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Victoria's Secret Model Gracie Carvalho: Ronda Rousey Doesn't Have to Worry ... TMZ Sports caught up with Gracie Carvalho at the Renzo Gracie Academy in New York City where our photog asked her if Rousey -- who is fighting Saturday night in UFC 193 -- needs to be extra cautious about face shots, since Rousey has an acting

Victoria's Secret model Gracie Carvalho trains in Muay Thai boxing with men When it comes to Victoria's Secret models, Gisele Bundchen and Tyra Banks may set the standard, but Gracie Carvalho is breaking the mold. The 25-year-old Brazilian uses Muay Thai boxing to help maintain her amazing physique, and judging by her serious

Gracie Carvalho looks Hot at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015 She is into boxing and her workouts leave her sweating bullets (we mean that literally). This tough touch-worthy model is into Muay Thai and you had better not get on the wrong side of her! See the sexiest Gracie Carvalho photos from the Victoria's

Gigi Hadid Says Modeling Lingerie for The Weeknd Was 'Weird' Additional models taking part in the show included Rachel Hilbert, Barbara Fialho, Bridget Malcolm, Cindy Bruna, Constance Jablonski, Daniela Braga, Devon Windsor, Gracie Carvalho, Izabel Goulart, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Joan Smalls, Josephine Skriver

Victoria's Secret models show up to the fashion show viewing party in style It looks like over-the-knee boots are the latest trend for models! Gracie Carvalho showcases her long legs in them as she arrives to the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show viewing party on Dec. 8, 2015. Devon Windsor was dressed to impress as she

Honor students listed at Gorton High Honors: Abigail Ahlborg, Joshua Amo, Phakeo Arounerangsy, Bailey Arruda, Marie Atkins, Jack Aylesworth, Alexandria Baez, Cole Baptista, Hannah Bardoussi, Daniel Bergeron, Kayleigh Blackburn, Lily Brown, Dylan Burr, Sandra-Mae Cain, Isabella Calise

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Gracie Carvalho, representada pela Way Model Management, participou do quarto dia do SPFW N41, desfilando exclusiva para a Salinas. Gracie, que também irá estrelar a próxima campanha da marca, chegou ao Brasil nesta quinta-feira, vindo direto de Nova York, onde estava sendo fotografada para a próxima campanha da MAC. Gracie abre o desfile da Salinas ©Zé Takahashi/Agência Fotosite Conhecida por seu corpo escultural, a morena que faz parte do time de modelos da Victoria’s Secret conta um pouco sobre a sua preparação antes de pisar na passarela: “O meu segredo é... Amo Muay Thai e já até viajei para a Tailândia para conhecer mais do esporte e da prática, que envolve corpo, mente e alma. Sobre a alimentação, Gracie conta que a chave é ser equilibrada. “Tento ser bastante saudável no meu dia a dia, e sempre incluir frutas, fibras e legumes na minha dieta. Mas confesso que não deixo de comer besteira quando tenho vontade. O segundo look de Gracie ©Zé Takahashi/Agência Fotosite Feliz pela passagem relâmpago pelo Brasil – a top já volta amanhã para Nova York -, Gracie revela que está na melhor fase de sua vida: “Acho que nunca estive tão feliz… Com o passar do tempo...

Nunes travels hard-fought path to stardom - UFC

For a lot of MMA fighters, martial arts are a way of channeling excess energy they had when they were kids. Bantamweight challenger Amanda Nunes, who fights Miesha Tate in the main event of UFC 200, fits that group. The youngest of three sisters, Amanda lived as the only child at home when the two older girls left Pojuca, Brazil, in Bahia, to study and work in the capital Salvador. "When we went to Salvador, she was the only kid left at home, so she had my stuff and our sister Vanessa’s. One day, my mother came home to find Amanda bathing a mare (female horse) in the backyard,” Valdirene recalls with a laugh. "Amanda took my bike, her videogame and R$ 20 and exchanged everything for the mare. She walked the mare inside the house to take it to the backyard. My mother ordered her to give it back, but the previous owner didn’t want it. She kept the mare for a while, but traded it for something else later. In Salvador, Nunes was presented to Team Carvalho by her sister Vanessa, and as Valdirene remembers, "it was love at first sight. ” The soon to be “Lioness”, 15 years old at the time, had already trained jiu-jitsu and capoeira while engaging in boxing and karate in her town, and soon showed that she had a natural talent for martial arts. We just used her gift,” recalls Ricardo Carvalho, Nunes' first coach. "My brother Edson Carvalho and I fought vale-tudo, so we have the experience of observing the athletes. Many athletes have the gift and do not like to train, but not only she liked it, she needed it, so we chose to support her. We knew she would follow a professional career when we saw her on the mat. Nunes’ dedication was such that the fighter decided to live in the gym for about three months to optimize her training, and had the help of teammates to stay in the sport. After getting to a record of five wins and one loss, it was time to make her debut in the United States. Going to New Jersey with Edson Carvalho, Nunes debuted in Strikeforce with a 14-second knockout over Julia Budd, and that was the kickoff of a successful career in MMA. The "Lioness" was the first Brazilian hired by the UFC when the bantamweight female division was created, and also holds the distinction of being the first Brazilian female to win in the Octagon. After training at Edson Carvalho’s and MMA Masters, Nunes has settled at American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Fla. "I was part of the Carlson Gracie Team, and Carlson never said that being good only in jiu-jitsu would make you the best,” Silveira says. What differentiates her from other athletes is that she is good at everything she does. It is clear that Nunes has plenty of talent, and devotes much of her time to be the world's best, but her gift and persistence are not the only basis in the sport. "My mother had a brother, now deceased, who fought in vale-tudo”, says Valdirene, talking about José Alves, also known as the “Indian. Says Valdirene, "We have a black and white picture of him fighting in a time when slapping your opponent was permitted, and my mother used to corner his fights. I think really runs in the blood, because Amanda did not get to see my.

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Victoria’s Secret models are hot, but a lot of them look like they might break in half under the weight of their own hair. More of them could stand to follow the fitness routine of Brazilian smokeshowsm Gracie Carvalho. What makes Carvalho’s fitness regimen special. The fact that it entails beating the sh*t out of dudes.

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