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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015 отгремел в Нью-Йорке (ФОТО) Очередной Victoria's Secret Fashion Show прошел в США. По информации, показ прошел с бешеным размахом. Как известно, шоу проходило в Нью-Йорке в ночь с 10 на 11 ноября. Соблазнительные новинки изысканного белья представили десять лучших "ангелов" Victoria's Secret.

I Don't Watch The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Because I Don't Want To Hate ... A friend of mine texted me on the night of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to say she wasn't watching this year. Why? Because it made her feel bad. This was 15 minutes before the show was starting, and I had just gotten off of the treadmill at the

Kris and Caitlyn Jenner embarrass Kendall at the Victoria's Secret Fashion ... It was the first time to see their little girl parade half naked for the biggest, and best marketed, underwear fashion show in the world, so no one can really blame Kris and Caitlyn Jenner for acting like embarrassing parents. The famous momager, 60

Lane Bryant's #ImNoAngel Ad Throws Some Shade After the VS Fashion Show Maybe you missed it, but the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show got a fair dose of body positivity with Lane Bryant 's Cacique lingerie ad airing right after the show. While the bold "I'm no Angel" hashtag repeating throughout the commercial may have seemed

Sophie Monk was told to audition for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Sophie Monk was told to audition for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. 10th Dec 15 | Fashion. ×. Share URL. Close. Sophie Monk has claimed she turned down the chance to audition for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show nine years ago because she was

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015 Photos: See Angels Adriana Lima, Gigi ... Just like every year Victoria's Secret raised the bar on their annual fashion show, which is why it is one of the most highly anticipated events. Its 2015 show was presented at the Lexington Avenue Armory on November 10, 2015 in New York City and as we

я посмотрела где-то 8-10 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, и шо толку? Ребят, теория - это всё теория, ребят. Шо толку в теории? А нет его

Кендалл Дженнер говорит у нее все тело воском для ВС Показать! #звезды #голливуд

Одна женщина объясняет, почему она отказывается смотреть #VSFashionShow: #звезды #голливуд

Одна женщина объясняет, почему она отказывается смотреть секретное модное шоу Виктории: #звезды #голливуд

RT @fcmongolia: #SNOW2016_Fashion_show Model Rebecca Дархан минж & Ариунаа сүри загварыг өмсөнө

В Баку определены победители летнего Kids Fashion Show (ФОТО) - АМИ Тренд

БАКУ /Trend Life/ - В Баку прошел вечер летней детской моды Kids Fashion Show, организованный Star Kids Group, сообщает Trend Life. В проекте приняли участие более шестидесяти юных моделей от 4 до 14 лет, которые представили летние коллекции двадцати молодых дизайнеров. В состав жюри вошли известные модельер-дизайнеры заслуженный деятель искусств Фахрия Халафова и доктор философии по искусствоведению Гюльнара Халилова, а также популярные исполнители Натаван Хабиби, Эльнур Мамедов, Джейхун Бакинский, стилист... Автор проекта – Айгюн Алиева (Star Kids Group). Победителем среди мальчиков стал Гусейн Гусейнли (модельер Мехин Гасанли), второе место занял Турал Фараджов (Наргиз Багирова), третье – Расим Хабибли (Айшян Хабибли). Среди девочек первое место заняла Амина Джафарова (модельер Айсель Алиева), второе – Марьям Багирова ( Наргиз Багирова), третье – Фатима Махмудова (Айбениз Ахмедова).

LA Swim Week returns Tuesday with a swimwear fashion show — and a pop-up shop - Los Angeles Times

Returning for its second year, L. A. Swim Week — actually it’s only a one-day event — will paddle into the Skirball Cultural Center on Tuesday, and organizers are hoping the style event makes a splash on and off the runway. fashion show is set with models who will wear swimwear from 10 designers. Eight years ago, Borja mentioned the idea for the swimwear event to Elizabeth Zoraida Cardoza, who oversees marketing for L. A. Swim Week. “She had this idea, and for it to come from concept to fruition, she has had to do a lot of sacrifices, a lot of networking in a different language — in multiple languages,” Cardoza said. Swim Week is “about beauty and passion and sex appeal health,” Cardoza said, adding, “It’s really describing what I think California was to [Borja]. Cardoza said future plans include expanding Swim Week to show lingerie and sportswear. Last year, about 550 people came to Swim Week, and Borja said she expects the audience number to grow to 600 to 800 people this year. Tickets for the pop-up shop and the platinum-level seating for the fashion show are sold out. As of this afternoon, $30 general admission tickets for the fashion show were available online. There will be a red carpet event from 6:15 to 7:30 p. m. and a fashion show from 8 to 10:30 p. m. at Skirball Cultural Center, 2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd.

Is a Holographic Fashion Show For VR Clothing the Future? - The Creators Project (blog)

When it comes to wearing clothes, actual physical garments are probably preferred on a day-to-day basis than virtual ones. But that doesn't mean the concept of virtual clothes should be completely ignored. A recent project by Dutch artists Pinar&Viola saw the duo create a holographic catwalk show for an entirely VR clothing range, all showcased on a real model during Amsterdam Fashion Week . The clothes were imbued with characteristics likes eyes and mouths, turning them into animated characters informed by the. "We believe that people buy, throw, and mistreat their clothing because we do not feel connected with the inanimate objects around us. " explain Pinar&Viola to The Creators Project. "That is the reason why, with this catwalk experience, we intended to make people emphasize with their clothing the way they do with their friends, by creating a catwalk experience where the spirit of the clothing was visualized. The show was a collaboration with Amber Slooten, a Dutch fashion designer and graduate from AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute). Part of her graduation project was a mixed reality virtual fashion collection on a hologram. So fashion designer and lecturer Peter Leferink who is dean of the institute asked Slooten, and Pinar&Viola, to create a holographic catwalk as part of a show about the future of fashion for Amsterdam Fashion Week. The piece was a huge technical effort with Slooten creating the 3D models for the clothes simulations while Pinar&Viola worked with catwalk choreographer Kim Vos for the movements of the real-life model—their "one-step-before-cyborg human" Nelle... Working with 3D artist Roxanne Gatt, facial animations were done for the clothes, given texture for projection using techniques from C4D. The illusion technique popularized in the 19th century, Pepper's ghost, was used to mimic what holographic... Slooten was inspired by the mixed reality concepts of companies like Magic Leap and Microsoft's HoloLens and wanted to explore how a future of holographic garments might work. "It will end up in the back of my closet and it would have served for a couple of nice editorial pictures but that's it. We already carry such a big virtual identity, but it is hidden behind screens. I am a fashion designer and what I am interested in is the body, and the way it moves through material. Whether it is a virtual fabric, flames, hair or other virtual entities does not matter to me. The virtual world has so many materials I could never use in real life and this would also be the goal for the next collection. The resources that fashion uses was also a big theme for the show and a big reason for doing this mixed reality experiment—fashion is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, after all.

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