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Топ-10 от «Чемодан»: Fish-SPA, скидки во FUSION и скейт-парк Развлекательный комплекс FUSION подготовил для туляков скидочный буклет ОТ 15 ДО 50% на игру в боулинг, бильярд, в клубный ресторан и паб. Это уникальное предложение станет: Лучшим подарком для активных друзей, увлекающихся спортом,; Удачным поощрением успешному

Платформа Oracle Fusion Middleware на Oracle Exalogic сертифицирована ФСТЭК России Представительство Oracle объявляет о получении сертификата Федеральной службы по техническому и экспортному контролю (ФСТЭК) России на программное обеспечение Oracle Fusion Middleware для оптимизированного программно-аппаратного комплекса Oracle Exalogic.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide с технологией FlexBall™ – лучший подарок каждому мужчине Специально к новогодним праздникам Gillette выпускает подарочные наборы с бритвенными системами Gillette Fusion ProGlide с технологией FlexBall™. В них – те самые детали, которые отделяют обычного мужчину от уверенного в себе. Гладко выбритого, благоухающего свежестью и

Ford отзовет в США, Канаде и Мексике 452 000 машин Fusion и Mercury Milan Отзыву подлежат автомобили моделей Fusion и Mercury Milan, произведенные с 2008 по 2011 гг. По информации технических специалистов Ford, один из клапанов в топливной системе автомобилей может быть неисправным, что может привести к утечке и возгоранию топлива.

Обновленный Ford Fusion замечен на тестах На европейском автомобильном рынке модель Fusion продается под названием Mondeo. В России этот автомобиль доступен в четырех комплектациях: Ambiente, Trend, Titanium и Titanium Plus. Цены на новинку начинаются от 1 164 000 рублей. Однако на данный момент автомобиль

'Serial' podcast releases season two premiere Shows; AMERICA with Jorge Ramos · The Cannabusiness Report with Ryan Nerz · The Chris Gethard Show · The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz · Drug Wars · Like, Share, Die · Nightline on · No, You Shut Up! OUTPOST · Soccer Gods · TV Schedule

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где в Москве можно Ford Fusion в прокат взять ?

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RT @games4mob: Скачать бесплатно онлайн стрелялку Fusion War на Android https://t.co/H61G9W2mk5

RT @games4mob: Скачать бесплатно онлайн стрелялку Fusion War на Android https://t.co/H61G9W2mk5

Scientists are one step closer to understanding nuclear fusion power - Business Insider

In order to get closer to understanding these cosmic oddities, scientists have to constantly push the boundaries of science, advancing technology and marrying seemingly unrelated fields of physics to create more powerful theories. Researchers at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) have developed a new way to explore some of the most extreme environments in the universe by combining three separate branches of physics: High energy physics (which describes charged... “People haven’t done this before,” Yuan Shi, a graduate student in the PPPL and lead author of a paper published July 29 in the journal Physical Review A, told Business Insider. “Nobody really wanted to cross the boundaries between the disciplines to see what other scientists are doing. The new theory allows scientists to better investigate mysterious stellar objects called pulsars, and might bring us closer to harnessing fusion energy here on Earth. When a massive star collapses and dies in a supernova explosion, the stellar corpse left over can form something called a neutron star — an insanely dense object composed of tightly packed neutrons. If one of these neutron stars becomes magnetized enough, it begins spinning at an extremely rapid pace, spitting out beams of light at regular intervals, like cosmic lighthouses. Scientists want to know the strength of the magnetic field and the density of the plasma surrounding these pulsars. The density of the plasma, which consists of extremely hot clouds of electrons and ions, can be millions of times greater than that of stars like the sun. And the magnetic fields can be billions of times stronger than any magnet you can buy on Earth. Scientists use telescopes to observe the strange behavior of these stars. The new theory developed at PPPL allows scientists to figure out the properties of pulsars in finer detail than ever before. By understanding the interactions behind the propagation of the particles, scientists can figure out the composition of the plasma. One step closer to understanding nuclear fusion The new research also brings scientists one step closer to understanding nuclear fusion, which is energy produced by fusing together light atoms. This is the process that powers the sun and the stars. Scientists have been trying to harness the energy from nuclear fusion for nearly a century. During fusion experiments, scientists compress things to extreme densities to make conditions similar to what you’d find in a neutron star. As scientists get closer to recreating the conditions of what they find in the universe, they find curious phenomena that they can’t yet explain. According to Shi, it takes a combination of the three branches of physics to understand them. The new technique can be used to figure out the density of the plasma and strength of the.


Miss Teen USA apologizes for tweeting racial slurs - Fusion

The word was thrown around in the music I listened to, with the friends I hung out with and I had no guidance so it was kind of a careless mistake. When the tweet got brought back up I was just like kind of embarrassed, ashamed, and just amazed that I actually at one point in my life thought it was okay to use that word because it’s never okay. I get that 15-year-olds are dumb and that people make mistakes—hell, people much older than that do some real dumb shit, and these lessons are tough to learn on a public platform. But the point of the backlash is that some people can say the word and some people can’t. You, Karlie Hay, are the poster child for the latter group—the contents of your playlists are irrelevant. By “the music I listened to,” I assume that she’s referring to rap music, unless she’s been listening to some really racist country music. Just because you listen to rap doesn’t mean you get to say the word whenever you damn please. Blame your friends, blame your narrow-minded white upbringing, blame the socioeconomic dissonance rooted in slavery that continues to disenfranchise black people today, just don’t blame rap. PUBLIC FIGURE 101. It doesn’t surprise me at all that this girl still has her crown, despite her use of such a racist term—the fact that this year’s top five Miss Teen USA contestants were white blonde girls pretty much sums up their commitment to... It seems like a twisted joke, seeing as when a black woman was crowned Miss USA, she received a ton of racist comments using some of the same language Hay tweeted. But it’s also particularly infuriating given that beauty pageants have taken away winners’ crowns for far less serious offenses—for example, for having nude photos surface or for being sexual human beings. Let’s not forget that in 1984 Vanessa Williams stepped down as Miss America—many believe at the behest of the Miss America Organization —after Penthouse published naked photos of her without her consent (the organization did apologize to her last... If Karlie Hay gets to keep her title, despite her racist tweets, there are some other tiaras that need to be returned.


Thawing anthrax-infected corpses claim 1st victim - Fusion

An unprecedented heatwave in the far north of Russia has hospitalized more than 70 people who are suspected of having anthrax, an infection caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis. This is the first such outbreak of anthrax in the Yama peninsula since 1941. It is being blamed on the thawing of corpes—either reindeer, human, or both. On Monday the Siberian Times reported that “in a new development, the cause of the anthrax outbreak could have been infected human remains from a local burial ground, officials have admitted. Until now, the deadly disease was believed to have been caused by hot weather melting the permafrost and exposing the corpse of a contaminated reindeer. To combat the anthrax outbreak, the Russian Army’s biological warfare troops are helping to vaccinate animals against the infection as well as incinerate carcasses of diseased reindeer. Anthrax, which in the United States is more well known as a biochemical attack powder, is often found in its inactive spore form in human or animal remains that are frozen in permafrost. Anthrax can be treated with antibiotics, but they must be administered in the early stages of the infection. Russia’s average temperature has increased by about 0. 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the last decade, but as is the case across the world, increases have been more pronounced in the Arctic regions. A recent report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) revealed that June was the hottest in recorded history, with average temperatures across the planet more than 1. 5°F hotter than the 20th century average. According to the report, north-central Russia and the Russian Far East experienced some of the biggest temperature departures, with averages 6°F above average or higher. “While the El Niño event in the tropical Pacific this winter gave a boost to global temperatures from October onwards, it is the underlying trend which is producing these record numbers,” said Walt Meier, a sea ice scientist at NASA Goddard, in...


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