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UCLA's Josh Rosen, USC's Cameron Smith and Iman Marshall named freshman All ... UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen and USC linebacker Cameron Smith and cornerback Iman Marshall have been named to the USA Today freshman All-America football team. Rosen completed 266 of 447 passes for 3,349 yards and 20 touchdowns with nine interceptions

Cleveland Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert will travel, could play on ... INDEPENDENCE, Ohio -- Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert could play on the team's upcoming two-game road trip, which starts on Friday against the Orlando Magic and finishes Tuesday in Boston. "There's a chance that one or two or both will play on the trip

When A Man Loves A Woman: Iman Shumpert Gets Super Emo For Teyana Taylor Iman Shumpert just posted a Happy Birthday ode to Teyana Taylor on his Instagram and it's almost a tear jerker. The two, who have been together for quite sometime, recently got engaged and are expecting their first child soon. Although it seems they

Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt hopes returns of Kyrie Irving, Iman ... INDEPENDENCE, Ohio – Guards Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert, both recovering from surgeries, went through another full practice for the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday. By everyone's account, the two are turning heads in practice and are almost back to

Cavaliers Rumors and News: Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert Return Soon? LeBron ... The Cleveland Cavaliers are hoping to have Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert back by the end of December, as both players have started working out after missing the start of the season with injuries. LeBron James and Kevin Love rebounded against the Trail

JBF Customs Creates Wild Sneaker for Iman Shumpert Famed sneaker customizer JBF just teamed up with Iman Shumpert for a wild re-imagining of the adidas Real Deal. The original Feet You Wear tooling of the classic adidas hoops model is about all that remains intact actually, as the all-red upper is

“Мин!”: Дин тәкәбберлекте, мин-минлекте, маһайыуҙы, үҙеңде күрһәтергә тырышыуҙы һөймәй, тип өйрәтте беҙгә өлкәндә…

Туғандарҙың янда булыуы яҡшы: Изге күңелле, мәрхәмәтле кешеләр күп беҙҙә. Улар араһында районыбыҙҙың Абдулла ауыл…

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Chanel Iman Talks Diversity in Fashion: Has it Changed? -

According to model Chanel Iman, yes and no. The gorgeous supermodel -- who has graced the cover of Vogue and runways of Versace, Balenciaga and the like -- has been modeling since her teens. In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, she was asked whether she had seen a diversity change in the industry since she first started modeling:. “I think it was a struggle when I first started, just because it was always one black girl per show, or campaign, or whatever it was,” she explained. “I couldn't stand it, because I just felt like I was being judged a lot, rather than accepted for who I was. But she added that it seems like there industry is opening up to “more color on the runway. but of course there's room for more of it, and more diversity. There Were More Black Models On The Runway, But Still Not Enough​. Here’s to seeing more of Chanel and other models of color in this cut-throat industry. Subscribe to our Paula Jones for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news.

Chanel Iman Interview — Diversity in Fashion Industry -

In case you didn't know, Chanel Iman is kind of like Teen Vogue royalty. She's one of the OG supermodel — along with the likes of Jourdan Dunn and Karlie Kloss — who slayed the runways, posed for Victoria's Secret, and broke down major barriers. Naturally, when we got the chance to chat with her at Revolve's Summer Party last weekend in the Hamptons, we were pumped. Check out all she has to say about the current state of diversity in fashion, making it as an actress, and why you need to get the hell to the polls and vote this November. What made you choose it. Chanel Iman: I don't know. They had a whole bunch of clothes for me to choose, and I always like a simple, black dress for stuff like this. It's timeless, you look back at your pictures and it's like a classic, black dress. — Once with Karlie and Ali, and once with Jourdan Can you tell me, do you have a favorite memory from either one of those shoots, or something that really sticks out to you about why those shoots were important to you. CI: Well, when I was on it with Karlie, it was so much fun because I don't think I knew I had the cover till it came out. I was a subscriber to Teen Vogue since I was 13, so that was really exciting. But shooting with Jourdan, it was just such a powerful cover because we were both, at the time, on top of our game. And we still are, but we were really at the highest of our careers as black girls. I always like to look at magazines with girls that I could relate to, and to do a cover like that, it was a moment for both of us. When we were first starting out, Jourdan and I were both the same age, so people were always trying to make us... Now we're the most supportive of each other — we're like sisters. TV: How do you look at diversity in fashion now versus when you first started. CI: I think it was a struggle when I first started, just because it was always one black girl per show, or campaign, or whatever it was. I couldn't stand it, because I just felt like I was being judged a lot, rather than accepted for who I was. I feel like fashion's opened up a lot with having rappers in campaigns, and more color on the runway, but of course there's room for more of it, and more diversity. TV: Last year, you were in Dope, which was a huge career moment for you. Can you talk more about that transition from modeling to acting, and why you decided to do that. CI: It was super exciting for me to be a part of this film, because it was a challenge for me as a model going into acting. This character that I played was a very edgy character — it was one where I felt comfortable with myself. I just wanted to do something different and something exciting, and something that I would be proud of later on in life. I felt like Dope would be one of those projects that I always have with me in my archive of things that I've done and I've achieved. It was so incredible to see you on screen, and see you unleash that. I'm very grateful for anything that comes my way, but in the meantime, I just focus on being the best that I can be as a person and as an actress. TV: Is there anything you’re working on now that excites you.

Chanel Iman Masters the Pretty Summer Glow -

This week, the supermodel attended the opening party and celebration of Love: From Cave to Keyboard in quintessential Iman style sporting a dewy skin and a blowout coupled with the perfect pair of summer braids. If you're not into foundation, try mixing your favorite concealer with your moisturizer and blend it into your skin using a brush. Apply a rosy blush to the apples of your cheeks and line your eyes with an espresso-hues kajal. To complete the look, fill in your brows using a powder, opt for lash extensions for length and dust your lower waterline with a gold shimmer shadow. When the weather is warm and muggy, it's best to keep your beauty look a minimal as possible. Keeping in line with the minimal beauty look, part your hair in the middle and create a pair of cornrows on either side of the part. Braid the hair all the way down and loosen it for a more lived-in texture. For finishing touches, clean up your edge, add a little sheen to your tresses and head out the door.

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Iman Abdulmajid - Wikipedia Iman Abdulmajid (Somalisch: Imaan Cabdimajiid, Arabisch: إيمان عبد المجي) (Mogadishu, 25 juli 1955), bekend als Iman, is een Somalisch model.

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Iman (concept) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Iman in Islamic theology denotes a believer's faith in the metaphysical aspects of Islam. [1] [2] However, Iman is different from Faith in the sense that it should ...

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