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 2 p.m. Sunday, Theatre Baton Rouge, 7155 Florida Blvd. The local theatre company celebrates its fifth anniversary telling Charles Dickens' classic tale. Tickets are $25, $20 for students. The show is

High school freshman killed after pickup strikes his bicycle near Baton Rouge ... A high school freshman was killed near Baton Rouge on Wednesday evening (Dec. 9) after his bicycle was struck by a pickup truck on a state highway, authorities said. Louisiana State Police said 14-year-old Brennan Rube of Prairieville was peddling

Major plans revealed for new Baton Rouge Health District involving hospitals ... The first is to actually form a Baton Rouge Health District. While a nonprofit agency has been set up with representatives from 15 health care, government and educational institutions, plans are in the works to hire an executive director who would work

Urban gondolas in Baton Rouge? BRAF explores traffic solution Imagine the day when Baton Rouge residents commute by riding hundreds of feet high in the air as they snicker at unfortunate souls stuck in traffic jams below. It may sound like an episode of “The Jetsons,” but the Baton Rouge Area Foundation is

Enough with the Baton Rouge traffic nightmares, let's solve it: JR Ball OK, people, enough is enough when it comes to the nonstop horror show that is Baton Rouge traffic. Seriously, how many more times does the interstate need to be shutdown before somebody somewhere gets off their bureaucratic backside and actually does

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US police officers killed in Baton Rouge shooting -

At least three police officers and a suspect have been shot and killed in Baton Rouge, the second largest city in the US state of Louisiana. The officers in Baton Rouge were responding to a call of a man with a gun when shots were fired. Two Baton Rouge police officers and one sheriff's deputy were killed. One gunman is dead and police believe he was the only one involved in the attack, Mike Edmonson, superintendent of the Louisiana State Police, said in a press conference. "We do not have an active shooter scenario in Baton Rouge," Edmonson said. Multiple US news outlets identified the suspected gunman in Sunday's fatal shootings of law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge as Gavin Long. It was not immediately clear whether there was a link between the shootings and the recent unrest over the police killings of black men in Baton Rouge and Minnesota. US President Barack Obama condemned the "cowardly" shooting and demanded an end to such violence. right now focus on words and actions that can unite this country rather than divide it further," Obama said. We don't need careless accusations thrown around to score political points or to advance an agenda. We need to temper our words and open our hearts, all of us. ". Obama has repeatedly called for racial unity. "We as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement," Obama told reporters at the White House. and a woman approached him and said there was a man around the back of the store with a weapon. it looks like a it was a planned ambush at this point," local journalist Bill Profta told Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera's Rosiland Jordan reported that one witness had seen a "man dressed all in black" and that he "started firing indiscriminately between a service station and a convenience store". Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards referred to the incident as "an unspeakable and unjustified attack on all of us". . He said in a statement: "Rest assured, every resource available to the State of Louisiana will be used to ensure the... Republican presumptive candidate Donald Trump, writing on Facebook, demanded "law and order" following the shooting incident. Protests Baton Rouge became the scene of large protests against police brutality after officers shot dead 37-year-old Alton Sterling on July 5. Police officers killed Sterling outside a supermarket, claiming he had a gun. The father of five, whose funeral was held on Friday, had been selling CDs. Footage of the moment Sterling was killed was captured on a mobile phone, which contains images some readers may find distressing, was circulated online - sparking outrage and then protests. On Wednesday, Baton Rouge Police Department and state law enforcement agents were sued in a federal court after arresting at least 180 protesters in protests against Sterling's killing. The suit, filed by activist groups, accuses the police and law enforcement officers of "excessive force" and violating demonstrators' right to freedom of expression, among other allegations. Alexis Phillips, a 30-year-old Baton Rouge resident who has participated in protests, said the killing of Alton Sterling was the point when.

Former NFL RB Warrick Dunn emotional after Baton Rouge shooting - ESPN

Dunn, who is a minority owner of the Atlanta Falcons, suffered the loss of his mother as a result of a violent incident in the same city in 1993. Betty Smothers, a Baton Rouge police officer, was killed in a robbery attempt, leaving an... In a statement released to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Sunday night about the incident in which three police officers were fatally shot and three others injured, Dunn asked to stop the violence. "My heart breaks for the families and law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge who have lost loved ones," Dunn said. It is a shame -- so many officers who are out there on the front lines have tremendous heart for what they do. These acts of violence don't solve anything, and if my voice can add to the movement to stop it, then I'd consider that a good thing. our city mourns' LSU football coach Les Miles and players past and present expressed their thoughts after shooting deaths of three Baton Rouge police officers. The shooting of the police officers on Sunday came less than two weeks after Alton Sterling died in an incident with the police in Baton Rouge that was captured on video and sparked protests across the country. "The reality of our world is that there is a lot of unrest in our communities, particularly where police shootings are happening," Dunn said in the statement. I also support the community of Baton Rouge because they were there for me and my family. If I could have any effect, I'd ask the community to stop the violence, to cool down and to come together to figure this out. There is nothing we can't do, but we have to work together to make something positive come from yet another tragedy in my hometown. He played for five seasons with the Bucs before moving to Atlanta to play for the Falcons. In his 2008 autobiography, "Running For My Life," Dunn details his mother's murder and talks about how his battles with depression throughout his life transformed his journey. Dunn encouraged the Baton Rouge community to act as a method of healing. "We can't just sit around and talk about how horrible all this is -- we have to do something. "One of the things I am doing is taking the role of fatherhood very seriously so I can raise a son who makes a positive contribution. And then we have to give justice a chance to work. When people are intentional about their use of guns against others, we have to make sure the message that crime doesn't pay means something. Dunn has received local and national recognition for his philanthropic work off the field, including the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award in 2005, the 2010 Heisman Humanitarian Award and the 2011 Jefferson Humanitarian Award for Public Service.

Baton Rouge shooting casts shadow over GOP convention - CNN

The assault on the police officers in Baton Rouge threw a spotlight on risks faced by law enforcement personnel on duty in Cleveland this week. John Kasich to temporarily restrict the state's open carry gun laws during the convention. It has raised questions over whether there will ever be a resolution to the estrangement between African-American communities and the police that has sent racial tensions to levels not seen in years. Obama, who cut short a trip to Europe last week over the Dallas killings, hailed the bravery of the slain police officers at a memorial service in Texas last week but also warned of the despair of minority communities who see the criminal justice... He said the violence had exposed the deepest fault lines in American democracy and warned that the nation is shocked and fearful.

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