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Rare 'Star Wars' collectibles are up for auction from quirky Japanese fashion ... The designer is the owner of one of the biggest and most fabulous collections of rare Star Wars collectibles in the world, and he's auctioning off more than 600 of them in an event that Sotheby's, the auction house putting the collectibles up for

'Star Wars' themes stormed the SS16 catwalks. As a new film opens, Grace Cook ... And there are so many layers to the films' design — the Samurai/Japanese references for the Jedis are quite rough and raw, contrasting with the pure white battleships. We love the juxtaposition. That's why we can always use Star Wars as a reference

Naoto Fukasawa's Twelve watch for Issey Miyake Miyake is best known for his fashion collections, which are shown twice a year in Paris. He launched his company's first watch – Insetto by Japanese product designer Shunji Yamanaka – in 2001 and has since worked with a variety of well-known

It's official: South Korea is cool The DDP, as it's affectionately known, this year looked back at the traditional-meets-contemporary work of internationally respected Korean fashion designer Lee Younghee, and forward to the future of fashion as conceived by evergreen German designer

Must-See Art Guide: Upper East Side Galleries Named after James Madison, the fourth President of the United States, Madison Avenue is host to both prestigious fashion brands and major galleries, such as our first stop, Di Donna. There's just one week left to explore surrealist landscapes in an

H&M's Newest Fashion Designer Is Only 24 Years Old Paper Journal reports that Hannah's collection was sponsored by top-of-the-line Japanese denim mill Kaihara, resulting in styles such as apron dungarees and top-stitch denim jackets. The gender neutrality and sustainability of her work is part of what

Hues of Light by Chris Wood x FENDI - Wonderland Magazine

As a brand so steeped in design history, stretching outside of the parameters of fashion, Fendi love an arty collab. It feels like we’ve only just been treated to a creative venture, with Fendi’s Flowerland pop up taking centre stage at Selfridges in May, showcasing the work of Japanese flower artist Azuma Makoto. Held in private collections as well as Shanghai’s Museum of Glass, Wood’s work is in high demand, reflecting upon the characteristics of light and playing on colour, shadows on refraction. The displays, entitled Hues of Light, will first be shown in London before continuing onto Paris, New York, Milan and Florence, each time shifting shape for a new take on the work in each city. I make a physical model to look at how the light works in the space. For the FENDI windows project I did the same for each window and particularly looked at how the light will work in those windows during the summer.


Japan's "Genderless Kei" Trend Is About So Much More Than Just Fashion - Refinery29

For an outsider, the genuses and phyla of Japanese fashion subcultures can be hard to keep straight. Mode clotheshorses in high-fashion labels down to the socks. These boys belong to the newest Japanese style tribe, Genderless Kei. More than just men in makeup, Genderless Kei pushes traditional gender boundaries and sexuality in a country where neither topic has been up for much discussion. The trend has its roots as an offshoot of the Korean Ulzzang phenomenon. Ulzzang, which literally means “best face” in Korean, is a beauty ideal for both men and women that incubated among the picture-perfect idols of K-Pop. The dandies of the Tokyo scene have absorbed and mutated that aesthetic a step further. Naopis, a model and fashion blogger for Nylon Japan with a platinum mushroom cut and a penchant for athleisure, says it’s all about putting ladylike colors on men. Though it’s a hue that Japanese guys have traditionally shied away from, pink is his favorite color, “because it’s so loud and daring. Japanese bloggers point to the influence of J. W. Anderson’s fall ‘13 collection, which sent strapping male models down the runway in ruffled shorts, tube tops, and knee-high boots. Two years later, the Japanese designers behind Tokyo Girls created their own runway moment with their fall 2015 collection. Despite the brand's name, the show presented both male and female models in gender-swapping styles. Alongside women in edgy Boy London streetwear, the runway featured high profile male models dressed in pussy-bow blouses, fringed jumpsuits, and even a wedding gown. In the last year, the “ mysterious beautiful boy ” (his one-time Instagram moniker) with an Andreja Pejic blond mane has risen from social media selfie star to full-fledged TV personality, and with his visibility, Genderless Kei has exploded into... Despite saying that he has the “heart of a woman” and the fact that he is more frequently spotted in womenswear, Genking says that Genderless Kei isn’t about trying to be perceived as a woman. “I want to create a new kind of fashion platform in which I can be a men's model as well as a ladies' model,” he said in an interview for an Onitsuka Tiger lookbook last year. For him, gender-ambiguous fashion is most exciting in unexpected splashes — men who accessorize with one cute and girly item, or women who incorporate a cool and masculine piece. He points to Rihanna as a female genderless style icon in the way that she works (works, works, works, works) tomboy pieces into her street style. Toman, another Genderless Kei model and member of the boyband XOX, came to fame as a reader model for young men’s fashion magazines. The pink-haired Peter Pan lookalike, whose 2. 5 hour intensive beauty regimen has been the fascination of Japanese talk shows, now also graces the pages of women’s fashion.


Tiny Masterpieces: Hermitage Museum Explores Japanese Netsuke - BLOUIN ARTINFO

Yoshimura Shuzan, who became known for creating what the museum calls “large netsuke out of cypress wood in an expressive, nearly grotesque manner” which “used mineral pigments over a white priming. Other netsuke in the exhibition include tiny intricate animals that range from apes and turtles emerging from shells to a kirin, a mythical creature with a stag’s body, dragon’s head, and horse legs. Also part of the exhibition is everything from human figures to traditional imperial themes, making for a comprehensive showcase that highlights the museum’s extensive netsuke collections.


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