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Gillette Fusion ProGlide с технологией FlexBall™ – лучший подарок каждому мужчине Специально к новогодним праздникам Gillette выпускает подарочные наборы с бритвенными системами Gillette Fusion ProGlide с технологией FlexBall™. В них – те самые детали, которые отделяют обычного мужчину от уверенного в себе. Гладко выбритого, благоухающего свежестью и

Набор Gillette Fusion ProGlide с технологией FlexBall™ - лучший подарок каждому мужчине Специально к новогодним праздникам Gillette выпускает подарочные наборы с бритвенными системами Gillette Fusion ProGlide с технологией FlexBall™. В них – те самые детали, которые отделяют обычного мужчину от уверенного в себе. Гладко выбритого, благоухающего свежестью и

Gameloft Advertising Solutions Presents an Exclusive Package to Promote the ... Gameloft Advertising Solutions and Gillette have partnered to promote the Gillette Fusion ProGlide with Flexball Technology through an innovative advertising format: the mini-game. Integrated within Gameloft's games, this mini-game represents an

Gillette directs marching band to success Band director James Gillette, center, goes over music notes with Krystal Allman, left, and Hayden Forbes. Gillette, who earned his music degree from the University of Utah, has been at Boulder City for eight years and is in charge of just over 100 kids

Blind Paralympic Medalist Lex Gillette Shares Challenges He's Faced ... and ... *Lex Gillette was first introduced to Track and Field as a sophomore in high school. It wasn't until he had to take a physical education test that was required of him to pass the class. In that test, there were activities like sit-ups, push ups, and

Gillette Owner Says Company Broke CBF Contract Fearing for its Reputation P&G, which sponsored the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) with its brand Gillette, has said in a statement that it terminated the contract fearing damage to its reputation. The CBF says it will take the case to the courts. Folha revealed on

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Накануне 23 февраля прибыль компании Gillette возрастает впятеро.

Боишься потом пожалеть, что открыть эту дверь будет слишком болезненно? Это как в той рекламе Gillette: "Ты почти не почувствуешь лезвия."

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Ad of the Day: Gillette's Grand Olympic Spot Takes a Dark Look at Athletes' Sacrifices - Adweek

The athletes gathering next month in Rio may be dazzling spectacles of human achievement, but getting there took a lot of ugliness. A new Olympic ad from Gillette tackles a familiar angle on sports-themed marketing—the grueling road to greatness. But the three-minute spot, "Perfect Isn't Pretty," created by Grey New York, breathes new life into the trope with "Unstoppable," an original song from pop singer and songwriter Sia, featuring a rapped verse from Pusha T of Clipse and percussion... cyclist Andy Tennant from the U. K. and decathlete Ashton Eaton from the U. S. —all push through their brutal training regimens. The basic sacrifices are perhaps predictable, complete with early alarm clocks, frustrated spouses, less time with their kids, exacting coaches and absurd media hype. But as the commercial progresses, the obstacles take on surreal proportions, as a snarling wolf chases Easton through the fog, and the goal on the field where Neymar is practicing burns in full blaze. The physical travails get worse as the ad crescendoes, with ice baths, and vomiting, and cartoon spills over the front of handle bars—with the obligatory shots of shaving sprinkled throughout (because, as chores go, everyone can agree, that's one... The spot also features stunning shots of various landscapes, effectively illustrating the point that this marketing, and the Olympics, are truly global affairs, as well as the point that these competitors are practicing every day, wherever they are. But the work is most notable for the interplay between the visuals and the music, which are perfectly paced to maximize contrast and emotional punch. Sia wails about being invincible, and powerful, while Ning nearly collapses from exhaustion, and yaks into a toilet, encapsulating the ad's message—the audience doesn't really see all the suffering that goes into getting to the top of the game. That message is perhaps a little obvious—implicit in the celebration of star athletes is a recognition that succeeding in sports is hard, and requires an amount of work most people aren't necessarily willing or able to undertake. By the time Pusha T makes his entrance on the soundtrack, the story arc is in its defiant stage, as the Olympians rise, fighting, from the depths of their struggles. That the lyrics consist largely of motivational clichés is a little disappointing, but not inappropriate to the material—this is broad pop music, for an advertisement around a mass sporting event, so a certain amount of cashing in on the lowest... It is, though, a notable contrast to Under Armour and Droga5's similarly themed Michael Phelps spot, which put a pre-existing song, "The Last Goodbye" by the Kills, to pretty spectacular effect—leveraging a a more personal, specific scenario,... In the Gillette ad's climax, as Easton literally soars through the air mid-jump, the marketer's less mystical rendition kicks in: "The best a man can get isn't always pretty, but [is] always worth the chase. " In other words, the razor brand can't do much to help its endorsers win—they're on their own, there. But it will help them look a little better, even when they're doubled over in pain along the way. Client: Gillette.

RZR MKR 3D Design Competition from Gillette, 3D Hubs and MakersCAFE -- Design a 3D Printed Razor Handle -

“We’d like to challenge you to re-design, re-invent and re-print your razor handle as you’d love it to be. New shapes, new forms, new uses: come up with the best looking and most innovative handle design and it will be proudly displayed in RZR...

Gillette's indoor mall - Gillette News Record

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Scheersystemen voor mannen | Gillette NL Ervaar hoe Gillette scheersystemen voor mannen Gillette's geavanceerde technologie combineert met een verfijnde prestatie die altijd glad en soepel scheert.

Gillette - | De grootste Drogist Online ... Gillette Gillette drogisterij. Steeds weer nieuwe koopjes van Gillette producten in de categorieën Scheer- en epileerapparaten, Dag Nachtcreme en Wegwerp Scheermesjes.

Gillette (brand) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gillette is a brand of men's safety razors and other personal care products including shaving supplies, owned by the multi-national corporation Procter & Gamble (P&G).

Gillette - Official Site With cutting edge technology, Gillette's men’s razors are engineered for a precision shaving experience to get you comfortably smooth every time.

Gillette - Shaving, Body Wash and Skin Care Tips and ... Get helpful information and tips on shaving, skin care and body wash here. Gillette, the best a man can get.