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Ordinary people must be part of recovery, Higgins says The economic recovery must extend to all sections of the population in a way that is socially inclusive, President Michael D Higgins has said during the first day of his State visit to Portugal. Speaking after a meeting with Portuguese president Cavaco

10 things to eat in Portugal . If one wants to read or write about ALL the must-try dishes in Portugal, one would have to resort to a multiple volume encyclopaedia. It would be preferable to just loosen up your belt and begin the culinary journey

Debt Crisis: Portugal must be saved again soon? Portugal has completed its 78 billion euro aid program in May 2014 and since then financed through the capital market. According to the previous expectation of the EU Commission is the government deficit in Portugal this year will reach the Maastricht

Portugal's Costa: an affable Socialist who must now 'walk the talk' Affable former Lisbon mayor and now Portuguese prime minister Antonio Costa is a political veteran who is far more popular than his Socialist Party which toppled the conservative government in a dramatic vote. A seasoned negotiator, the 54-year-old

New Portugal PM forms government in delicate balancing act European Union president Donald Tusk congratulated Costa on his appointment, but warned that Portugal must ensure "sound public finances". "I trust that over the next years and under your leadership, Portugal will benefit from the political stability

Portugal: With anti-austerity deal, left throws out right-wing gov't Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva, whose October 22 decision to appoint the Portugal Ahead government was thereby overturned, must now decide whether to appoint PS leader Antonio Costa as prime minister or install some sort of caretaker

France and Portugal must remember that the key thing in preparing for a tournament final is simplicity -

hen a team reach the final of one of the great summer tournaments – a World Cup, or a European Championship – the chances are that your players will be exhausted, their minds reeling at what can be accomplished, and as a manager you can only try... What time do France have between their semi-final win over Germany in Marseille and Sunday's final. Portugal have one extra day. Nothing that will make a difference in terms of work that you can do on the training field. There is no time for high-intensity training or detailed preparation on the opposition – just rest, and clear minds for the biggest game of your life. here is no point, at this stage of the competition, trying to give the players lots of detailed information on the opposition. They are tired, their bodies are aching, they are 90 minutes from greatness. They are not in the right frame of mind to be overloaded about all the strengths of the team they are about to play. This is a final, I think we can take it as read that the opposition are going to be a good team. Instead the important thing is to focus on the strengths that you have in your own team. Remind the players of the strategy that has seen them through the tournament so well up until that point. You need to give your players confidence and try to make sure they can do all the good things that got them into this position in the first place. n 1994, when Italy reached the World Cup final in the United States, and lost to Brazil, I was the assistant to Arrigo Sacchi. I saw first-hand what it takes out of a bunch of players to go through six high-intensity games in that heat, and under such pressure. Remember, we lost our first game to the Republic of Ireland. By the end of the group stage all four countries in Group E finished on four points. In the second group game against Norway, we had our goalkeeper Gianluca Pagliuca sent off and had to play most of the match with 10 men, when we really had to win. Against Nigeria in the second round, Gianfranco Zola was sent off and we were going out until Roberto Baggio equalised with two minutes left and then we won the game in extra time. We played a close game against Bulgaria in the semi-final and won, again with two goals from Roberto. These games, in the heat of summer, took a lot out of the players. acchi saw that, and before the final in Pasadena he did not try to make life difficult for the players. There were four days between the semi-final and the final against Brazil and we had to fly from the east coast to the west. In the build-up to the final, Sacchi just talked to the players about their jobs, and what they had done well so far in the tournament. He talked about focusing on the strategy that we had developed in the preparation for the tournament and in the months before. here is something you have to accept as a manager: you can control everything apart from the result. The longer the tournament goes on, the less time between the games, the more tired the players are, and there is less that you can change tactically. Then you just have to keep them going, prepare them as best you can and keep them happy, and focused. Going into Sunday's final, Didier Deschamps will know that his team are the favourites, and he knows that his players know that too. Deschamps has played in many finals himself, so when he talks about this the players know they are listening to someone who is speaking from experience.

Sorry, CR7, Portugal epitomised Euro 2016: cynical, unsporting, awful - ESPN FC (blog)

This was the first European Championship to feature 24 teams. It won't be the last, but it should be. It pains me to say that. Allowing more of Europe to participate in the continent's grandest tournament seems like a good and inclusive thing at first glance, especially in divisive times like these. If we want to spread the joy of the game we love, we need to be the opposite of football's dismissive snobs. We need to make room for more accents and more styles. we need to sow the seeds for bigger dreams. And if this tournament were a ranking of fans, the so-called minnows won every game they played. In the midst of terrorist fears and a French summer seemingly destined to be devoid of sun, they provided much-needed spirit in every city buoyed by their happy presence. The Irish and the Northern Irish. Maybe the best of the bunch. The kindest adjective I can think of: forgettable. (I wasn't in the stands for Italy vs. Germany, which was also great. ) Most of the rest were middling to bad. that's in large part to this tournament's expanded format and the play it encouraged. Never mind the third-place weirdness that saw poor Albania having to wait around to find out they were done. Teams knew they had a decent chance of advancing if they managed a single win. In fact, the way the seeding broke down, winning sometimes hurt. Any tournament structure that provides a built-in disincentive to win needs to be quickly dismantled. The group stage also made plain the disparity between the teams with real title hopes and those who were in France as a polite courtesy. The record books show that Ukraine participated, but I have no recollection of them. Russia and their Ultras were a stain on and off the pitch. ) Northern Ireland didn't belong on the same patch of grass as Germany. God love them, but they even had to park the bus against. The early stages of this Euro seemed like a merciless prolonging of the inevitable, the grind of endless preparations. The knockout rounds were meant to provide relief and reward. For the most part they didn't, especially the Euros' inaugural round of 16. That gave us three dirges, three lopsided matches, one shock result but not an especially great game and a single worthy contest, which occurred only because it featured... But by far the biggest condemnation of these Euros is the team that won it: Portugal. Portugal the side -- not the country, not the people, but the 23 men who represented them -- were awful. ) They were cynical and unsporting and suffocating and the flat-out bottom of international football. They were Greece in 2004 without the underdog's spirit. Greece had to play the way they did. Portugal didn't. Given a choice between beauty and brute tactics, between victory and doing just enough to get by, they chose the lesser option every single time. They advanced out of the groups after draws with Iceland, Austria, and Hungary, and the one against Hungary they barely managed. They had the easiest group, and they finished third in it. They finished 15th out of the 16 teams to advance and they only nipped Northern Ireland on goals scored. Portugal's goal differential was fittingly, forebodingly,.

Gabriele Marcotti: France and Portugal must rise to their final chance - Herald Scotland

FRANCE and Portugal square off today in the final of Euro 2016. Between them, they’ve played 12 games in the tournament. Portugal have won once in the ninety minutes. And, against Germany in the semifinal it was classic smash-and-grab stuff, facilitated by two unlikely defensive errors and the fact that their opponents ended the game without four key starters. Other than the Germans, the highest-ranked sides defeated by France and Portugal were Romania (22nd in the world) and Wales (26th). You can obviously only beat what’s put in front of you - and, in Portugal’s case, not even that - but it’s... Luck and happenstance are part of the game. Accepting it doesn’t diminish their achievements, but it’s safe to say that neither side will be remembered as some kind of juggernaut. They may have a deep and gifted team, but manager Didier Deschamps tinkered continually, liberally changing formations and personnel in search of the right formula. Take the Iceland game out of the mix - and, really, there was only so much you could reasonably expect from the Vikings, given the fact they played the same XI throughout the tournament and were clearly fatigued - and you’ll notice their wins came... They may well kick it up a notch in the final and flatten Portugal and it will all be wonderful and convincing. France have looked like less - a lot less - than the sum of their parts throughout the tournament. And while you can argue that if only Olivier Giroud’s finishing had been better (or, indeed, if only Karim Benzema had not got himself involved in sex tapes and blackmail plots) they would have dispatched opponents more readily, the fact is they... As for Portugal, this is a side caught in transition between generations. You have experienced veterans (Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Pepe, Joao Moutinho), much-hyped youngsters (Andre Gomes, Renato Sanches, Joao Mario, Raphael Guerreiro) and guys who seem to be along for the ride (Adrien Silva, Cedric Soares). Comparisons to Greece’s run in 2004 are wide of the mark (for a start, the Greeks beat the likes of Portugal and France and they did not have a Ronaldo) because, if anything, it’s been a two-speed tournament for Fernando Santos’ crew. They were actually expansive and attacking in the group stage - albeit unable to finish, in part due to the early form of Nani and Ronaldo - before transforming themselves into the more conservative unit we saw against Croatia and Poland. Like France, they’ve only played well in stretches and have another level to which they can rise. Whether they - and the French - manage to do it today will go a long way towards determining how we remember this tournament. “We can’t solve all of the problems facing the French people. But we can provide a distraction and some joy to our nation and our people who have stood by us” said Deschamps after the victory over Germany. Nationalism is a by-product of international football and, as we’ve seen with those reports of Wales’ run boosting the local economy, there is such a thing as a feel-good effect linked to events on the pitch.

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