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Бренд Respect презентовал новую коллекцию обуви Российская обувная компания Respect, успешно работающая с 2001 года, презентовала новую коллекцию сезона зима-2015/2016, при создании которой дизайнеры использовали благородные оттенки бордового и зеленого, комбинацию цветовых блоков, меховую отделку в моделях

Loriblu представил новую коллекцию обуви сезона весна-лето 2016 Итальянская марка Loriblu, специализирующаяся на производстве женской и мужской обуви и аксессуаров представила весенне-летнюю коллекцию обуви и аксессуаров 2016 года. В женскую линейку Loriblu вошли плетеные босоножки из кожи золотого цвета с декоративными

Portland restaurant and bar events -- Dec. 9 - 15 Peking Duck at Departure Restaurant + Lounge: For all of December, Departure will bring back chef Gregory Gourdet's Peking duck. Each is served with Mandarin pancakes, cucumbers, sliced scallions and pickled kumquats as well as housemade plum and

Mandarina Duck '' – итальянский модный брэнд, специализирующийся в первую очередь на дизайнерском багаже и дорожных принадлежностях. С недавних пор компания также производит солнечные очки, парфюмерию, часы и – начиная с 2007-го – мобильные телефоны. На название

Fat Duck chef Heston Blumenthal's favourite country for food deserves a ... Then we all came back to Bray, and the space at the Crown has since been replaced by Dinner (, named after our restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge, London. Before relocating the Duck and Dinner, we looked at other

Mandarin Oriental gets the thumbs up and other Boca and Delray news Now that the developer, Penn Florida, has a signed agreement with Mandarin Oriental, everyone agrees that there will be valet parking. The question is how it will work, since there is no plan for The council can't duck the issue any longer. In his

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Le copertine (fatte a mano) di Mandarin Duck -

Mandarin Duck, al secolo Aniko Kolesnikova, è una giovane artista con sede a Londra, che ha lasciato il suo lavoro nella moda per dedicarsi a tempo pieno alla sua arte. Aniko realizza a mano, modellando e colorando l’argilla, bellissime e dettagliatissime copertine (anche su ordinazione) per diari personali, libri ma anche lettori di ebook.

만다리나덕 (MANDARINA DUCK) 16 F/W 'KEEP(킵)' 백팩 리뉴얼 출시 - 뉴스코리아

유니크하고 스타일리쉬한 감성의 이태리 패션 브랜드 '만다리나덕 (MANDARINA DUCK)' 에서 ‘KEEP(킵)’을 새롭게 선보인다. 이번 16FW에 리뉴얼 되어 출시되는 ‘KEEP’(킵)은 만다리나덕의 시그니처 백팩으로써, 옐로우 핸들이 특징이며 가로형으로도 들 수 있어 포터블 기능까지 갖춘 제품이다. 또한, 넉넉한 사이즈의 지퍼 덕분에 소지품 수납이 편리하고, 이태리 소가죽 소재로 부드러운 터치감을 자랑한다. 16 FW시즌, 포멀함과 캐쥬얼 한 느낌을 모두 만족하기에 충분한 새로운 'KEEP'(킵) 을 만나보자. 만다리나덕의 ‘KEEP’은 전국 주요 백화점 매장 및 만다리나덕 공식 홈페이지(http://www. kr)에서 만나볼 수 있다.

Times Square takeout food doesn't have to be terrible - New York Daily News

It’s a common refrain that there aren’t many great food options near the Times Square-42nd St. subway station, where the N train stops at Broadway. But the dozens of New Yorkers who line up at these three places each day know exactly where to go for tasty grub. Main Noodle House feels more Chinatown than Midtown, especially if you stick with Cantonese standards like fried rice with Chinese sausage ($10. 95). Chinese broccoli, or gai lan, with ginger and fresh garlic ($11. 50). and barbecued roast meats... At lunch it’s $8 for a quarter of the bird with a side of rice, sautéed baby bok choy, plus soup or an egg roll. And of course, there are noodles, best here in big bowls of soup. You can choose from five kinds, including frilly chow fun, thick Mandarin noodles, or skinny rice-flour mai fun — and have in them in Cantonese wonton soup with fish cakes, beef balls or roast pork ($10), or a traditional beef “stew” with a broth... If you don’t know what to order from the lengthy steam table at 38 Bombay Junction — the Indian food counter opened by Parvin Patel in the back of his pizzeria last January — start with the menu of “Bombay snacks. ” All are $7 or less, layered with flavors and textures, and many are more like a meal. Try a real deal lentil soup, flecked with nigella seed ($4). the pav bhaji ($6. 99), or soft grilled and buttered dinner rolls served with a tomato and pea-studded curry. and nylon khaman, little cakes of spiced lentil flour topped with poppy and sesame seeds and served with fresh cilantro, chopped onion, hot pepper and a green salsa. For those with greater appetites, there’s plenty more to choose from: tandoori-style roti ($1. 99). stuffed pan-fried flatbread called paratha (two pieces with potato are $6. 99). and curries, stews and flavored rice pilaus. Plus in the evening Patel makes dosas, or South Indian crepes, and the fluffy fermented rice and lentil cakes called uttapam. You can probably take a guess at the main draw at Shawarma House, which in truth is more like a shawarma walk-in closet. Skip Shake Shack and head to these nearby Flatiron takeout spots. There are two versions of the name-sake dish — chicken, and lamb and beef — both well-spiced, cut to order off the spit and served either in a supple flatbread or over rice pilaf. If you get it “with everything,” that includes a salady mix of white beans, olives, pickled peppers, cucumbers and lettuce plus both hot and white sauces. The platters are $8. 99 for chicken and $9. 99 for lamb/beef, for a sandwich just subtract $1.

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Mandarina Duck - Wikipedia Mandarina Duck: De Mandarina Duck mobiele telefoon, geproduceerd door Alcatel: Oprichting: 1977: Oprichter(s) Paolo Trento en Pietro Mannato: Eigenaar: E-Land

Mandarin duck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The mandarin duck (Aix galericulata), or just mandarin, is a perching duck species found in East Asia. It is medium-sized, at 41–49 cm (16–19 in) long with a 65 ... | Mandarina Duck | Alle Artikelen Op zoek naar Mandarina Duck? Bekijk hier het actuele aanbod van Mandarina Duck. Eenvoudig te bestellen, snel in huis!