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ON YOUR MARK: Fast Freddie organizer expecting record crowd The 27th annual Fast Freddie Festive Five Mile Foot Feast will be held Thanksgiving Day. The race begins at 9 a.m. from the 4-H Fairgrounds. Race day registration ends at 8:30 a.m. The cost is $35. Proceeds benefit Type I diabetes research at Floyd

Mark Zuckerberg To Muslim Facebookers: I Will Fight For You A few nights ago, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump created an uproar (and received some applause) when he suggested Muslims should be banned from entering the United States. Even without The Donald's demagoguery, this isn't an easy

Miami AD knew he had to move fast on Mark Richt “I probably didn't move as fast as our fan base probably wanted me to,” James said. “But we wanted to get the right person. When you get the right person, you have to move quickly. Mark Richt wasn't going to stay on the shelf long. There are too many

Not so fast, Mark Zuckerberg: 4 reasons to be skeptical of his $45 billion ... On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan announced plans to donate 99 percent of their Facebook shares to the new philanthropic Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. At a current valuation of $45 billion, that's no small sum. And while many have

Марк Цукерберг и взлёт филантрокапитализма В статье для Fast Company Маркус Барам заявил, что филантропическое ОАО — обычное дело. Так как они занимаются благотворительностью и относятся к семейному фонду, то могут приобрести статус безналоговой организации. Кроме того, им проще инвестировать в фонды

Facebook-Gründer: Mark Zuckerberg will fast komplettes Vermögen spenden Anlässlich der Geburt seines ersten Kindes hat Facebook-Gründer Mark Zuckerberg angekündigt, dass er und seine Frau Chan 99 Prozent ihrer Anteile an dem Internetkonzern auf lange Sicht spenden wollen. Aktuell haben die Aktien im Besitz des Ehepaars

Письмо Марка Цукерберга и Присциллы Чан своей дочери!

Nach 14 Jahren: Noch fast 13 Milliarden D-Mark im Umlauf - Handelsblatt

Die Deutsche Mark hat seit der Euro-Bargeldeinführung vor mehr als 14 Jahren als Zahlungsmittel ausgedient. Doch Mark und Pfennig sind immer noch beliebt – auch im Ausland. Als Schatztruhe erwies sich ein hölzerner Werkzeugkasten, den ein Luxemburger beim Ausräumen im Keller seines verstorbenen Vaters fand, wie die Deutsche Bundesbank berichtet. Beim Transport sei der alte Werkzeugkasten zerbrochen, aus dem von außen nicht sichtbaren Doppelboden fielen rund 69. 000 DM. Ende Juni waren nach Angaben der Notenbank noch 167,3 Millionen DM-Mark-Scheine und 23,5 Milliarden Münzen im Umlauf. „Vielmehr werden diese Banknoten und Münzen zu einem nicht unerheblichen Teil beispielsweise einfach nur aus nostalgischen Gründen aufbewahrt oder sind bei Sammlern zu finden“. Besonders begehrt ist der 10-Mark-Schein – 72 Millionen Stück sind noch nicht umgetauscht. Auch der Bankenverband BdB vermutet D-Mark in Sammlerschatullen und Münzalben. „Ein Großteil an Münzen dürfte allerdings in Portemonnaies von Touristen in deren Heimatländer mitgenommen worden sein.

Mark Zuckerberg's Social Networking Accounts Hacked: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know -

What does it say when Mark Zuckerberg, the unofficial king of social media, has his social media accounts hacked. Here are five fast facts you need to know:. His Twitter and Pinterest Accounts Were Hacked In early June, some of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts were hijacked. The hackers managed to get into both his Twitter and Pinterest accounts and left some evidence of their brief stay by sending out multiple tweets, which have since been removed, though you can see some screenshots here. As for his Pinterest account, the hackers made their presence known by changing Zuckerberg’s name to, “Hacked By OurMine Team. ” The hackers also claim they found their way into Zuckerberg’s Instagram account, though this has been denied by Facebook. Zuckerberg’s Password Was Weak How did the hackers find their way into Zuckerberg’s social media accounts. They allegedly gained access to Zuckerberg’s password via the LinkedIn password data-leak report that surfaced just days earlier. “Millions of LinkedIn user account details leaked online last month — the company responded by invalidating the credentials and contacting affected members to reset their passwords,” VentureBeat reporter Emil Protalinski writes. “But the story doesn’t end there, because, as we all know, many people like to reuse the same password on different online services. Apparently this includes Mark Zuckerberg. It was “dadada,” and he used it on just about every account it appears. The Hackers Go By the Name of OurMine So who were the hackers. They go by the name of OurMine Team and they aren’t highly respected in the “hacker community. ” While many hackers claim to use their skills as a way to educate the public about cyber-security and take down bad guys, this group doesn’t have such an honorable reputation. “They hack the accounts of high profile individuals or entities seemingly at random, for their own amusement or personal gain. Lessons to be Learned from the Hack What does this ultra-public hacking tell us about the current state of cyber security. Well, for one, it tells small businesses and public figures that it’s more important than ever to have security measures and safeguards in place when developing a social media strategy. Secondly, it teaches us the importance of using complex passwords and frequently changing them. If one of your online accounts is hacked, the hacker shouldn’t be able to gain access to every other account you have. Change your passwords from website to website and always use a combination of letters, numbers, and characters when permitted. Other Famous Celebs Who’ve Been Hacked Was Zuckerberg the first celebrity to have one of his social media accounts hacked. Hacked social media accounts aren’t as rare as you may think. Some of the more famous individuals to have their accounts broken into include Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Justin Verlander, Michelle Obama, and Snooki. Nobody is Immune While Zuckerberg may be the biggest name in the social media realm, even he isn’t immune from having his account hacked.

Trump's GOP opponents get nowhere fast at convention - PBS NewsHour

GWEN IFILL : And we pick it up there with syndicated columnist Mark Shields, New York Times columnist David Brooks, joined tonight — special treat — by Amy Walter of The Cook Political Report. Let’s start by talking about what we’ve seen happening playing out already on the floor today. But, David, there was kind of a little bit of an uprising. And various Trump supporters and mainstream people like Paul Ryan have been going around today trying to say, where is the party, where is the party. Where is the party. DAVID BROOKS, The New York Times: It’s not united, but it’s not opposed. And that is to say, there is a lot of disagreement here, but there’s no opposition to Trump. And, as we saw today, as we have seen all year, really, the Trump forces are willing to take more risks than the anti-Trump forces. And so what happened today was that a bunch of people were on the verge of confronting the party, what is now the Trump party establishment. And they sort of got beat back, partly by strong-arm tactics, partly by pressure, oh, we can’t help Hillary, and they got beat. And so it’s a question of morale and courage. And the Trump people have it. JUDY WOODRUFF : Amy, do you think they’re likely to pull themselves together by the end of this week. AMY WALTER, The Cook Political Report: The anti-Trump forces. This has been a problem with the Never-Trump movement, is that they have always had an antagonist in Donald Trump. They have never had somebody who is going to fill the space. And so wanting to be a different party, wanting to have a different kind of candidate, that’s fine, but put that person forward. I also think that this has been the goal of this convention, is not necessarily what happens down there on the floor, but what happens after this convention. GWEN IFILL : How does this compare, Mark, to conventions we have all sat around the table and talked. I have never seen anything quite like that over something as obscure as the rules of the convention. MARK SHIELDS, Syndicated Columnist: Well, last time I saw something like that was 1980 in New York, when the Kennedy people opposing Jimmy Carter’s renomination tried to turn it into a moral issue, that delegates should be able to vote their own... I’m not running for Mark Shields in most places. GWEN IFILL : You would have my vote, Mark Shields. MARK SHIELDS : And I appreciate that. The problem for the anybody-but-Trump group is, it’s been a concept without a candidate. They have never had — they have never been able to put a face. They can agree that there ought to be somebody, but they can never agree who that somebody is. And the Wall Street Journal/NBC poll show that 38 percent of Republicans are satisfied with this choice. So, there is a major task this week, not as much in the hall, but in the country, to unite the party, to unite the campaign. GWEN IFILL : And, David, how much does Pence — how much help does Mike Pence bring in that regard. DAVID BROOKS : This is — one of the things — the weird thing about this party, it’s not a normal party. And whether Trump is disciplined or not is really the story here.

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