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Владелец 'Чикаго Буллз' и 'Чикаго Уайт Сокс' Джерри Райнсдорф (Jerry Reinsdorf) родился 25 февраля 1936-го. Американский сертифицированный специалист в области финансового учета и давний владелец команды НБА 'Чикаго Буллз' и бейсбольного Наряду с Кристи Хефнер (Christie Hefner), бывшим председателем и главным исполнительным директором

250 Million Reasons You Should Register Your Photo Copyrights We recently spoke to's Carolyn Wright and former ASMP President Richard Kelly about the importance of registering your copyright regularly. In that vein, A Photo Editor recently updated us on the Richard Reinsdorf v. Skechers case

Blue Jays ownership responsible for this ridiculous ending: Arthur If you ever doubted the universe had a bleak sense of humour, Alex Anthopoulos was told he had been named Major League Baseball's executive of the year just before a telecommunications-challenged conference call to discuss his departure from the

One Word, America: Cubs! Today's column is NOT sponsored by DraftKings or FanDuel. Sorry. Hey! Lot of happypants stories in the baseball playoffs right now. The Kansas City Royals, suddenly a model franchise, back here in October, ready for another World Series run. The St

Missed the Cut: The Billionaires Too Poor To Crack The Forbes 400 Source of Wealth: leisure craft. Richard Hayne. Net Worth: 1.3 B. Source of Wealth: Urban Outfitters. Irwin Jacobs. Net Worth: 1.3 B. Source of Wealth: semiconductors. Sidney Kimmel. Net Worth: 1.3 B. Source of Wealth: retail. Michael Krasny. Net Worth

Bulls edge Cavaliers, making Fred Hoiberg's NBA coaching debut a success "All I kept thinking was when he came to our game the last time and we lost by 30 or 40 points in Washington," Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf joked to the Tribune, referencing a 23-point loss at the Wizards in February 2009. "I told him if it happens

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I have advocated for years now that the White Sox need to abandon their current modus operendi, that of splash dash, nip tuck and pray for luck. Maybe a couple of spare parts and old bit can make a contender out of the solid pitching we are getting from Chris Sale and Jose Quintana. I've argued that the current success of the Royals, Cubs, the Red Sox in the early part of this century, the Astros (at least last year) pretty much lost a lot of games on purpose with the long game being that success would emerge and be sustained. It's looked pretty good at least where the Cubs and Royals are concerned and I think the Astros will have more success in the coming couple of seasons. Also, in the playoff era (1972-present), the White Sox have never made the post season two seasons in a row. Even with the Wild Card option, if the White Sox made the playoffs in year x, they will not make it in year y. Something has to be done, right. So, time to sell, get some youth, get some picks in the upcoming drafts and just go hard for the bottom. Dan Bernstein writes, "Whether the White Sox choose to accelerate their reconstruction by trading assets for prospects right now, there are still no short-cuts for them. They need to draft and develop a core of talented, cost-controlled players as the backbone of sustained success. " Along with everything that Bernstein says, which I s believe, this is the biggest concern I have about the White Sox "trying to do what the Cubs did. While some of the executives have changed in the last ten years, not everyone has. To wit, ownership who at the end of the day, especially in the case of the White Sox, steers the ship. Let's take a quick look back at the top picks of the White Sox:. McCulloch never made it to the big leagues, pitching in the minors from 2006 to 2011. He was shipped off to the Reds organization in 2011, where he didn't improve and was outright released from organized baseball in 2012. Aaron Poreda 2007 25th... Ah, Aaron Poreda, one of the key pieces traded for Jake Peavy back in 2009. As it turns out, I think the White Sox got the better, if only slightly, end of that deal. Clayton Richard pitched decently for the Padres and Peavy was out pretty much for an entire season while with the White Sox. He spent most of his time in the Padres farm system before being drafted in the Rule 5 draft by the Pirates,then signed as a free agent with Texas, where he made 26 appearances for the big league club in 2014. He posted a 5. 91 ERA, with 7 walks... Not a big surprise that Texas sold his contract to the Yomiuri Giants for the 2015 season. And here we get to the question, what is a good draft pick. Is Gordon Beckham a disappointment because he was drafted in the first round. If he was drafted in the sixth round, would he be considered a success. Unfortunately, Beckham is the baseball equivalent of The Cars, such a great debut, never able to achieve the same performance. It's kind of sad to listen to Hawk Harrelson talk up how well Beckham is swinging the bat this year. Back to one of the reasons that left me to ponder. I did a quick search because I thought Mitchell sustained an injury while in the minors and I.

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General manager Rick Hahn, his team “mired in mediocrity” for much too long, acknowledged Thursday that the White Sox’ plan isn’t working and that management is open-minded to a complete rebuild. “The only thing we’ve probably ruled out as we approach this [Aug. 1 trade] deadline is adding short-term rentals, taking an asset that could be of value long term for something that would improve us only for this 2016 season,” Hahn said. The Sox were 46-48 going into their game against the Detroit Tigers Thursday with slim hopes of qualifying for the postseason, seven games out of a wild card spot and 10 games out of first in the American League Central, which has become all too... Since the World Series championship in 2005 the Sox have participated in one playoff series and enjoyed one postseason victory. Asked about doing a total rebuild, Hahn said, “We’ve got to be open minded. We’re not where we want to be. We’ve spent a fair amount of time focusing on the here and now in the last few years and it hasn’t paid off as handsomely as we had hoped. However, when asked about his top two trade chips, All-Stars Chris Sale and Jose Quintana, Hahn said dealing left-handed premium pitchers under team control for the next several years (at affordable contract costs) “might be extreme. Hahn had an extensive meeting with chairman Jerry Reinsdorf Wednesday “about the next few weeks, the offseason and even beyond on what we may look like,” he said. “He’s very disappointed and frustrated in terms of where we are but is very open minded about what path makes the most sense to get us where we need to be,” Hahn said. Hahn talked at U. S. Cellular Field as the Sox came home following a 1-5 road trip in which they scored one run in a three-game series sweep by the last-place Los Angeles Angels and then lost two of three games on walk-off homers against the... They are in fourth place in the AL Central, same place they finished in the last two seasons. Besides Sale and Quintana, the Sox have an ample supply of players under team control beyond this season, including Todd Frazier, David Robertson, Melky Cabrera, Adam Eaton, Jose Abreu and Nate Jones. Having them all under contract control beyond this season, along with an entire starting rotation that can return, is also a reason to add pieces before next year to take another shot. “Jerry is open-minded to all of the options in front of us,” Hahn said. “This isn’t the first conversation we’ve had about this, the first time we’ve talked about the notion of a longer time horizon. That’s not the goal, that’s not acceptable, that’s not what we’re trying to accomplish for the long-term. With premium trade chips like Sale, who is under team control through 2019 with a $15 million club option that year, or Quintana (through 2020 at $10. 5 million), Hahn knows what the Sox have: Tremendous value. “But we know how special some of the players we have under control are. And the fact is, no one may meet that price at this point in time. That’s because teams looking to add now don’t want to part with players they need to get them where they want to go. For Sale and or Quintana, the Sox would want a package of major leaguers and prospects. “It doesn’t mean that won’t change in the offseason or that there will be other opportunities for us to augment in the offseason,” Hahn.

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Владелец 'Чикаго Буллз' и 'Чикаго Уайт Сокс' Американский сертифицированный специалист в области финансового учета и давний владелец команды НБА «Чикаго Буллз» и бейсбольного клуба «Чикаго Уайт Сокс». Джерри Райнсдорф (Jerry Reinsdorf) родился 25 февраля 1936-го. Американский сертифицированный специалист в области финансового учета и давний владелец команды НБА 'Чикаго Буллз' и бейсбольного клуба 'Чикаго Уайт Сокс'. Райнсдорф остается владельцем этих клубов более 25 лет. Райнсдорф родился 25 февраля 1936-го, в еврейской семье, в Бруклине, Нью-Йорк (Brooklyn, New York ). Он стал большим поклонником бейсбола, постоянно наблюдая за матчами на стадионе 'Эббетс Филд', и воочию следил за дебютом в команде 'Бруклин Доджерс' Джеки Робинсона (Jackie Robinson), первого темнокожего игрока в Главной лиге бейсбола. Он переехал в Чикаго (Chicago) в 1957-м, а затем стал сертифицированным общественным бухгалтером, ипотечным андеррайтером и сертифицированным оценщиком. В 1960-м Джерри взял дело о налоговой задолженности Била Вика (Bill Veeck), тогдашнего владельца 'Чикаго Уайт Сокс'. Джерри продал свой бизнес в 1973-м и учредил компанию 'Balcor', поднявшую 650 миллионов долларов в качестве инвестиций в строительство. После продажи 'Balcor' в 1982-м за 102 миллиона долларов Райнсдорф несколько лет оставался президентом компании. Сколотив состояние, Райнсдорф купил клуб 'Уайт Сокс' за 19 миллионов долларов. При новом руководстве бейсбольный клуб в 1983-м, впервые с 1959-го, вышел. в плей-офф, а также стал победителем Мировой серии в 2005-м, впервые после 1917-го. Райнсдорф стал считаться одним из самых влиятельных владельцев бейсбольных клубов с 1990-х. Он повлиял на финансовую структуру команд, в том числе на введение... В 1985-м Джерри приобрел баскетбольный клуб 'Чикаго Буллз', который в 1991-1993 гг. и 1996-1998 гг. выигрывал чемпионаты НБА. Команда стала экономически успешной, однако некоторые ее фанаты и колумнисты обвинили Райнсдорфа в том, что тот, наряду с Джерри Крауссом (Jerry Kraus), разрушил победоносный клуб, когда позволил Филу Джексону (Phil Jackson), Майклу Джордану... 29 июля 2009-го Райнсдорф и компания 'Ice Edge LLC' были официально названы покупателями хоккейного клуба 'Финикс Койотс'. Однако в августе 2009-го стало известно, что Джерри отказался от ранее предлагаемой цены. 24 марта 2010-го было объявлено, что Райнсдорф вновь рассматривается как покупатель 'Финикс Койотс'. Райнсдорф добился продажи права на нейминг – смену названия бейсбольного стадиона 'New Comiskey Park' на 'U. S. Cellular' сроком на 20 лет – за 68 миллионов долларов. По условиям сделки, стадион должен был пережить капитальный ремонт до старта сезона Главной лиги бейсбола в 2008-м. В семилетний ремонт входило удаление верх. Джерри выиграл крупную юридическую битву, связанную с распределением доходов, с другими владельцами НБА, когда матчи с выступлением 'Чикаго Буллз' должен был транслировать американский базовый кабельный канал WGN-TV. По состоянию на 2004-й, 'Чикаго Буллз' оставалась самой прибыльной командой из НБА, с операционным доходом в 59 миллионов долларов и расчетной стоимостью в 346 миллионов долларов.

Richard Reinsdorf :: Photographer The official website of Richard Reinsdorf photography, Los Angleles and New York photographer.

Richard Reinsdorf fashion and beauty photographer portfolio About Richard Reinsdorf. Richard Reinsdorf is a Los Angeles based photographer creating images for leading advertising campaigns, magazine editorials and beauty shoots.

Jerry Reinsdorf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jerry Reinsdorf; Born (1936-02-25) February 25, 1936 (age 79) Brooklyn, New York : Ethnicity: Jewish: Education: George Washington University Northwestern University ...

Richard DeVos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Richard DeVos; Born (1926-03-04) March 4, 1926 (age 89) Grand Rapids, Michigan, US: Known for: Amway founder, owner of NBA's Orlando Magic: Net worth: US$6 billion ...

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