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For design duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, fashion is an artistic tool ... Often dubbed fashion's Gilbert & George, Viktor&Rolf is known for pushing the boundaries between fashion and art. The Dutch duo of Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren took the concept even further in their latest haute couture presentation in July – their

'Star Wars' themes stormed the SS16 catwalks. As a new film opens, Grace Cook ... Northern Ireland-born Jonathan Anderson, 30, launched JW Anderson in 2008. In 2013, he was also appointed creative director of the luxury You can't categorise the costumes by one particular decade; the clothes are hyper-modern, but they have this

How Lindsey Thornburg Thrives in Fashion With a Single Silhouette Coupled with her lifelong love for clothing and design, that led Thornburg to devise the ultimate solution: Cloaks, made from super-warm Pendleton blankets. Four years later But then they go down, and they go up, and then they go back down again

Growing your small business: Taking the fashion world by storm The pair met at Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts, founded the label in London and launched their first collection together for the spring/summer season of 2008. Peter and Christopher were supported by the London College of Fashion's CFE Pioneer

Tiny Homes You Can Collect David Salle, the artist, teamed up with Aldo Andreoli, a principal of the Williamsburg architectural firm AA Studio, to design a series of 12-by-24-foot modules with tilted roofs for solar panels, a rainwater collection system and metal wall panels

Algeria, Nigeria qualify for Rio Olympics Nikola takes summer collection to Mozambique Fashion Week · read more. HOUSE OF NIKOLA Nikola Conradie flanked by models wearing her designs. ONE of Namibia's leading fashion designers, Nikola Conradie, is headed for yet another international

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Not only did it champion traditional hand-knitting methods with its team of 30 knitters on the Faroe Islands, but it developed two fully-fledged women's empowerment projects at outposts in Jordan and Peru, where they have employed between 25 and... To provide fair and culturally non-threatening income to women with limited moneymaking options due to the fact that, in both societies, they are expected to be homemakers. The brand's development work has now taken a step further as they have begun employing female refugees from Syria in their Jordanian outpost and helping them take a step towards regaining their freedom. Disproportionately affected by the ongoing conflict, both within Syria and beyond, there are currently 655,217 UNHCR-registered Syrian refugees in Jordan, of which 36% are in female-headed households. Already-stretched resources in Jordan mean that refugees – particularly women, due to entrenched social stigma – have trouble supporting themselves financially, and often must make impossible choices between family necessities: healthcare, food... Add social isolation and lack of income to the mix, and women become especially vulnerable to exploitation. Enter Gudrun & Gudrun and their Jordanian project coordinator Hind Hammouqah who explains that while she hasn't actively recruited knitters from refugee camps, Syrian women who have made it into Amman have contacted her after hearing about the... Experiencing the same traditional barriers that limit Jordanian women's ability to work, but with the added complexity of starting from scratch, they are looking for opportunities for independence. Once signed up, the knitters receive basic tuition, meet at a warehouse to pick up yarn and equipment, and follow knitting patterns at home as they work around their other family commitments. Knitting for Gudrun & Gudrun offers an opportunity to build a new life, and earning a salary brings with it a dignified place in society, as well as a supportive social circle – something that can't be underestimated for Syrian women forced to... As the brand's co-founder Gudrun Rógvadóttir has observed, the knitters' personal experiences can be conveyed through the textiles they produce. And during that time, you have good and bad times, and a lot of thoughts," she reveals. "You can see it in the knitting if it was a tense or a relaxed day – if you're stressed, you have a tighter hand. "Work itself can be therapeutic, and focusing on a specific thing – knitting – can give you a break from thinking about past, current and future difficulties," Rógvadóttir says. The end product can feel like a physical and remedial record of a chapter in a knitter's life, and all the ups and downs that came with it. Some refugees arrive in Amman in desperate need of medical attention, which – for those that are eligible... The project helped her to save enough money to have her baby in a hospital, and to continue to start a new life afterwards. " For Liza, employment with Gudrun & Gudrun was the lifeline she needed to give her family a degree of stability during a turbulent time. The UN announced recently that at 65 million worldwide, the number of people displaced by conflict is at the highest level ever recorded.

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ATHENS, Greece — Impressively, despite starting up in the middle of Greece’s economic crisis, a time of violent protests against austerity cuts and mass trade union strikes across the country, footwear brand Ancient Greek Sandals has achieved an... “Thank god that we are self-financed and we did not need a loan, because it would have been impossible. The VAT that we collect is not easily returned to us, bureaucracy is long and difficult and taxes are high. In 2013, unemployment in Greece reached 26. 8 percent — the highest in the EU. The same year, Ancient Greek Sandals grew 73 percent and leapt in production from 26,000 to 45,000 pairs of shoes. “Our main factory was able to handle our growth — the Greek crisis was an ally in that. If it were not for the Greek crisis the factory would have been busy with other projects,” Minoglou continues. In addition to wholesale accounts, direct-to-consumer e-commerce has always been part of the business. com in 2006. “We always believed in the importance of having an impeccable online store, it helps with brand awareness and end customer feedback. ” Currently, the site accounts for 15 percent of the brand’s sales. Today, the brand projects total revenues of €8 million for 2017. Its rapid success can be attributed to insightful positioning and a laser-focus on product. “The market was missing a sandal brand with a concept behind it. Handmade sandals with a raw aesthetic, but feminine and urban, not just for the beach and not super expensive. I still think the strongest part of the brand is the concept,” says Christina Martini, co-founder and creative director of the brand. (2010 – 2012), and I didn’t think I could do it alone… Then I met Nikolas, he had a good business background and the same idea — we realised that we had to do it,” she continues. Introduced through “a good friend,” the co-founders first discussed the idea that would become Ancient Greek Sandals over dinner in 2010. Hellenic by descent, Martini and Minoglou cut their teeth outside of Greece, Martini through her time in... Minoglou in Boston, gaining his MBA in Entrepreneurship at Babson College. I had got my MBA and I really wanted to do something in my country, I love Greece,” says Minoglou. “Often partnerships happen between old friends or couples…” he continues, before, in practiced synchronicity, his partner interrupts: “It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to be friends, we weren’t friends before, but we are friends now. I couldn’t do what Nik does and Nik couldn’t do what I do, and we respect that,” says Martini. A year and a half after their initial meeting, having agreed to go into business with each other, “on the side,” as Minoglou puts it, the new partners began to manufacture samples of their brand. “It is very important to know how the product is made and what the actual production costs are. “We couldn’t go along to all of the trade fairs, so we had to find a sales agent. There are not many showrooms where we wanted to be, because you have to find relevant brands that have the same look as you,” says Martini.

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SINGAPORE — Soak in a week of Chinese culture and traditions, from fashion, craftsmanship and calligraphy, when the inaugural Chinese Culture Week comes along in September. The five-day long platform, which begins on Sept 9, hopes to celebrate the rich tapestry of Chinese cultural traditions and lifestyle by rolling out a series of events highlighting different facets of Chinese culture. Organised by the Camellia Culture & Business Centre and supported by a number of organisations including DesignSingapore and the China Culture Centre, its key event is fashion exhibition Fashion Tales from the Orient, which will showcase creations... This is followed by a free exhibition by master calligraphist Fan Zhou, as well as a free qipao masterclass for design students which will coach them on the basic knowledge of qipao creations and the defining factors behind creating a well-fitted... An academic forum on Contemporary Chinese Culture in an Intercultural World and Development, organised by Singapore Management University in conjunction with Beijing International Studies University, will be held on Sept 13. On the same day, a... Titled Silk Road Journey, the exhibition is the culmination of an eight-year-long project by Yamashita, where he retraced both Marco Polo’s travels from Europe to China, and also Admiral Zheng He’s maritime voyages from China to Arabia and Africa. Jacky Liu, general manager of the Reignwood Group which is a key supporter of the photography exhibition, said in a press conference on Friday that the Silk Road “is an important crossroad between East and West in ancient times, as cultural and... Director of China Culture Centre Ma Hongying added that the photography exhibition was a good way to “experience Chinese culture”, and that she believes they will have “an exceptional cultural experience” there. The Chinese Culture Week will also officially recognise its cultural ambassadors at a gala event on the night of Sept 13, which includes calligraphy master Fan Zhou. Qin Li-Wei, a renowned cellist at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music who has performed at both the 2008 and the 2012 Olympics. Jeffrey Ho, the executive director of DesignSingapore, said they were pleased to be supporting the event because of its emphasis on cultural innovation. Also, “design plays an important part in communicating culture to the rest of the world”, he pointed out. He added that “craft and craftsmanship” is very important in many cultures and that craft was a clear theme in the CCW’s exhibitions, for instance, “in well-crafted, bespoke fashion, (that is) not mass-production”. The Chinese Culture Week is expected to be an annual event, and its September debut in Singapore will be a first stop on a global tour, with plans to head to Hong Kong, Thailand and New Zealand.

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