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Pirkka-Pekka Peteliuksen hauskin matkakokemus: "Minut vedettiin lavalle" Buena Vista Social Club esiintyi Havannassa, niin mähän olin loppujen lopuksi siellä lavalla. Mut vedettiin sinne. Diggasin yhtyettä, niin eihän siinä voi olla joraamatta mukana. Bändin tanssijamimmit ottivat minua hihasta kiinni ja tanssin heidän

Four La Jollans to be honored at 'Women of Dedication' Salvation Army lunch The La Jolla honorees are: Vicki Baron, Diane Annala Chalmers, Micki Olin and Doreen Schonbrun. Baron recently served as board chair of Barrio Logan College Institute, an afterschool program providing underserved students with access to higher

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Viking Junior wins science awards, 'Women of Dedication' lunch raises $200000 ... Four La Jolla women were honored for their longstanding record of community service during the event: Vicki Baron, Diane Annala Chalmers, Micki Olin and Doreen Schonbrun. It was also announced that La Jolla philanthropist and community activist Sherry

Patron Party held for upcoming Patrons of the Prado gala The Patrons of the Prado are preparing for their annual gala, coming up July 18 at the historic Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park. Titled “Masterpiece,” it's an especially big gala this year, celebrating the centennial of the 1915 Panama

New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation Grant Funds New Green ... Funded by a $732,738 grant from New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation's (EFC) Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP), the Bard Regional Green Infrastructure Demonstration Project retrofits a heavily used parking lot near Olin Hall by using

10 Questions: Fundraising is Micki Olin's way to give back to her community - La Jolla Light

Micki Olin invests her energy in community service, including contributions to La Jolla High, Gillispie School, and The Bishop’s School. As a member of Las Patronas, she co-chaired the 2013 Jewel Ball and chaired “Rhapsody in White,” the 2014 Ball. She was treasurer for La Posada de los Ninos, San Diego Center for Children Auxiliaries and Boy Scouts Troop 4. Micki served on the NCL board for nine years, twice chairing "Senior Presents. " In 2015, the Salvation Army named her a “Woman of Dedication. Micki is currently president of Patrons of the Prado, an energetic all-volunteer group devoted to Balboa Park’s cultural institutions. She is in full swing with the 19th annual Masterpiece Gala: Full Steam Ahead. I relocated to California in 1978 for a residency in Health Care Management at UCSD Medical Center following my graduate work at UW-Madison. I collected data for my thesis and returned to Madison to finish my Masters, returning to UCSD in the summer of 1979 to implement my thesis, which was designed to attract insured patients to support the university’s teaching and research mission,... I fell in love with La Jolla and was fortunate to be offered a series of rewarding positions at UCSD Medical Center that made it easy to decide to make this beautiful community my home. What might you add, subtract or improve in the area. My husband is an avid cyclist, so I wish the streets in our otherwise lovely neighborhoods were not so treacherous and were better maintained. I’d pass the same magic wand over The Cove and relocate the seals, sea lions and birds to a suitable alternative so the terrible stench could be removed from this iconic La Jolla setting and the beach and ocean could once again be fully enjoyed by... I am constantly amazed and impressed by the incredible programs developed and offered by the theaters and museums in Balboa Park. The largest urban cultural park in the United States, it represents an extraordinary landscape of art, theatre, science and history. I love the ambiance of the Park at night, with the beautiful lighting and the backdrop of the majestic buildings, and am inspired with every visit to ensure this important community resource continues its cultural legacy. I would invite my late father D. Richard Olin as a young man, prior to his affliction with Multiple Sclerosis, who inspired my love of history and would enjoy sitting across the table from Teddy Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Katharine Hepburn would lend some verve to the evening, along with tales of adventure from Amelia Earhart and Mark Twain. My wonderful husband, Reid Abrams would be there, and finally, my gradschool roommate, the late Mary Gumble Levy, just for the pure joy of hearing the marvelous sound of her infectious laughter again. I have a few books that I’m reading right now, including “Clementine: The Life of Mrs. I just finished the third of the four Neapolitan books by Elena Ferrante and I just started “I Saw a Man,” by Owen Sheers, which promises to be gripping. I belong to two local book clubs, so I’m about to start “Circling the Sun,” by Paula McLain and “Nightingale,” by Kristin Hannah. I’m easily frustrated with people or businesses that make no effort to recycle and keep our world in the.


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If a group of homeless people occupied The Cove beach, fouled the water, prevented use of the beach and rendered swimming dangerous, they would be removed within 48 hours, but apparently the rights of mammals exceed those of humans. I have walked along The Cove every day and have seen tourists with masks on, handkerchiefs over their noses and literally gagging from the smell. There are now 300,000. I have no idea how to solve the problem, but if we are to preserve the quality of life and protect the social and economic future of La Jolla, something must be done - other than talk about it. H. Lee Sarokin. The La Jolla Rough Water Swim is cancelled due to polluted La Jolla Cove water. The San Diego Union-Tribune publishes in its Weather section every day of tourist season that La Jolla Children’s Pool has “Polluted waters to avoid. ” It seems obvious to me that the City of San Diego now has definite proof that the La Jolla seals and sea lions are not just a potential hazard, but a definite health hazard, and can legally be removed under MMPA Section 109(h). As that is not... Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (or any results in this absurdity). I attended the La Jolla Town Council meeting on June 9, which was supposed to be a moderated discussion about the “sea lion crisis at The Cove. ” I thought that this meeting would entail a serious and thoughtful discussion about the gravity of doing anything to address the issue of sea lions on the beach at the La Jolla Cove. Instead, it was almost a mob mentality of doing anything necessary to drive away the sea lions from the beach. There were approximately 150 people laughing and applauding ways that they could harass the sea lions on the beach at The Cove. It is sickening to know that people do not see harassment of sea lions as the animal abuse it is. Methods mentioned to use to drive the sea lions away were throwing firecrackers at them, using a cattle prod, air horn sirens, electrified fencing... The moderator of the meeting even stated to the group that if she herself had to go down to the beach and harass the sea lions to leave, she would do so. The crowd roared with laughter and applauded. I was both shocked and saddened that a group of adults would laugh at being cruel to the sea lions and find it acceptable. Obviously the sea lions were driven from Goldfish Point, the Clamshell and the bluffs by kayakers and people getting too close to them. In my opinion, the gate being opened allowing people closer access to the sea lions and the acrid chemical spraying of the bluff has caused the sea lions to move to the beach at The Cove. More harassment of the sea lions is not the answer. Somehow we all must accept that the sea lions have a right to live here. It was a shame you did not attend the meeting in La Jolla that the Town Council held last week. the city employee representative did not have a clue about the issue at La Jolla Cove. many people in La Jolla believe you have no idea where the beach is. The Cove is the biggest tourist attraction we have in La Jolla for swimming and diving.


Here's how much District 1 City Council candidates have raised in their runs for the seat - La Jolla Light

The latest campaign finance disclosures were released Friday, May 27 by the District 1 candidates and Political Action Committees (PACs) on their behalf. The statements cover the period between April 24 and May 21, 2016. During this Period, the top fundraising candidate Ray Ellis was almost caught up by his opponent Barbara Bry, $36,770 to $32,508. 05. However, Ellis almost doubles Bry in the... PACs lack the regulation constraints of a candidate’s own campaign fundraising, such as donation limits. PACs can’t contribute to a candidate’s campaign, or even have conversations with the candidate they benefit, but they can spend on their behalf. Both Bry and Ellis have PACs raising money for them, and spending it on polls, mailers, advertisement and campaign signs. The Lincoln Club, a pro-business political action group in San Diego created the PAC “Neighborhoods. A Political Action Committee in Support of Ray Ellis for Council 2016. ” Also, it donated the $100,000 that forms the total reported contributions of the group. Most of the expenses, $61,384, reflect online advertising and campaign literature sent to voters’ homes. The “Coastal Communities for a Fair Economy supporting Ray Ellis for Council 2016 sponsored by and with major funding from the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee and the Lincoln Club” PAC raised $79,000 in this... The San Diego Chamber of Commerce is the biggest contributor to this PAC with $55,500 given in the calendar year, but others such as the Building Industry Association of San Diego ($30,000), the Infrastructure PAC of the Associated General... Their current cash balance was set at $100,908. The “Committee to Support Prop I, Barbara Bry, and Justin DeCesare Sponsored by Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund” PAC raised most of its funds in the last period, a total of $105,000. It reports... The contributors of this PAC are California trade unions. For instance, the Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund San Diego contributed $ 28,872, the CA Works: Assembly Speaker Emeritus Toni Atkins Ballot Measure Committee $25,000, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 569... In the whole calendar year, the PAC raised $1,568. 45 from a single donor (San Diego Forward), and spent most of those funds in Deane & Company, a political advisory company based in Sacramento. Bruce Lightner has raised a total of $1,500 in his campaign, and all of it in two loans to himself from his company Lightner Engineering.


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