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The Daily 202: Focus group shows why Donald Trump is not going anywhere Bibi Netanyahu said yesterday that he would still meet with Trump, even though he disagrees with his idea to ban Muslims. — Congressional negotiators are still trying to hammer out a .. prices jumping 276 percent since 2001,” Perry Stein reports

'I love the people of the Middle East,' candidate says I actually did a commercial for him, for his campaign.I like him a lot. I'm going to Israel, I'm not saying who I'm meeting with." The comment marked a departure from last week in Virginia, when Trump told supporters at a rally, "I'm going to Israel

Разрешение на бесплатную парковку инвалиду дадут через портал — Когда со мной 8 лет назад случилась беда, и я оказалась прикована к инвалидной коляске, то не знала, что мне делать дальше. Куда обращаться, какие оформлять документы на инвалидность, где это все делать? — говорит «Мисс мира–2013» среди девушек на инвалидных

Israel: Trump to meet with Netanyahu Dec. 28 "I'm going to be meeting with (Prime Minister) Bibi Netanyahu." The Trump campaign declined Wednesday to reveal details on the trip or confirm the date of the meeting. Copyright 2015 Cable News Network/Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. All rights

Books: New and noteworthy 's Jocelyn McClurg scopes out the hottest books on sale each week. 1. Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz (Bantam, fiction, on sale Dec. 8). What it's about: A young writer named Bibi Blair who escapes death is persuaded that she survived in order to

Love you to death: the British women dying at the hands of their partners Six of the women featured in Love You To Death: clockwise from top left, Joanna Hall, Chantelle Barnsdale-Quean, Chloe Siokos, Kirsty Humphrey, Amina Bibi and Assia Newton. Photograph: Johann Perry/Perry . “I don't miss him that much,” says Abigail

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С помощью образов, подготовленных российским дизайнером, гости показа смогли перенестись в микс из советской эпохи, навеянной фильмом Георгия Данелия «Я шагаю по Москве», и 60-х годов американской моды, времён мальчишеской причёски мисс Твигги. Другую одежду, по мнению дизайнера, в принципе, можно и не надевать. Хотя если вы пока не готовы к резким экспериментам, можете для осенне-зимнего периода выбирать комбинезоны, длинные платья в пол из струящихся тканей и шубы из цветного меха. Российская красавица-дизайнер не понаслышке знает, что действительно стоит носить в зимний сезон. Открывала показ соотечественница Ульяны, казахская модель Биби Шарипова. За плечами девушки уже множество работ с культовыми домами моды, как Au jour le jour, Aigner, House of Holland и другими. В первом ряду показа сидели российские it-girs. Как всегда, на мероприятии появилась Елена Перминова, недавно ставшая мамой в пятый раз, Наталья Водянова пришла в платье, подчёркивающим её стройную фигуру (а ведь родила бывшая российская модель всего каких-то 4 недели назад). Телеведущая Ксения Собчак для мероприятия выбрала платье, которое максимально скрывало её фигуру с округлившимся животом. Повторить причёску с показа Ульяны Сергеенко можно двумя простыми способами. Второй вариант: приобрести парик, как сделала Ульяна со своими длинноволосыми моделями. Макияж подбирался моделям индивидуально, кому-то подкрасили ресницы и подвели глаза, над другими поработали сильнее - не только занялись глазами, но и осветлили кожу. Если вы хотите создать дневной вариант подиумного макияжа, вам понадобятся белая тушь и белый карандаш для глаз. Ресницы можно предварительно расчесать специальной щёточкой, чтобы тушь ложилась лучше. Затем при желании используйте белую тушь и белый карандаш для глаз.


We helped facilitate Qandeel's murder. And now we aren't letting her rest in peace... - The Nation (blog)

It was only last week when she was being blackguarded over a banned video. It was only some hours ago when her name was being used as an abuse. It was only some minutes ago that she was being shamed over her acts. At this moment, people are visiting her Facebook profile page not to view her ‘condemnable’ pictures and videos, but to post messages of condolence. At this moment, people are celebrating her murder as another addition in the long list of patriarchal honour-killings. At this very moment, people are bewailing the cessation of her new ‘sensational’ videos getting uploaded. from finding her husbands to looking for her murderers. from our wish to get her killed to deploring her murder. It was our lust and mindset that made her do this. It was we, the society, which enjoyed viewing every inch of her body and is now remorseful over her slaying. It was we, a country with highest number of porn-watchers, which satiated our luxuria by repeatedly playing her striptease trailer. It was we, the people of Pakistan, who could not just leave her on her own and took keenest interest in every news related to her. It was we, the honourable people, who did not address her problems until she was Fouzia Azeem but never stopped commenting on every single platform after transforming her into Qandeel Baloch. Her murder has unravelled and exposed the true face of our society and the idea of male chauvinism that is openly preached and practiced here. But be that as it may, this very idea of objectification of women at the hands of men is not only promoted by the male members of human species. We derived amusement from her derisive exit from Pakistan Idol, we became the eyes to her ribald posts and videos, and we became mouths to these gossips. This resulted in heightening of her viewership which obviously encouraged her to do more. Then began the hypocrisy in which we provided her with highest trending by vilifying her after having watched every swing of her chest. This was followed by inviting her to different shows and scandalizing her with several men which resulted in her persona being reflected as a wretched woman. Our media needed her and her posts for its khabrein, tabsaray and tajziay (news, opinions and analysis). At this point what we failed to realise was that all this applesauce is only adding to her notoriety. We did not miss a single piece of news that was related to her, but we used to scan every word and move just to discuss and disparage her with more zeal and zest. However, no one bothered to realise that we were only provoking her to stretch the line even more. We all saw a talk-show host and analyst scolding her for not buttoning up her shirt, but why did that very ethical, principled and venerable anchor-person allow her to sit in the studio in the first place if she were wearing lewd and salacious... We all were eager to know the exact number, name and biography of her husbands and even acquired her marriage contract with Aashiq Hussain, but why could we just not leave her on her own. Why cannot we vociferate our words for more important issues, such as the Kashmir dispute and recent bloodbath that is taking place. And now, why do we have to project her as an exemplar and prime mover of feminism. Why do we have to proclaim her as a combatant who was fighting for the.


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In Amsterdam, waterways represent the improbable triumph of Dutch perseverance over the North Sea’s relentless surge. The city’s iconic canals remain the world’s most successful urban land reclamation project. Cross over the Singelgracht — the canal that rings the medieval core of the city — and you leave what was until the 17th century the original border of Amsterdam. Dug as a 15th-century moat, the waterway lined with windmills and military fortifications formed the city’s outer line of defense. On my first two trips to Amsterdam, I barely set foot outside the or canal belt, that fairy-tale part of Amsterdam immortalized by postcards. I blew through the highlights in my guidebooks with the manic energy of a backpacker trying to soak up several European capitals — cities whose charms have taken a millennium or two to perfect — in a week. When I returned a few years later with my sister Jen, we wondered what life was like beyond the elegant confines of the grachtengordel, so we crossed the Singelgracht and began exploring. We staked out a new base in De Pijp (pronounced like pipe), intrigued by the rumor that this was Amsterdam’s version of Paris’ Latin Quarter. The proprietress of our B&B was out, so we procured our key from Joost (rhymes with “roast”), the owner of the corner cafe. After welcoming us to the neighborhood, he poured us glasses of white wine — drinks were on him — and taught us the tongue-twisting word for please,. In the dappled late-afternoon sun, refreshingly devoid of car traffic, the street was a still life with bicycles. In front of a natural foods store, a father gamely balanced a fresh loaf of bread, a bag of groceries and a toddler on a sturdy bike. the girl on the back sat sidesaddle with a bunch of flowers under one arm. ” As an island connected to the rest of the city by a series of bridges, De Pijp appeared to be a village within the village. Late-night shawarma shops and chain fashion stores sat aside a tapas bar, minimalist bistros and an outpost of the ubiquitous fast-food chain FEBO, christened after 17th-century Dutch artist Ferdinand Bol. Expect an old-fashioned automat: Insert your coins and open the tiny glass doors to reveal golden meat croquettes, cheese soufflés and a host of improbable creations made sublime by a deep fryer. De Pijp’s populist roots are humble: Slumlords ruled its 19th-century tenements, while resident artists, intellectuals, students, prostitutes and workers from the nearby Heineken factory ensured that its all-night cafe scene was legendary. In the second half of the 20th century, as newcomers from Suriname, Indonesia, Turkey and Morocco moved in, De Pijp served as a makeshift global laboratory for the Dutch principle of. As an adventurer in a foreign city, there are neighborhoods... And then there are neighborhoods where the act of getting momentarily lost on unknown streets brings a sense of sudden recognition: With a jolt of equal parts longing and nostalgia, you feel at home for no inexplicable reason. Under De Pijp’s spell, I became a tourist cliché: I’d fallen in love with the neighborhood, I confessed to Bibi, our charming hostess. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when Bibi, like a fairy godmother, instantly arranged two essential.


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