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More women of color graced fashion magazine covers in 2015 Fashion magazines that came under a lot of criticism a year ago for a lack of diversity are slowly making strides when it comes to featuring non-white models on their covers. While the number of models of color is up this year compared with a year ago

Justin Trudeau makes a splash in Vogue magazine On the glossy pages usually reserved for movie stars and fashion models, a Canadian politician is making his mark on America's media scene. American fashion magazine Vogue is featuring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau in a

Selena Gomez Slams Rumors About Her Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Performance ... Selena Gomez is not tolerating speculation that she lip-synced at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The singer, 23, dropped a major dose of sex appeal during the fashion spectacle, which CBS aired on Tuesday. While donning a revealing outfit, Gomez

The Original Nike Windbreaker Gets a High-Fashion Update Sneakerheads, stand down — Nike will spend 2016, an Olympics year, celebrating the jacket that put it on the apparel map at the 1980 U.S. Olympic trials. Both the Japanese label Sacai and the Italian sportswear brand Stone Island updated the

Cressida Bonas 'gord TOPLESS' as she poses French fashion magazine L'Officiel campaigns for the likes of Mulberry, Prince Harry's ex proved she's a real professional in front of the camera and flashed the lens a sultry stare. The cover of the acclaimed magazine's January edition sees her don a racy black leather Louis

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Издание Paper Magazine продолжает раздевать знаменитостей. На этот раз для журнальной ... -

Эмилия Кларк на обложке декабрьского выпуска Dior Magazine

Линдси Уиксон для 10 Magazine #fashion #style #jewelry

The Final Word on New York Fashion Week Men's: Meh - W Magazine

By Thursday afternoon of New York Fashion Week : Men’s, even God had had enough. The temperature was a suffocating 88 degrees, though Lower Manhattan felt more like Death Valley. And, as if to wash away the sins of many a designer in the preceding days, a flash thunderstorm barreled in, trapping everyone inside fashion’s gulag, Skylight Clarkson Square. That’s where the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s grand experiment of a standalone men’s week – one that could compete with Europe – picked up last Tuesday. To look at the calendar, you would think this third edition was more anemic than it was this time last year, when it was inaugurated to a dubious if cautiously optimistic reception. But the exemplars of American Fashion—Calvin, Ralph—have still not bought in, preferring instead to show in Europe. And Public School, on whom the CFDA once seemingly latched the dreams of the entire NYFW: Men’s ecosystem a year ago, have bailed out of the calendar entirely in favor of a completely off-piste show scheme. The schedule was punctuated by youngish labels like John Elliott, Robert Geller, and Ovadia & Sons, while Todd Snyder is what passed for a member of the “old guard,” as WWD referred to him, and Joseph Abboud and John Varvatos as éminences grises. One of the more curious features of NYFW: Men’s, the celebrity ambassadors – the CFDA-selected group of men who are supposed to represent the best of American style – was also one of its more revealing. Kellan Lutz, a supporting player in the now four-year-old “Twilight” series. ” and Jerry O’Connell of “Kangaroo Jack” fame—some configuration of which was present at every show, shuttled backstage for photos with designers, huddling together for safety, or perhaps to go over the escape plan one more time. “Listen, I'm as shocked as you are,” O’Connell told me. “It's a cabal that I've been invited into. There's a secret ceremony that happens in the basement of the CFDA headquarters, and I can't actually talk about it. ”. Was it worth it for them. Was it even for the phalanx of buyers, editors, and rubber-neckers in attendance. The jury is still out. The Council of Fashion Designers of America has yet to sell New York as an essential menswear stopover to the one group that would seem the most essential: New Yorkers. “A lot has changed in the world since they decided to start doing this, like in the past year,” said the reliably cantankerous Mark McNairy, who has recently relocated from New York to Los Angeles. “The whole fucking world has been turned upside down. The designer, was stationed in the Skylight Clarkson lobby on Tuesday to show off New Republic, his line of direct-to-consumer shoes. There’s an episode of “The Twilight Zone” called “Five Characters in Search of an Exit” in which people who believe they’re trapped in a windowless room eventually realize that they’re actually dolls left in a Christmas donation bin for an orphanage. At least, McNairy said, sponsors are paying for the whole operation. “From a small company/designer point of view, it’s a good thing,” he said. “That was the biggest part of my shows, was the space, you know, we're paying like $15-$20,000 for a space. At Robert Geller on Wednesday, Nick Wooster, a big CFDA booster, reflected on Men’s Week. “I think it's absolutely the thing that we need to sort of put a season to bed. We've seen a lot of different ideas happening in Europe and it can all kind of come together here.

Following Rapper Rich the Kid Around Men's Fashion Week - W Magazine

The 24-year-old Atlanta rapper Rich the Kid walked around the opening day of New York Fashion Week : Men's on Monday with his phone in front of his face. But for good reason: he was FaceTiming with friend and collaborator Jaden Smith, describing to him what he saw at each emerging designer presentation. "A lot of the things I've seen are real different," Rich — whose real name is Dimitri Roger — said later. "Some of it I would wear, but some of it I wouldn't because people would say, 'He's crazy. Rich the Kid was born in Queens, New York, but moved to Atlanta as a child. Before he was "Rich" though, he was working at a Wendy's and went by "Black Boy the Kid. " The diamond chains, Louis Vuitton bracelets, and Goyard accessories would come after his rapid rise, which began in 2013 after the release of his first mixtape, "Been About Them Benjamins. " By 2015, he'd earned the right to call his second mixtape, "Feels Good to Be Rich. In July, he dropped "Rich Forever 2," which features Jaden Smith, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Yachty, and Young Thug. Luxury is his language, and his enthusiasm for labels is mixed with a zero fucks attitude, which makes him the perfect fashion muse. On day two of fashion week, Rich accidentally missed the entire Gypsy Sport show. This happened despite the fact that models walked for an hour, making it one of the longest shows ever during New York Fashion Week, certainly during its nascent Men's week. But on the bright side, this allowed him to be on time for his next show, N. Hoolywood, which was all the way in midtown. He was joined in the front row by his friend A$AP Illz, who is one of the founding members of the A$AP Mob. Another friend, Playboi Carti, arrived later, but the show was long over. He himself was wearing a "rare" Off-White x V. LONE shirt, Margiela sneakers, and a Goyard messenger bag — the Birkin bag of hip-hop. When asked if he wears Supreme he responded: "No, I actually know how to skateboard. Rich cites A$AP Rocky as his one-and-only style inspiration and hopes to one day have a fashion show of his own. (Jaden Smith, of course, would model in it. ) And while a line of his own is probably far off, in the meantime he has a limited-edition collaboration with Vintage Frames, which includes only 50 pairs of pink-tinted sunglasses by Hilton that were... There were few people at fashion week who rivaled Rich the Kid's commitment to luxury brands. For him and his crew, the more logos and overt affiliation with wealth and success, the better. And yet this excessive approach to fashion somehow felt the most genuine in a sea of striving street style stars and models. " a street style photographer asked A$AP Illz as he exited the show venue. At the end of the day, Rich, Illz, and Carti all headed back downtown in two XL Ubers to meet Virgil Abloh at the Moncler store, where he was presenting his latest of many collaborations. But Rich was the one who called the car, and directed everyone off-course to pick up pizza first.

Kendall Jenner Photographs Kaia Gerber for Love Magazine, Proves Our Theory She's a DL Fashion Photographer - Style News - StyleWatch -

The shoot must have been a full circle moment for Kaia, who told W Magazine in a recent interview that she admires Kendall’s work ethic. “I really look up to Kendall Jenner. I think she’s really professional, and I know her a little bit, and she’s so sweet,” she shared. “I think to be at the level she’s at but still be super chill and down to earth. And then Gigi and Bella [Hadid] both grew up in Malibu and actually did the same high school program we’re doing, so I think it’s cool to see them flourish. And I really look up to Karlie Kloss — she’s the nicest human being in the world. The supermodel-in-the-making also said that she plans to follow in Kendall and her 16-year-old brother Presley’s catwalk footsteps when she’s old enough. RELATED PHOTOS: 12 Reasons Kaia Gerber Is the Next Kendall Jenner. “I watched him [Presley] in Moschino and it was so good. We were sitting and right when he came out he looked at us and gave us a nod, and I was like, ‘aww. I really want to, but at the same time I’m glad I get to chill until it starts, because once you start you can’t really go back. I want to definitely wait until I’m 16 and then slowly build up, because I’ve just heard it’s so exhausting. We have a feeling there are many catwalks and high-fashion campaigns in Kaia’sfuture. Maybe she’ll even star alongside Kendall in the next one. Aw, so glad Kendall is getting even more attention for photos that were not edited by her, photo-shopped by her, etc. It’s really just too much hearing about any more Kardashian family members or what they are doing, written as though it is the biggest kiss up so the family will stay close to the people brand and keep the dollars coming, which sadly clicking on... People love to hate on this family but as far as Kendall goes she has never done anything wrong. She was born into a reality tv family and launched a modeling career, she has never made headlines for who she is dating, she seemed very supportive of her father through her whole transition, and she has never had any scandals and now this is the...

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