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The Daily Roundup: Karl Lagerfeld Takes Paris to Rome, J.Crew Teams Up with ... The Daily Roundup: Karl Lagerfeld Takes Paris to Rome, J.Crew Teams Up with Pierre Le-Tan. By Sydney Sadick | December 2, 2015 0 The nail product, created by Rad Nails, features deco-style drawings, and if you look closely, you'll see they are

It's official: South Korea is cool The bi-annual Seoul Fashion Week, also held at the DDP, is not short of ambition either; it aims over time to rival similar festivals in established fashion centres such as New York, Paris, London, and Milan. Boasting a "design lab" and "design market

How a long-lost Caravaggio masterpiece was recreated, nearly 50 years after it ... They painted in details in a style that was true to Caravaggio's famous “chiaroscuro” technique of depicting light and shade. They were even able to replicate the original “We used our knowledge of the paintings in Rome to paint in the missing

Дизайнер Зульфия Султанбаева: "Мои платья очень любят носить на пышные узбекские свадьбы" Мы участвуем в разных Неделях моды, в частности недавно были в Москве на Mercedes Fashion Week, также в этом году участвовали в Alta Roma (Италия, Рим) в прошлом году были в Милане, на Миланской неделе моды, а летом этого года принимали участие в Неделе моды в

Rihanna annonce son défilé à la fashion week de New York Rihanna est une petite cachottière. La chanteuse de «Diamonds» est sur tous les fronts avec un album à venir (Anti), plusieurs parfums et des projets dans la mode. Jusqu'ici, elle avait préservé le suspens sur ses projets dans l'industrie du prêt-à

Pope launches his Holy Year of Mercy amid heavy security in Rome For all the pomp of Tuesday's ceremony, Francis technically launched the Holy Year of Mercy last week in Central African Republic, when he pushed open the Holy Door of the Bangui cathedral. His aim was to give the conflict-weary Christians there a

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Between Couture shows in Rome and Resort shows in Rio, it's clear that the traditional fashion capitals—New York, Milan, Paris, and London—no longer have a monopoly on fashion "week. " What's less clear, however, is how emerging designers—who almost certainly don't have the funds to stage shows in farflung locales—will fit into the changing landscape. MADE--acquired last year by IMG--has an idea: The company, which describes itself as "a year-round, dynamic platform that connects emerging talent in fashion, music, art and culture with visionary brand partners" is expanding outside of the U. S.... "I think fashion weeks [in secondary markets] will continue to play a greater role in fashion over the coming years," says MADE's managing director Barnett Zitron. "Fashion culture is strong in so many places around the world. There are industry icons, creatives and fashion consumers in all these cities, and their impact is global. Over July 4th weekend, the company kicked off its new global push with a dinner during Berlin's Fashion Week that celebrated the Spring/Summer collection of the first brand to be selected for the designer exchange program: Ottolinger, founded by... "We've been so impressed by Berlin's fashion culture," says Zitron. Cosima and Christa from Ottolinger have uniquely strong visions that deserve global recognition and we felt giving them a platform at MADE New York would be the perfect way to kick off our designer exchange program. "We're very excited to go and have a new experience and reach a new crowd. " The program is undeniably a boon to Ottolinger's global profile—yet it also provides an opportunity for MADE to make in-roads within Berlin's creative community. The company has proven itself adept and thinking outside the box and last week's Berlin event was no different: Held at the iconic Galerie at Alte Teppichfabrik, which is, essentially, an abandoned carpet factory in East Berlin, the dinner,... It was a perfect example of the kind of event that might actually help to foster a dialog between brands, designers, and editors from separate markets. "As part of WME | IMG, MADE is very well positioned to help designers realize their creative visions with music collaborations, entertainment aspirations and brand partnerships. How designers make their collections come to life is really up to them. " An emerging brand could never hope to put on grand spectacles like the big brands can--recent shows put on by Louis Vuitton (at Niteròi Contemporary Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro) or Fendi (atop Rome's Trevi fountain) come to mind—but they can... Says Zitron: "Often times the new generation of designers push the boundaries for the traditional industry cycle, and so it's important to support them on their journeys.

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As a little girl in Brooklyn, I imagined myself living in Italy back in the 50s and 60s during the time of black and white movies, anything Fellini, red sports cars, chic black dresses worn with merry widows underneath, sharp eyeliner, Marcello... Truth be told, decades later I did have a lot of fun in the Eternal City once I was old enough to visit time and time again. So anything that combines the breathtaking backdrop of Rome with fantasy and fashion just takes my breath away. Naveed Hussain will give you a few reasons that are hard to ignore when it comes to gazing over at what couture has to offer. I’ve never understood people who say that they couldn’t care less about fashion… What confuses me about that statement is the fact that yes, we all need to wear clothes, but more so, I think deep down we all instinctively like beautiful things. And since our outfit is what we carry on our backs as we conquer the world, how can clothing not be more than essential. Sure, fashion shows may be far removed from your every day reality, but what’s not to love about them. The better the designer, more often than not, the fashion shows are brilliantly produced fantasy worlds that make you crave the best through story lines, gorgeous sets and carefully choreographed performances. I suggest you do – and, be prepared to be blown away. Because as the ladies in the C’est Chic Crash Course come to know, inspiration is all around you. You just need to let it in. Fashion is not frivolous, and fashion shows not at all. Just look at what produced this week. Leave it to designer Karl Lagerfeld, the mastermind behind both Chanel and Fendi, to put on parades of inspiring looks that while exquisite, also brought a sense of theater to fashion week. In the past, Lagerfeld has had runway sets created to mirror everyday situations in a way only Chanel could, from a CC grocery store to an art gallery complete with full scale pop-art pieces cleverly branded with house iconography. For fall, he paid tribute to the hundreds of skilled workers who meticulously craft his collections by bringing their studios front and center by letting them serve as backdrop. That bold, unexpected move made for an ingenious way to let the audience see how many skilled artisans it takes to create his collections while reminding them about the human touch and love behind each garment. It’s easy to take for granted the anonymity of the person who made your shirt, making his gesture to connect his clientele with what is literally behind the seams, quite endearing. About Naveed Hussain Naveed Hussain, stylist and fashion editor, has a BA in art history and extensive knowledge in the history of fashion and social media outreach. Naveed also covers fashion, music and art and was assistant to the owner & editor at VagabondNyc, where he also contributed to FocusOnStyle. Naveed has unlimited access to current and future fashion news & trends. He has worked as a buyer and has styled for The Dallas Morning News, The Chicago Tribune, and The New York Times.

Самарское кружево на европейских подиумах - Волжская Коммуна

В одном из домов областного центра притаилась самая настоящая сказка – Галерея кружева Маргариты Бортниковой. Первые несколько минут у посетителя просто кружится от кружев голова, а также от неожиданной прохлады, и от обилия забавных жителей, что населяют галерею. Вот на маленьких качельках сидит сиреневая кукла в валяном шерстяном пальто, с прической от профессионального стилиста, а с потолка свисают слоники и зайцы – чердачные игрушки, на деревянных стеллажах - кружевные розовые слоны, оливкового цвета... Особняком стоят манекены в винтажных кружевных нарядах с кружевными же зонтиками. Все это мастерская Маргариты Бортниковой. Галерея появилась в 2006 году и постепенно стала населяться вязаными, валеными и кружевными жителями, а также целой коллекцией старинного кружева. В 2006 году, как говорит автор, в одной из самарских газет вышла статья, рассказывающая о галерее, и вскоре в гости пришла пожилая женщина Галина Анатольевна с маленьким мешочком, а в нем - семейная реликвия - старинные кружева, передаваемые по... «Так начался наш музей, - рассказывает Маргарита. А из старинных кружев родилась коллекция авторской одежды. Бывшие салфетки, подзорники, накидушки в сочетании с шелком и атласом в руках дизайнера Маргариты Борниковой превратились в изысканные платья в стиле ар-нуво…. Коллекция же современная словно создавалась по мотивам живописи Климта. Последние коллекции одежды создаются в ирландской технике вязания кружев, это когда все элементы объемны и каждый мотив вяжется отдельно, а затем на выкройке, словно на холсте, они сшиваются в причудливый узор. «Несколько лет назад я заинтересовалась музеем истории костюма Киото в Японии, его также называют музеем шедевров моды. Дело в том, что именно там сохранились европейские костюмы XIX века, созданные в этой технике. Изучая ее, я возродила и создала свою, с добавлением авторских моментов», - рассказывает Маргарита Бортникова. Свои шедевры Маргарита создает не одна. В галерее представлена целая коллекция кружевных скатертей, связанных в самых разных техниках: салфетки, покрывала, картины и, конечно, последние модели одежды. О цветовой гамме модных коллекций говорят сами названия. «Цветы России» - каждое платье как поле цветов. Одна из коллекций («Двойное притяжение») создавалась в гамме «все оттенки белого» с винтажным кружевом. Совсем недавно эта коллекция демонстрировалась на Неделе моды Estet Fashion Week в Москве. Тогда Маргарита представила свои кружевные творения на «Поволжских сезонах Александра Васильева». Первый показ на подиуме оказался удачным, коллекция завоевала приз зрительских симпатий. А затем последовали показы в Москве, в частности на Ламановском конкурсе профессиональных дизайнеров, который проходит под патронажем Вячеслава Зайцева. В списке и конкурс «Кутюрье года», на котором коллекция Маргариты Бортниковой заняла первое место. А затем были Рим, Берлин, Брюссель… Сегодня модные коллекции из винтажных кружев, созданные в.

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Van Givenchy's afterparty tot aftershow pizza: Romee ... fashion. Van Givenchy's afterparty tot aftershow pizza: Romee Strijd maakt een feestje van fashion week Datum 17 september 2015

What to Wear/Fashion a & September Weather in Rome/Tuscany ... We are going to Rome and Tuscany in mid-September. I am wondering if any one has recently visited Italy and could tell me a bit about the current "dress ...

Sneak peek: Chanels nieuwste boetiek in Rome - Vogue Nederland Op maar een steenworp afstand van Piazza di Spagna in Rome heeft Chanel een tijdelijke boetiek geopend. Het modehuis koos als thema de verhouding tussen mannelijkheid ...

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