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Real-Estate Agents' Over the Top Gifts for Home Buyers Recently she's given tickets to a runway show for Fashion Week, a dog bowl engraved with the pet's name and a Nespresso machine for coffee lovers. When gift-giving during the holiday season, Ms. Sarasohn said the manner of delivery manners. So over the

Columbia City restaurant helps save local woman's life Dawnelle was then referred to another doctor for a biopsy of the lump and they ordered a full pet scan. She was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma and started her six rounds of chemo a week later. Want all the latest on dining, fashion, travel

Uniqlo открыл первый магазин в Санкт-Петербурге Мероприятие посетили: Артем Бaлаев (Aurora Fashion Week ), Анна Нова (галерист), Артем Вихров, Янис Тимма и Забиан Дауделл (игроки БК «Зенит»), Анатолий Бузинский (БДТ), Полина Филоненко (актриса), Полина Толстун (актриса), Сергей Бондарев (художник) и другие яркие

Tina Fey says her favorite holiday tradition is to give and receive presents ... “Every five years we go to a state park and we spend a week there naked. If we survive, we're still friends,” she joked, adding that Poehler truly has The two spent the afternoon putting together matching outfits, taking selfies and even putting on

We have never been more jealous of David Beckham's dog… Olive is the family's fourth pet as they already own three dogs- Baranby, Coco and Scarlet. Olive isn't the only member of the Beckham clan to get into the festive spirit – Victoria, 41, is also feeling Christmassy! The fashion icon took to Instagram

Activist group vows to do more if demands not met Activist group SAFE is vowing to place more damaging advertisements about New Zealand's dairy industry in the international press if its demands for animal welfare improvements are not met. An advertisement ran in Britain's Guardian newspaper at the

PLDP Pet of the Week: Peggy - The Delaware County Daily Times

I was so afraid, that I wouldn’t let anyone near me. The people at the shelter actually misjudged my age, calling me “very old”, when actually I’m only 3yrs old. When I first met my foster mom, I was way to scared to come out of my cage. I wasn’t very nice to her at all, but she was very patient, and just stood and waited, talking to me gently. She waited a looong time, and then I decided to give her a chance and literally jumped into her arms. My foster mom says I’m a real piece of work, whatever that means. I sometimes have an accident if mom’s a little slow to get me outside. I am not afraid to use my voice. I am the boss of the other dogs that live here and tell them off regularly. I also announce my arrival in the backyard so everyone knows I’m there, and have my eye on what’s going on. My very best friend is our big dog Finn. He is 10 times my size, I’m 10 pounds, and he’s 100 pounds. I sometimes cuddle with our other big dog Rocky the boxer too. I really hope my forever family will have a big brother dog for me. I always sleep with my foster mom at night. I get under the covers and curl right up against her. So if you think I’m cute, just check out my ears, and you are up to the demands of a feisty Chihuahua, then please fill out an application to Adopt me. One more thing. I am currently living in the Philadelphia area, and you will need to be living near there as well since we need a home visit as part of the adoption process. Mom says a radius of 50- 75 miles is the max so she can get to you in a timely fashion.

Furry friends celebrate summer in this week's Pet Parade Photo Gallery - Omaha World-Herald

Good News features the good and positive stories in our communities that may otherwise go untold. Your submission can include anything from a photo to a short story about someone who did something special for others. All you have to do is send us the ideas. Mail: Omaha World-Herald Good News, 1314 Douglas St., Suite 700, Omaha, NE 68102.

Roz Purcell: 'We were advised to get a dog when my sister was diagnosed with cancer' - Irish Independent

"We may not own a dog at present, but a Labrador definitely owns us. He turned up one morning at our gate, shortly after eight o'clock, barking loudly and looking to be taken for a walk. He has done the same thing every day since, and we have become the best of friends," explain Una and Colm. "His name is Frankie - a gold-coloured Labrador, aged 11, somewhat overweight and with the most affable personality you could imagine. He now drinks four bottles a day - the first at the gate in the morning, the rest during our walks. "Frankie really is one big ball of love and affection, and a joy to be with. Littered with adorable stories and anecdotes about ordinary Irish people and their most beloved furry characters, it's a tear-jerker and a genuine must-read for all animal lovers who couldn't imagine their life without their fluffy BFFs. Colm and Una, of course, are not the only people who believe in the therapeutic powers of having a pet pooch. Dogs are well known to promote healing and research has shown that dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those without them. Just a few minutes of bonding with a dog can lower blood pressure, slow the heart rate and reduce shallow breathing. But health benefits aside, anyone who has a pet knows just how much they contribute to your life: they comfort you when you're upset, love unconditionally and supply endless laughs - there's a reason why we're a pet-loving nation. He may be a natural-born model but the bestselling author insists there's a lot more to this pup than his aww-dorable good looks. "When my sister Rachel was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia earlier this year, one of the things she was advised to do was to keep her stress levels down, and it was suggested to us that we get a dog. We chose to rescue a pup because there are so many dogs out there that need really good homes. "Wilko is such good company, so full of energy and always so happy which is contagious. "My friends are all having kids, and sharing pictures of them, while I'm posting pictures of the dogs. I love meeting dog people so I can show them years of dog photos and they won't mind. "Peter and Poppy are special because they've always just been there, they know my mood and pick up on it when I'm stressed. In fact, Nancy the miniature Pomeranian is so adorable the star can't resist taking the pup everywhere. "She is like having a real [baby]," Osbourne wrote on Instagram on May 1. "I have not slept a full night since we got her, she has to eat every three hours. When Zendaya's dog Midnight passed away last year, she thanked him "for being one of the most loyal men in her life". Anyone who has ever lost a childhood pet could relate to the star's heartbreak. Luckily for this little pup, she was able to make room for another furry friend in her life. "I thought I could never love another pet again… until this angel was given to me on Christmas Eve… he's literally a mini Midnight… he peed on my bed three times last night and I didn't care, I mean look at that face. I'm so thankful for my little man, welcome to the world Noon. Animal Crackers: Irish Pet Stories, €14. 99, is available at Easons and all good book stores.

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