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A Restaurant Designer's Do-It-Yourself Home For Navy, a cozy seafood restaurant on Sullivan Street, Dalrot hand stitched the linen walls and acid washed the mirrors herself. At Hero, the recently opened Korean canteen in Paris, she wrapped the stools with string. And for Djuret, her first

Wayward Arts magazine design Printed by Flash Reproductions, the annual nonprofit magazine Wayward Arts showcases Canadian graphic design with themed layouts by a different design agency every year. For this year, Flash Reproductions invited creative studio Blok to create an issue

Ellen's Design Challenge Returns to HGTV Design Challenge: Meet the Cast. What's first? They'll be tasked with designing furniture for the greenrooms at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. At the end of the season, the last competitor standing will receive a $100,000 cash prize courtesy of Wayfair

If You Could Design Your Baby's Genes, Would You? The technology is called CRISPR/Cas9. It is a modest acronym for an enormously powerful new molecular tool that, depending how it is used, could change the future of the human race. Using this we can now edit—that is, alter—the genes in any organism

Design Miami 2015 Winner of this year's Design Miami/ Design Visionary Award, Yves Behar has been presented the prize by luxury watch brand Panerai for his contribution to design across the sector, from humanitarian work to his holistic approach. In honour of this, an

The Most Interesting Projects From a Newly Inclusive Design Miami The most impressive comes courtesy of the wunderkind designer Katie Stout, who has concocted a fantastical girl's bedroom on behalf of Cultured Magazine. An almost exhausted inventory of objects, the installation includes a custom wallpaper, hamper

Пивная интуиция: как превратить локальную пивоварню в национального производителя

История плоского дизайна и его влияние на современные интерфейсы - CMS Magazine via @cmsmagazine

История плоского дизайна и его влияние на современные интерфейсы - CMS Magazine с помощью @cmsmagazine

Graphics: The Best Portrayal Of Dance Is In A Static Print Magazine - Co.Design (blog)

From 1989 to 1996, the avant-garde dance magazine Dance Ink developed a cult following among fans of experimental dance, photography, and design. Published by Patsy Tarr, a philanthropist and currently the director of the 2wice Arts Foundation, the magazine was developed as more than just a way to document dance performances—it was also a performance in and of itself. The task of actually translating the performances onto paper, then, fell to the magazine's designer, Abbott Miller. Given the freedom to dedicate multiple spreads to laying out a dance sequence, Miller, now a partner at Pentagram's New York offices, likens the time he spent designing the magazine to the art of choreography. "There’s someone who choreographs the dance and performance and then the designer, who choreographs the experience of the design on the page," he says. Just as a dance piece has to be adapted from the practice space to the stage, the magazine also required adaptation, and was "a new kind of stage at a different scale. Now, after a 20-year hiatus, the pair is reviving Dance Ink with a new generation of contributing performers and a refreshed design. But at a time when a digital platform can provide so much flexibility, how does one design a truly cutting-edge print dance magazine. For Miller, the challenge of portraying a performance-based art form on a static platform was also what makes the project exciting. Long entrenched in the dance world, Tarr provides the link to the contributing dancers and choreographers. the new issue features Amar Ramasar and Adrian Danchig-Waring, two principal dancers from the New York City Ballet, as well as Silas Riener, the final dancer to join the Merce Cunningham Company. He then sits down with the photos and puts them into sequence on the page. The sequence starts out with Danchig-Waring for a couple of spreads, then moves to Ramasar, then Reiner, then ends with the three performers together. Much like a text story, the performance unfolds as the reader turns the page. Miller doesn't always follow the performance as it happens in the studio, instead following his own logic to put it together in a way that makes physical and visual sense to the reader. "You replicate time in the sequence with a series of pages, rather than the way you use time as a resource on stage. Even though most of the photography is in black and white, like the original Dance Ink, Miller layered the back typography in cyan, magenta, and yellow to give the type the appearance of movement. The new Dance Ink picks up at Volume 8, Issue 1, right where the old one left off, but dance has become more popular than it was in the '90s. Celebrity ballerinas like Misty Copeland have helped to bridge that gap, as has New York City Ballet... Dance can still be seen as an isolating and elitist art form, he says, but "designers can make it less mysterious and connect it more to other things like visual arts and popular dance as.

Who Will Design Pippa Middleton's Wedding Dress? - People Magazine

So with McQueen likely not a contender – who else might Pippa turn to. "She could go for something lavish and romantic by Marchesa or upmarket luxe by Ralph & Russo," says Alexander, who also speculates something a little more informal could be in...

Kashi's new cereal box design evokes magazine-style storytelling -

With more white space on the front and sides, and editorial-style romance text in a layout reminiscent of a magazine spread, Kashi’s new packaging - which is being rolled out nationwide this month - was developed in partnership with international... “The large flake on the white minimalist background gives focus to the ingredients. This evokes a feeling of cleanliness and honesty which consumers are looking for more of today,” added Mitchell, whose Boulder-based agency has designed packages for new and established brands alike. To younger consumers, an image of 'authenticity' helps drive their decision to buy, The Huffington Post reported earlier this year. According to consumer data collected by Watershed, being an authentic food brand not only means delivering a healthy product with “ clean ingredients,” but it also has a lot to do with the company behind it—how it honors cultural heritage,... Kashi’s take on the trend can be seen from the storytelling on the package’s backside. A large portrait image is accompanied with a story underneath it. According to the press release, the idea is to feature the stories of “employees, farmers and friends of Kashi,” about how the food was made and where it comes from. Mitchell believes Kashi’s box design is doing a great job in conveying authenticity: “We believe that consumers are looking for better lifestyle and authenticity in all aspects of their lives. This needs to be communicated through brand elements that evoke feelings of these in order to drive purchases and create lasting bonds. “Using an editorial style story on the back gives importance to the copy and encourages consumers to actually read and connect with what is on the back panel,” he added. “Often times, the back panel on cereal boxes seem like an afterthought as opposed to truly reflecting the brand values and story, which Kashi has cleverly moved away from in this new package design. You are encouraged to participate with comments that are relevant to our news stories. For the full terms and conditions for commenting see clause 7 of our Terms and Conditions ‘Participating in Online Communities’. If you wish to complain about a comment please use the "REPORT ABUSE" button or contact the editors.

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