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Гель для душа от Arko Men для настоящих мужчин Гель для душа Comfort Max Energy. В составе содержит натуральные компоненты, которые отлично увлажняют и напитывают кожу, насыщая ее полезными микроэлементами. Также средство обладает выраженным дезодорирующим эффектом. После принятия душа на протяжении

Oil dips as US distillate build offsets crude draw Oil pumps are seen at a MAX oil station in Yangon April 21, 2014. "Much of the draw may be the result of tax-related inventory positioning by Texas and Louisiana refiners," said David Thompson, executive vice-president at Powerhouse, an energy

Visual Beauty in Max & Louie Productions' 'Sublime Intimacy': Theater Review Story: Theater artist Tim Pace welcomes us into his world as he reminisces about the people who helped shape him not only as a performer but also embodied much of his personal life. From the neighborhood where he grew up in St. Louis to the bon vivant

Play the Bounce in Energy Stocks With the XLE ETF The logical play here is to short out-of-the-money put vertical spreads in XLE. Sell the Jan $57/$53 put spread for 50 cents or better. The spread is positioned to deliver the max gain of 50 cents if the XLE ETF can simply remain above $57 for the next

Max Levchin, an Early Ally of Marissa Mayer at Yahoo, Resigns From the Board Yahoo's challenges today resemble those from when Mr. Levchin joined the board: namely, helping the company recapture past glory. In an interview back when he accepted the board position, Mr. Levchin said Ms. Mayer's new energy inspired him to join

No, Facebook Is Not Going to Give You a 'Piece of the Pie' to welcome our daughter Max into this world! For her birth, we wrote a letter to her about the world we hope she grows up in. It's a world where our generation can advance human potential and promote equality -- by curing disease, personalizing

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Watch Max Landis Talk about His Rejected Pitch for a Cute, Sweet 'Pokemon' Movie -

In the midst of “Pokemon Go” madness as it descends upon San Diego Comic-Con, a curious story about a Pokemon movie that might have been has risen up through a sea of lures and incense. No, it’s not Oliver Stone’s vision of the Nintendo characters-based video game as “a new level of invasion” that could lead to totalitarianism, it’s actually a cute and sweet version of the Pokemon story envisioned by Max Landis. Now “cute” and “sweet” might not be the first thing you think of when you hear the name Max Landis, but the screenwriter/producer/director defends both his filmography and his Pokemon pitch quite well during an interview with our own Steve... Landis was there in support of his new series Dirk Gently, a re-imagining of Douglas Adams ‘ series of novels about a holistic detective investigating supernatural crimes. But despite Landis’ interest in supernatural detective stories, he’s got no time for Detective Pikachu. In case you missed Landis’ reference to Detective Pikachu, it’s a relatively new iteration of Pokemon ‘s mascot that was introduced earlier this year in a Japanese video game, “Great Detective Pikachu. ” As you might have guessed, the character assists the player (and vice versa) in solving a number of crimes and mysteries. Detective Pikachu will serve as the basis of Legendary and The Pokemon Company’s new live-action film franchise, for better or worse. I was a little disappointed to hear that the new live-action movie wouldn’t be centering on a young trainer out to prove themselves in the world of Pokemon, or at least some sort of interesting pitch related to the current Pokemon Go craze. There’s still every chance in the world that Detective Pikachu will be an entertaining and successful movie in its own right, but I would have liked to have at least seen a little more from Landis’ pitch. Maybe the strength of his Poke pitch will help him to land another nostalgia-steeped property primed for adaptation, because I’m sure he has other ideas in mind. Which version of a live-action Pokemon movie do you want to see: Detective Pikachu, Landis’ pitch about up-and-coming trainers and retired Gravelers, or something else entirely.

MAX HASTINGS: The appalling truth is that Trump IS as stupid and ignorant as he seems - Daily Mail

This was a moment that millions of Americans, some of them very weird indeed, have been praying for. This was the moment that tens of millions of others viewed with fear, revulsion, disbelief. The most divisive political figure in modern U. S. history became his party’s standard-bearer for the presidential election. After I wrote in the Mail in February that a Donald Trump presidency was a real possibility, I was teased as if I had suggested that it might snow in July. The prospect will give sleepless nights to many world leaders, both America’s friends and foes. Vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence said the country ‘has only one choice’ at the ballot box: ‘It’s change versus the status quo, and when Donald Trump is president, the change will be huge. ’ This is, indeed, the reason that a mendacious and xenophobic braggart could win the greatest elective office on earth. Even my clever East Coast friends, who are petrified of Trump, say they will need to take painkillers before going out to vote for her. Across middle America, in the vast territories where this election will be decided, away from the country’s narrow sophistication belts, many people are happy to believe the worst conspiracy stories about any member of the Clinton family. The only thing that prevents Trump from being sunk by his many lies are those that Hillary has been caught telling. After all the insults that Trump has heaped on women and racial minorities, especially Mexicans, he should have no chance of their votes. But then Trump seems blissfully unaware that America is becoming ever less Anglo-Saxon: its white electorate shrinks by 2. 4 per cent every four years, while Latinos could become the country’s majority ethnic group by mid-century. Both the form-book and demographics make Hillary seem a shoo-in for the White House. But these are strange times in most of the world’s democracies. Foreign visitors to the U. S. are awed by its wealth, energy, originality, infinite capacity for reinvention. Yet a huge number of Americans agree with Trump when he brands his own country a ‘hellhole’ that is threatened by Muslim terrorism, Chinese exports, stagnant middle-class incomes, blacks who shoot policemen — and that same rising tide of Latinos... Many who heed Trump’s siren song are those whom I would characterise as the ‘deserving poor’. the prospect of making their own lives, and those of their children, progressively better. The American Dream seems skewed in favour of Chinese billionaires, Wall Street bankers and Silicon Valley techno-freaks. Trump touches the spot when he denounces such people with messianic fervour, when he promises in almost biblical language to tear down the temple and hurl out the money-changers. But the fact is that consistency does not seem important to his disciples. Once, it was thought that Trump would be crippled by refusal to publish his past tax returns — presumably because they would show him much less rich and.

Lou Lamoriello's 'New Jersey way' absent in Matthews signing -

An 18-year-old feeling pretty good on the “special” afternoon when he signed his first NHL contract . Soon, he will move to Toronto and begin shouldering enormous expectations while getting to work on hitting those bonuses. It’s true, Leafs general manager Lou Lamoriello isn’t a fan of the individual clauses that can be included in entry-level contracts, but he didn’t have any choice with Matthews. That’s why the “negotiations” with agent Pat Brisson of CAA hockey began and ended with a 15-minute conversation earlier this week. “He deserves what he’s getting. … He deserves the max that could be given. The beauty, really, is that he’ll have earned whatever this contract ends up paying him. Only the absolute best of the best ever max out their entry-level bonuses. Generational-type talents who challenge (or even win) the scoring title within three years of entering the league. He already had six pro seasons in Russia under his belt and got to play on a line with scoring champion Patrick Kane. Matthews won’t initially find himself with that quality of teammate in Toronto, but he is coming off a pro season where he scored 1. 28 points per game as the youngest player in the Swiss league. That track record suggests he has a chance to hit the $850,000 in available “Schedule A” bonuses as soon as his rookie year. It would likely take at least 20 goals and 60 points in 2016-17 to do so. The “Schedule B” bonuses are much more lucrative, but Matthews would have to exceed expectations to cash that $2-million cheque in one or more of the next three seasons –... With their prized rookie now signed, they’ll be spending a significant amount of energy trying to temper expectations for him. However, Matthews is joining a team that didn’t have a single 50-point scorer last season, so he won’t exactly be insulated, from opponents or the spotlight. Should the California-born, Arizona-raised forward start earning big bucks right away, it will be a sign of better times for the organization. Sure, it might force them to do some extra salary cap juggling but they’ve shown themselves to be quite adept at that the last couple seasons. In a cap system, it is the true stars that you want to pay. You certainly didn’t hear any grumbling out of Edmonton after McDavid earned the maximum $3. 775 million while playing just 45 games during an injury-interrupted rookie season. Nope, the Oilers were thrilled to load up the bank account of a player that appears capable of carrying them out of the abyss. If Matthews makes a splash in Toronto, the feeling will be no different. Lamoriello may strive to create an organizational culture where the focus is entirely on the collective, but he’s also aware of what Matthews represents to the Leafs. The veteran GM says he’s not doing things the “New Jersey way” any longer. Lamoriello is also fond of telling people that if he has time at his disposal, he likes to use it. That helps explain, in part, the 27 days that.

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