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Новости Хакасии 03.12.2015: Международный показ мод «Fashion Provocation» в Белграде Республика Хакасия (Хакасия) — республика в составе Российской Федерации, субъект Российской Федерации. Граничит с Кемеровской областью, Красноярским краем, Республикой Тыва и Республикой Алтай. Республика Хакасия расположена в Южной Сибири в левобережной части

Završen je drugi međunarodni FASHION PROVOCATION u Beogradu . Manifestaciju je otvorila, specijalna gošća, poznata ruska dizajnerka Daria Razumikhina, koja je pre nekoliko dana učestvovala i na Moscow Fashion Week, kao i na Montenegro Fashion Week.

How Donald Trump United America Without Trump's provocation against Muslims, it's hard to imagine Speaker Ryan standing before the press corps' video cameras to disassociate himself, his party and the country from Trump's hysteria. “This is not conservatism,” Ryan said emphatically

Trump's Anti-Muslim Proposal Puts GOP In A Bind For the second straight day, the world of politics was consumed with Trump's latest provocation, a call for a near-blanket ban on Muslims entering the United States, underscoring the billionaire's continued sway over his adopted party, its presidential

Miranda Kerr goes nude for Harper's Bazaar – again In terms of nudes and high fashion, the case is a little more complex. Sexuality, provocation and nudity have traditionally been important and intrinsic components of art and photography, if you take even the example of just one great photographer such

Police rethink rules on tattoos, fitness test and driving It also warns that tattoos - whether visible or otherwise - should not “undermine the dignity and authority of the office of constable, cause offence to members of the public or colleagues and/or invite provocation” or “indicate unacceptable attitudes

Международный показ мод «Fashion Provocation» во второй раз прошел в столице Сербии. Цель показа — сбор балканских дизайнеров одежды.

Международный показ мод «Fashion Provocation» в Белграде: Международный показ мод «Fashion Provocation» во второй раз прошел в столице…

Republican National Convention: Speakers, including wife Melania, testify to Donald Trump's readiness to be ... - Washington Post

Republicans opened their national convention here Monday night by weaving savage attacks on Hillary Clinton into testimonials to Donald Trump’s compassion, strength and readiness to be commander-in-chief in the face of terrorist attacks on the... After the Republican National Convention got off to a chaotic start because of an afternoon procedural skirmish, Trump made a splashy debut on the convention stage to introduce his wife, Melania, whose speech was a highlight of an otherwise uneven... “I have been with Donald for 18 years, and I have been aware of his love for this country since we first met,” she said. “He never had a hidden agenda when it comes to his patriotism because, like me, he loves his country very much. Joni Ernst of Iowa, poised to deliver a breakout performance, could not take the stage until well after prime time and addressed a mostly empty arena. “Hillary Clinton has failed to stop the expansion of terrorism,” Ernst said, adding: “She is entirely unfit to serve as our nation’s commander-in-chief. The Trumps were the stars of Monday night’s show, however. Donald strode onto the convention stage about 10:20 p. m., walking out in silhouette to Queen’s anthem, “We Are the Champions. “We’re going to win so big,” the candidate vowed, as he introduced his wife, Melania, for her keynote address. A former fashion model born in Slovenia, Melania Trump has shied away from public speaking. Monday night, she spoke with composure and movingly talked about her husband’s love of family and country. “Donald thinks big, which is especially important when considering the presidency of the United States,” she said. Melania Trump sought to broaden her husband’s appeal to the general population, including groups that have been outright hostile to his candidacy, saying that love binds their family and that together they would bring compassion to the White House. “Donald intends to represent all the people, not just some of the people,” she said. It includes Hispanics and African Americans and Asians and the poor and the middle class. Afterward, Donald Trump returned to the stage, kissed his wife and pointed at her with his signature gesture, as if to show her off to the roaring crowd. Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani gave one of the night’s most impassioned addresses, strongly defending Trump, whom he has known for decades. “What I did for New York, Donald Trump will do for America,” said Giuliani, who steered his city through the terrorist attacks of Sept. Many of the earlier speakers delivered hard-edged remarks seemingly designed to play to Trump’s base supporters. A trio of speakers railed against undocumented immigrants — whom they repeatedly called “illegal aliens” — for killing their loved ones and argued that only Trump could keep the country safe. “My son’s life was stolen at the hands of an illegal alien,” said Mary Ann Mendoza, mother of fallen police Sgt. [ Complete live coverage of the Republican National Convention ]. Others who took the stage in prime time here in Cleveland aimed at Clinton. Patricia Smith, whose son Sean died in the 2012 terrorist attacks on a U. S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, reduced convention delegates to tears with an emotional address about her son’s death — which.

Pitchfork day 2: Brian Wilson looks like a bystander at his own concert - Chicago Tribune

Reports from Saturday, day two at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Union Park, from Greg Kot (GK) and Bob Gendron (BG). 1:16 p. m. : A full minute of silence accentuates the dead time occurring during Circuit Des Yeux's set. Yet the band, led by Indiana native Haley Fohr, remains oblivious to the awkwardness. Fohr sips water and her mates just wait. Patience is not only expected but demanded by the ensemble's experimental folk, the core of which rotates around Fohr's deliberate, affected wails and black-clouded cries. Her fingernails scrape against acoustic guitar strings and her hair and cowboy hat obscure her face. Fohr challenges you to either buy into the construct or ignore her. A violin, flute and mallet-thwacked drums furnish trance-inducing backdrops that conjure the vibes of a hippie commune. On the surface, with its French name, solemn droning and too-cool stage presence, Circuit Des Yeux appears to be a Spinal Tap-like send-up of self-important high art. Viewing Fohr and company through an ironic lens would at least excuse the fact their highbrow performance evokes freshmen art students thinking they've stumbled upon something groundbreaking without realizing nobody is watching. The footwork dancing tradition -- imagine a revved-up version of Don Cornelius' "Soul Train" dancers with moon walks, skateboard twists and pirouettes executed with dazzling, hyper-speed precision -- was pioneered by Boo and his accomplices in the... The DJ layers an intricate lattice-work of rhythms on top -- add, subtract, rinse, repeat, and then shift. The dancers -- nearly two dozen in all -- take turns interpreting the music with their limbs, and in turn inspire similar improvisation in the audience. At the end, there's a unison bow, with RP Boo still grinning, another day's work well done. The Girl Band singer, who suffered a mental breakdown and landed in the hospital for a stint, works through deep-seated problems and frustrations while pulling at his shirt, cocking his head to the right and yelling disconnected phrases to anybody... Abrasive and corrosive, Girl Band embraces noise as both an outlet and a kiss-off gesture. The more untidy, the better. The Irish quartet aims to make it worse. Elephant-sized percussion pairs with aluminum-tinted bass lines to churn up ugliness and fury. Kiely answers the ruckus with milk-souring scowls and throat-tearing snarls. It's all been done before, but it really only belongs to the young. The late 80s/early 90s undergound spirit of record labels Amphetamine Reptile, Touch and Go and Skin Graft lives. : Crowd chatter threatens to drown out the nuances in Kevin Morby's tranquil folk-rock. Many people, including those toward the front of the stage, seem to treat the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter's material as background fare. Alas, Morby's quiet approach and weary tones infrequently raise in volume, leaving tunes such as "Miles, Miles, Miles" and "Destroyer" left with skeletal frames and a peaceable twang best experienced at a more intimate venue. A female backing vocal trio injects welcome sway into "Singing Saw" and Morby channels Sunday churchiness on the jangling "I Have Been to the Mountain," which mirrors the rise-and-fall contours of a valley.

Six of the best in Leinster - but lots for Gavin to ponder as the All-Ireland bar is raised -

Six of the best in Leinster - but lots for Gavin to ponder as the All-Ireland bar is raised Frank Roche – 18 July 2016 02:30 AM. So, the Delaney Cup has been siphoned away for another 12-month stay in the capital. It's hard to see when anyone - be it Meath or Kildare, let alone Westmeath - will be able to take it from the Dubs. Over their three Leinster matches, the average winning margin was exactly 12 points - well down on last year's figure which fell just shy of 20. The flip side is that Dublin have been (a) playing within themselves and (b) content to patiently... But there is still an obvious sense that the All-Ireland holders aren't playing close to maximum potential. Quite possibly, because this was never going to be a requirement in the killing fields of Leinster. But from here on the bar will be raised and there are several areas in need of fine-tuning. DEFENCE: Jim Gavin was adamant afterwards that James McCarthy will be available for the quarter-finals - just as well because to lose one half of last year's All-Ireland-winning defence (following on from the overseas departures of Rory O'Carroll... Gavin could afford to front-load with attackers (replacing Lowndes with Paddy Andrews) because of Westmeath's defensive set-up. AERIAL THREAT: There were further signs, during the first half at least, that a full-back line lacking O'Carroll's formidable presence can be exposed under the high ball. Westmeath lacked the finishing finesse to punish this perceived weakness with goals, but some rival managers will have noted some flashes of Dublin discomfort. That mantle used to belong to Michael Darragh Macauley, but the former Footballer of the Year didn't cover himself in glory in his 48 minutes here. Diarmuid Connolly came alive around the middle during the third quarter, claiming two kickouts in soaring fashion, before he too was replaced by Fenton's other most obvious partner, the enduring Denis Bastick. GOAL ISSUE: Those two late goals from Bernard Brogan and Kevin McManamon masked the fact that Dublin had gone some three hours and 13 minutes (excluding injury-time) since last they found the net, twice in the opening five minutes, against Laois. DISCIPLINE: James Dolan tapped Connolly on the head and provoked a more aggressive reaction from the Vincent's man, who grabbed Dolan in a headlock and pulled him to the ground. Either way, Dublin can expect far more provocation from here on in: keeping their heads will be crucial.

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Provocation is in the eye of the beholder | Dazed Provocation is in the eye of the beholder Kenzo and MOMA radicals Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari talk ambiguity, stuffed animals and their biggest project yet

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The Beauty Look Book: Chanel Provocation Le Vernis Chanel Provocation Le Vernis is an intense dark vampy plum-wine. The color has a high-gloss finish and goes on with smoothly. It's a classic fall vamp nail color.