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Our Own Slice Of Summer In Zim Today Dare I say this might be on the sharp side for the classy Equina? I am probably wrong, but it is all too easy to make a case for the rest. Chad Little rides Equina, Kevin Derere is on Pegwell Bay, Nicky Sibanda has Thriller In Manila and Daniel Frank

Auto Focus We shot at Brooklands with Frank Herholdt. We shot from the bridge. Frank had a megaphone. His assistant was helping to park, so I had to focus for Frank. It became a poster. Technology makes ideas happen. Tim Wren had made a long boom that fastened

To Ladyscape, or Not? My tribe is a hairless one. Two years ago, when I spit into a plastic vial and sent my saliva to a service to have my genetic history mapped, one of the traits that came back—apart from being, oddly, closely related to Dr. Oz—was the following: "You

Guardian Shop's T-shirt sizes don't fit with its feminist image My friend bought me a T-shirt from the Guardian Shop emblazoned with a feminist slogan. How ironic that this T-shirt, labelled large, was too small. Woman trying on shirt. Women are bombarded with contradictory images of those who are too thin

Doctor: Tinder, Grindr dating apps could cause 'explosion of HIV' Total STD rate per 100,000 people: 668.8. -Chlamydia: 514.8. -Gonorrhea: 143.7. -Syphilis: 10.3. Photo: Frank Herholdt, Getty Images. Image 20 of 27. 7. New Mexico. Total STD rate per 100,000 people: 683. -Chlamydia: 587.3. -Gonorrhea: 92. -Syphilis: 3

Demystifying the hunt for a new mattress Mattress stores can be a consumer's worst nightmare — but there's no substitute for testing mattresses in person. Mattress stores can be a consumer's worst nightmare — but there's no substitute for testing mattresses in person. (Frank Herholdt, Getty

Formula for the perfect supermarket shop revealed -

The research, published in the Australasian Marketing Journal, found that in order to enjoy a speedy and fruitful shop, responsibilities should be divided between the sexes, with men being tasked to find the trolley and queue up while the women... They then timed how long it took for them to complete their shop and also analysed the items purchased, finding the women were more efficient at finding and choosing the products they wanted. n average, it took the women 13 seconds less to locate an item, decide which brand to buy and then put it in their trolley. Men, on the other hand, were deemed to be the most efficient at tasks such as finding the trolley and queuing up. The average male spent 10 minutes and 24 seconds on tasks like this, almost four minutes less than the typical woman. Older and unemployed consumers were found to be less efficient than younger, employed shoppers. Researcher Tim Bogomolov said stores could use the study's findings to adapt layouts to suit their customer base: "Time is one of the resources shoppers bring to a store. "Enabling shoppers to complete their grocery shopping more efficiently, that is to spend less time to buy the desired number of items, could result in higher shopper satisfaction and continued patronage. "Given that shopping, in general, and grocery shopping, in particular, are mundane tasks, being able to get in and out of the store quickly and complete shopping tasks efficiently is highly desirable.

Your relationship (probably) isn't equal. Here's how to fix it -

Of course they split all the chores, housework and childcare just like any self-respecting couple would. But underneath the ‘you cook, I’ll wash up’ narrative there is still a layer of inequality where women are left doing a large chunk of the work without even realising it: the unpaid labour. She released a letter last week calling for the burden of unpaid work that falls disproportionately on women to be redressed globally. Much of what she’s referring to is an even split of household chores, especially in developing countries where gender stereotypes are still in full force, but it also applies to emotional labour. Not all women will have heard this term, but chances are they'll recognise the mental work it represents. For women with kids, it's remembering that their son's best friend is lactose intolerant and that Wednesday is PE kit day. For younger women like myself, it’s being the one who always finds good restaurant recommendations, who organises nights out, who reminds their partner to renew their passport so they can go away together (it took him eight months until I printed... There will doubtless be men reading this who are shaking with outrage – how can I suggest they don’t share this mental burden with their partners. Their wife/girlfriend/SO is awful at remembering dates – they’re the ones who buy the relatives’ birthday cards. It might be done unconsciously, just as many women do, or it's because their female partner refuses to do it. But this is rare. I’ve spoken to dozens of women of different generations and backgrounds who carry out these tiny tasks on a daily basis. Most hadn't realised they'd been taking on the majority of the work in their relationship until I'd pointed it out. The reason for this gender bias seems to be years of conditioning. A 2005 academic article found that it was linked to gender construction, where women have grown up being expected to take charge of these responsibilities by friends, family and society. In other words, women have had so much practice at emotional labour that it comes naturally. By the time they get into long-term relationships, they’re so good at doing all the planning that they seamlessly pick it up without even raising it with their partners. Why make a big deal of it when you know you’ll choose a better hotel for your holiday than your partner ever would. It worked out the science of a speedy supermarket shop lies in dividing tasks between the sexes: the man should find the trolley while the woman should find and choose the food items. Yep, the best way for couples to shop efficiently is for the man to sort the trolley while the woman does the actual shopping. The study backed it up by saying women were a third faster than men at the doing the bulk of the food shop, while men were pretty speedy at entering and leaving a store. They’ve effectively told all couples who shop together that if the woman is faster at doing the task, she may as well do it herself. oo often this is the solution that couples come up with: ‘She’s better at it, so she may as well do it. ’ Women tend to agree: ‘It’s second nature for me – there’s no point in making him do it or it will take longer. ’ That might be the case but it doesn't matter.

PopART trial shows feasibility of reaching 90-90-90 targets for testing and treatment coverage in Zambia and South ... - aidsmap

Early findings from the PopART study of the impact of a test-and-treat strategy on antiretroviral treatment coverage and HIV incidence show that after one round of household-based testing, linkage to care and offer of immediate antiretroviral... The preliminary findings on testing and treatment coverage were presented on Wednesday at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2016) in Boston. The primary outcome of the study – the impact of expanded treatment coverage on HIV incidence – is expected to be reported in mid-2018. The study is testing the impact on HIV incidence of household-based HIV testing and linkage to care by community HIV care providers (CHiPs), and immediate initiation of antiretroviral treatment delivered through routine health care services. PopART is an important test of the feasibility of offering testing and treatment at a very large scale, essential for achievement of the 90-90-90 target of 90% diagnosed, 90% of diagnosed people on treatment and 90% of those on treatment virally... Evidence from the pilot phase suggests that although progress is a little slower than expected, it is possible to achieve high levels of testing and treatment initiation – the first two 90s – in sub-Saharan Africa. Dr Sarah Fidler, Reader in HIV at Imperial College, London, presented details of the antiretroviral treatment coverage achieved in the first phase of the PopART study, a pilot in seven communities, which recruited participants from November 2013... PopART is a community-randomised trial comparing the impact of three strategies for providing antiretroviral therapy on population incidence: standard of care provision through the current health infrastructure with ART initiation according to... The CHiPS refer people to local health care facilities and follow up with home visits to ensure linkage to care, adherence to treatment and retention in care. Men who test negative are referred for male medical circumcision and the programme provides HIV education and condoms, as well as promoting the availability of sexual health and TB services. Home-based HIV testing diagnosed 12,840 adults in Zambia and 3,300 adults in South Africa in Round 1. Around half of those who underwent home-based testing were already aware of their HIV-positive status and were taking antiretroviral treatment. ” The study had set a target of 80% initiation within three months of referral, but in all settings and in both men and women, treatment initiation was slower than hoped for. Six months after referral 42-44% of people in Zambia had started treatment but by one year after referral 58% of people were taking antiretroviral treatment. Overall, a combination of existing treatment according to national guidelines and the Round 1 efforts to diagnose and link people to care, together with immediate treatment initiation, led to treatment coverage of 71% of men and 72% of women in...

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Dansk almennyttigt Boligselskab Hos DAB kan du leje boliger over hele landet - hurtigt og nemt.

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