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Georgia May Jagger joins Formula One driver Nico Rosberg in Vienna Georgia, who is the daughter of Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger and model Jerry Hall, stood tall in thigh-high leather boots, while accessorising with bold silver jewellery - no doubt Thomas Sabo items. Not to be outdone in the style stakes, the 30

Georgia May Jagger dazzles in sheer panel dress with snake at British Fashion ... It was the night where the stars pulled out the stops for one of the most glamorous events in fashion. So Georgia May Jagger certainly didn't disappoint at the British Fashion Awards on Monday in her statement dress. The stunning model looked

Georgia May Jagger und Nico Rosberg bei Thomas Sabo-Präsentation in Wien Der Presse gegenüber eher wortkarg, zeigten sich das Model und der Rennfahrer im weihnachtlich geschmückten Geschäft ihren Fans besonders nahe. “Oh Gott, oh Gott”, freute sich ein junges Mädchen etwa über eine ganze Reihe von Selfies mit der Tochter

Best Dress von vorne und von hinten (4): Georgia May Jagger Model und Rockstar-Tochter Georgia May Jagger (23) präsentierte ein schwarzes bodenlanges Statement-Kleid von der Frühjahr/Sommer-Kollektion 2016 von Gucci. Sie teamte es mit einer schlichten dunkelroten Box-Clutch, XL-Ringen und schwarzen

Georgia May Jagger joined by Gucci's Alessandro Michele Georgia May Jagger joined by Gucci's Alessandro Michele. Georgia May Jagger was joined on the red carpet by Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele at the British Fashion Awards. Mandy Moore's precious cat Theo watches Read More · 0:34min

Georgia May Jagger: "Wir sind ein Party-Clan" So könnte man sich die Festtage bei den schicken jungen Jaggers vorstellen. Genügend Hotspot-Immobilien besitzt die Familie ja. Doch die Wahrheit sieht anders aus: Alle quartieren sich in der Nähe von London bei Mama Jerry Hall, 59, ein! GALA fragte

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It’d be easy to think you already knew Georgia May Jagger before ever really meeting her. After all, she has one of the most recognizable last names in the biz (more so than even Jenner, perhaps. ), and her blonde waves and killer cheekbones instantly call to mind her mom, Jerry Hall. But Jagger is way more than just her A-list genetics, as she’s proven time and time again in the past eight years since making her modeling debut. She’s got London cool-girl style down to a T, that signature shaggy blonde ‘do, and an inner circle of musicians and It Brits. So, naturally we jumped at the chance to catch up with the Sunglass Hut spokesmodel at the brand’s recent Shades of You event—and it turns out there was plenty we didn’t know about the 24-year-old, from her weird pet peeves (whatever you do, don’t... Read on for her answers to our ongoing 21 Random Questions survey:. What’s your middle name. My middle name is Ayeesha. Georgia May is acually my first name. What would your last meal on earth be. It changes all the time, but I love Vietnamese food, so maybe that would be it. I like bun, I like pho—I like really spicy things, basically. What’s your most-used emoji. The smiley poo or eggplant. What’s the last thing you bought. Your idea of happiness. Being with family, enjoying nature—all the things that we probably take for granted and don’t do as often as we should. Your idea of hell on earth. New York in July—it’s hot as hell. It’s strange: I don’t mind banana bread, but I can’t stand when someone leaves a banana peel on the table and then I have to clean it up. It’s the only only food I’m weird about. What’s your favorite swear word. Favorite piece of clothing you own. I like all the ones that are really bad—salted caramel, Snickers where its got bits of stuff in it—not, like, pistachio or anything. Oh, I do like hazelnut, though. If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be. I’ve got quite wide feet, so wearing high heels is really difficult, but other than that I don’t think I’d really change anything. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and not be too judgmental. What’s something, in general, you find really, really annoying (other than bananas). When my boyfriend bites his nails really loudly while we’re watching a movie. I love everything else he does, but that’s my pet peeve. I used to bite my nails, so it reminds me of that and makes me want to bite my nails. How did you kick the habit. I’m not kidding—I started biting my nails ’cause I stopped smoking, and when I stopped biting my nails, I started knitting, so its like you always have to find another vice. I’ve gone off the knitting now, and I just bite my thumbs. It’s like, find a healthy medium. At least I’m not like, chain smoking and power knitting at the same time. How do you take your coffee. Favorite movie of all time. I really like old movies, like “The Red.

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ARIGI – Charlotte Casiraghi, Georgia May Jagger: LOOK Gucci a confronto. La prima è la figlia secondogenita della principessa Carolina di Monaco e di Stefano Casiraghi, nipote di Grace Kelly e Ranieri III di Monaco. La seconda è la figlia di Mick Jagger, frontman dei Rolling Stones oltre che una delle più grandi personalità della musica di tutti i tempi e dell’ex moglie Jerry Hall, attualmente sposata con Rupert Murdoch. Tanto Charlotte Casiraghi, quanto Georgia May Jagger amano indossare abiti firmati Gucci. Proprio in questi giorni è circolata la notizia che Mick Jagger sta per diventare padre per l’ottava volta. La fortunata questa volta è la ballerina di 29 anni Melanie Hamrick, sua attuale compagna. Nel corso di un’intervista con Grazia, Georgia ha parlato della sua famosissima famiglia. “La gente pensa ancora che mia madre non abbia fatto altro che darmi lezioni sulla moda e sul fascino fin da quando ero solo una bambina”. Certo, a volte ci mostrava (a lei e alla sorella Elizabeth, altra modella, ndr) come si sfila, ma io le ho sempre risposto che non faceva per me”. (…). “Nella mia famiglia le donne sono sempre state le più forti. Mia madre ha quattro sorelle e il nostro punto di riferimento è mia nonna, una vera texana che ci ha insegnato a essere sempre femminili. Non fa che dirmi di prendere integratori per avere mani lisce come quelle di una vera signora”. “La verità è che nessuno nella mia famiglia ha mai voluto davvero diventare famoso. Prenda Beyoncé per esempio: una popstar che nonostante tutto non si dà arie da diva. Ha la sua carriera, ma è bravissima a mettere se stessa prima della propria immagine. Di seguito una gallery dedicata ai look Gucci di Charlotte Casiraghi e Georgia May Jagger.

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Even though this blonde beauty is on top of the world, she is as down-to-earth as they come. Here are six things we learned from our conversation with Georgia. Her celebrity style icon is Drew Barrymore. "I don’t think she [tries too hard] which is cool," she revealed. Georgia admitted that there is one item she has had her eye on from Jerry's wardrobe. "My mom had a red Vivienne Westwood dress that I think my sister got in the end. It's all about the accessories. Invest in things that will always look good. Have fun with the accessories. I always buy new shoes, sunglasses and jewelry," she said. "I splurge more on accessories and keep my clothes more chilled out. Despite her icon father, she still fangirls over other music stars. "I spent the day with Gwen Stefani the other day," the face of Sunglass Hut said. "She is amazing. I never met her before and she was super nice. I got to watch her run through, she is about to go on tour. She prefers to be behind the camera. While several of her models pals like Suki and Cara have gone on to pursue acting careers, the English beauty has considered an alternative route in the film industry. "I would go into more things behind the camera," she admitted. "I’m more into working on a movie than being in them. When it comes to tips she has learned along the way and follows herself, she advised, "Always be on time and always be nice to everybody.

Georgia May Jagger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Georgia May Jagger; Born: Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger (1992-01-12) 12 January 1992 (age 23) London, England: Modelling information: Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)

Georgia May Jagger - Model Profile - Photos & latest news The youngest daughter of Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger and sister of Lizzy Jagger. Only 5'7", Georgia nonetheless is already enchanting the fashion crowd.

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