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Natalia Vodianova's ex-husband Justin Portman lifts the lid on relationship Justin Portman has lifted the lid on his troubled relationship with his ex-wife, Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova. The aristocrat, who has three kids with Vodianova revealed the intimate details on his Facebook page, but has since deleted the post

Natalia Vodianova's ex-husband airs dirty laundry Aristocrat Justin Portman revealed intimate details on Facebook this week of his relationship with his ex-wife, supermodel Natalia Vodianova, and hints at troubles with a new love. “This is not a plea for empathy or sympathy,” he writes in a screed

Natalia Vodianova: 'Storm made Euphoria shoot' Natalia Vodianova couldn't believe it when a real storm blew in as she was shooting the campaign for Euphoria Calvin Klein . The 33-year-old model was the original face of the perfume and she's made a comeback to celebrate it's 10th anniversary this

Natalia Vodianova talks beauty tips, fitness, and the secret to her success She's nicknamed Supernova and Natalia Vodianova's modelling career has been suitably stellar. The mother-of-four shares her hair and beauty secrets with HELLO! beauty editor Nadine Baggott and tells why doing good comes from the heart. "Oh I love HELLO

Natalia Vodianova attends charity launch in Paris wearing a chic jacket She splits her time between wowing on the catwalk and overseeing her charity -- the Naked Heart Foundation. And now Natalia Vodianova, 33, has combined fashion and fundraising by launching the Preciously Paris X Naked Heart Foundation handbag at

Model Natalia Vodianova on Not Being Able to Afford Perfume and What It Means ... I didn't smell perfume for the first time until I was 17. Growing up, I had a very strong sense of smell, but no one in my family could afford perfume. E​ven if we could have, there was no place in Russia to try it on at the time! But a lot of my

New post: Наталья Водянова посмеялась над троллингом блогерши по поводу «пьющих мужей»

New post: Наталья Водянова посмеялась над троллингом блогерши по поводу «пьющих мужей»

New post: Наталья Водянова посмеялась над троллингом блогерши по поводу «пьющих мужей»

Наталья Водянова посмеялась над троллингом блогерши по поводу «пьющих мужей»

New post: Наталья Водянова ответила на обвинение в спаивании мужей

Russian Barbie doll to take after supermodel Natalia Vodianova - RT

“The Mattel toy company has officially announced that I will be used as a prototype for a first Russian Barbie doll,” Natalia Vodianova, also known by the nickname Supernova, said. Vodianova, founder of the Naked Hearts charity foundation, stressed the “importance of play for the balanced development of any child" and added that with the new doll the foundation’s program Play with Purpose would definitely “acquire a new... The new doll will be named after Vodianova – Barbie Natalie and is scheduled to hit the market in 2017 in a limited edition series. A distinctive feature of the new Barbie will be its philanthropic character as part of the profit on sales would go to the Naked Heart foundation “to create a system of free services for families raising children with special needs and building... The Naked Hearts foundation was established in 2004 and aims to make sure that children in Russia are provided with safe environment for play. The charity took part in the construction of a number of play parks and playgrounds in Russia. In 2016 Mattel released three new Barbies transforming its original doll and giving it three new body shapes – curvy, petite and tall as well as new skin and hair colors. Thus, the iconic blonde also found herself in the diverse company of three new plastic beauties.

Natalia Vodianova : Jeune maman amoureuse face à Kanye West - Pure People

Antoine Arnault et sa compagne Natalia Vodianova - Photocall de la soirée "The Art of Giving" Love Ball à la Fondation Louis Vuitton à Paris le 6 juillet 2016. © Olivier Borde / Bestimage 'The Art of Giving' Love Ball Naked Heart foundation :...

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova verleiht russischer Benefiz-Barbie „Persönlichkeit“ - Sputnik Deutschland

Теперь благодаря кукле Barbie Natalia наша программа “Игра со смыслом” приобретает новое звучание. Barbie Natalia будет выпущена ограниченным тиражом и поступит в продажу в 2017. А теперь самое важное: это будет первая Barbie — благотворитель, так как часть средств от продажи куклы пойдет в Фонд "Обнаженные сердца" на создание системы... >>>> Last night at the Love Ball Mattel officially announced that they want to launch a first ever Russian Barbie — Barbie Natalia. Barbie is an iconic doll and I am pleased that my name and story have been choses for the first Russian Barbie. In the Naked Heart Foundation we actively promote the importance of play for the balanced development of any child. Twelve years ago we established an inclusive programme Play with Purpose and I hope that with Barbie Natalia our programme will acquire a new meaning. Now, the most important for me in this partnership is that this doll is becoming the first Barbie philanthropist — as the part of profits from sales will go to the Naked Heart Foundation to create a system of free services for families raising... @nakedheartfoundation @barbie #barbie. Фото опубликовано Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova) Июл 7 2016 в 10:51 PDT. Die erste russische Barbie mit Namen Natalia wird in beschränkter Auflage 2017 erscheinen. Sie sei dann die erste „Barbie-Philanthropin“, weil ein Teil des Verkaufserlöses in die Stiftung „Naked Heart Foundation“ fließen werde. Die Mittel sollen der Stiftung helfen, ein System kostenloser Dienstleistungen für Kinder mit besonderen Bedürfnissen zu erarbeiten und den Bau inklusiver Spielplätze für Kinder aller Altersgruppen und Möglichkeiten voranzutreiben, so Vodianova... „Jetzt bekommt unser Programm ‚Spiel mit Sinn‘ dank der Barbie Natalia eine völlig neue Bedeutung“, kommentierte das Model. Vodianova ist neben ihrem Model-Job auch für ihre Wohltätigkeits-Aktionen berühmt. Die Wohltätigkeitsorganisation förderte von Anfang an die Idee des Spiels als grundlegenden Faktor in der Entwicklung eines jeden Kindes. It's my turn now to answer the question "What is the art of giving. " I hope it will explain my vision behind the title of this year's Love Ball in aid of the Naked Heart Foundation, patroned by Monsieur Bernard Arnault, President of the Fondation Louis Vuitton . 'The Art of Giving' Love Ball is happening tonight, find out more at theloveball. com Вот и моя очередь поделиться с вами мыслями о том, что такое искусство помогать, и почему эта тема легла в основу нашего благотворительного вечера Love Ball, который традиционно проходит в поддержку Фонда "Обнаженные сердца" — на этот раз... Видео опубликовано Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova) Июл 6 2016 в 2:45 PDT. Anfang 2016 war die Barbie-Puppe von Mattel erstmals in ihrer 57-jährigen Geschichte in drei verschiedenen Figurvarianten erschienen: groß, klein und „kurvig“.

Natalia Vodianova - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Natalia Mikhailovna Vodianova (Russian: Наталья Михайловна Водянова; pronounced [nɐˈtalʲjə mʲɪˈxajləvnə vədʲɪˈnovə]; born 28 ...

Natalia Vodianova homepage - Homepage of supermodel ... Homepage of supermodel Natalia Vodianova. Fashion and modeling pictures, movies, scans, photos, shows, model agencies and a biography of this model from Russia.

Natalia Vodianova - IMDb Natalia Vodianova, Actress: Clash of the Titans. Natalia Vodianova was born on February 28, 1982 in Gorkiy, Gorkovskaya oblast, RSFSR, USSR as Natalya Mikhaylovna ...

纳塔利·沃佳诺娃】(Natalia Vodianova) _海报 ... 【纳塔利·沃佳诺娃】(Natalia Vodianova)主页提供该明星最新最全的资料信息,包括明星档案,明星动态,明星街拍,明星图片,明星 ...

Natalia Vodianova - Stardoll | English - Dress Up Games ... Dress up Natalia Vodianova at Stardoll. Choose the clothes the stars should be wearing. Fashion, fun and play.