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For design duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, fashion is an artistic tool ... “We are fashion artists. This season especially we wanted to showcase this in a literal way. We consider haute couture to be like a laboratory, with every collection posing its own set of unique technical challenges,” Horsting says. The bond between

How Lindsey Thornburg Thrives in Fashion With a Single Silhouette When Lindsey Thornburg created her first piece in 2006, she wasn't trying to start a fashion movement — she was just cold. Growing up in Montana and Colorado meant that staying How did the concept for your first collection of cloaks come about? My

Lizzie Fortunato jewelry and handbags promise a transporting experience Elizabeth made pieces in her spare time and sent them to editor friends at magazines to try to slip into fashion shoots. After a year in PR, she decided jewelry was her calling. She started Lizzie Fortunato from her sofa on the Lower East Side in 2007

Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty: the show that had everyone talking Another room resembled a stately Scottish lodge, richly wood-panelled and filled with tartans from his collections entitled 'Highland Rape' (A/W 1995) and 'Widows of Culloden' (A/W 2006). Then there was the section dubbed Romantic They showcased

Have Auction Houses Reached a Tipping Point Online? “The art world has just started the collection of data,” says Thakkar. “Companies like us and others have been collecting data, Christie's has remained insular, developing its own technology and launching Christie's Live, a platform for live

Tom Cullins displays 'A Creative LIfe' at BCA Center Though he retired in 2006 from his architectural firm TruexCullins, the 73-year-old Burlington native has merely set aside his drafting table in favor of canvases, cameras and sculpting tools. Examples of his Renaissance-man lifestyle can be seen in

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Nicole Richie has been in the media game for nearly a decade, parlaying a reality star stint into a full-fledged design career. Richie launched House of Harlow 1960 in 2009 and seven years later the brand is still a mainstay in the contemporary market. In a savvy business move, the LA-based designer has partnered with e-commerce giant Revolve and its design and production company Alliance Apparel on an exclusive ready-to-wear collection. "Revolve has been supporting Nicole since her first House of Harlow 1960 collection and we look forward to taking the next big step in elevating our brands together," Revolve co-founder and CEO, Michael Mente, says "Nicole is a fashion icon that... This coming weekend, some of those girls, including the bevy of fashion bloggers Revolve regularly courts are headed out East to the Hamptons house that the company has set up shop in for the month of July to fete its brands and partners,... BAZAAR spoke with Richie before she departed LA for eastern Long Island to see why Revolve is an ideal fit for House of Harlow 1960, how her well-documented style reflects her brand and whether or not pop culture actually died in 2009. Harper's... NR: They'vejust been such an incredible partner, they know their customers so well and Ifeel like we are both speaking to the same girl. There are many parallelsbetween the Revolve girl and the House of Harlow girl, it's just been seamless. How do youand House of Harlow align with that-what's your philosophy on using socialmedia to further your brand. NR: Youknow what, Revolve has been my first introduction to this way of promotion andthe thing about working with Revolve is that I really trust them. And that's soimportant in a partnership. At the end of the day, we want to reach as manypeople as possible-that have the same eye and the same love for fashion that Ido. And Revolve knows how to do that. When they introduced me to thisway of going about that I just immediately was on board because they know whatthey're doing and they're successful at it-so after that there's really no roomfor me to really question. HB: H ow would you really describe the aesthetic of House of Harlow. NR: I'm inspired by the '60s and the '70s and I'mreally inspired by music so that always plays the first role. This is 2016, Idon't expect people to wear my brand head to toe. NR: Iwould say very much so. I'm actually right now shooting the holiday campaign. Now,we hired a model but I love to throw myself in my own campaign. And everythingshe puts on I'm like I love the way that that's looking. Let me see the dressversion of that. HB: Assomeone who's spent a lot of time in front of the camera, do you consider howthe pieces will look in photographs when you design. NR: I don't necessarily think about how thingswill be photographed-more about the way that they make the girl feel. And bythe way things could be photographed completely different on me than let's saysomebody who is a little bit taller. So that doesn't really play a huge role,fashion to me is very emotional.

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Her day begins with a wake-up call from famed fashion photographer Mario Testino. She greets him via FaceTime in full hair and makeup sporting a lush fur-trimmed robe blanket coat and furry high heels. (Because what else would you expect a supermodel to wear to bed. ) Then she hitches a ride from another famous friend — RuPaul, whom she calls her “supermodel mentor. He dishes some pretty good advice on how she can go incognito and dodge paparazzi: wear a surgical mask with a skull cap. Getting her own Vogue cover and video is cool and all, but the number one realization that Hadid has officially arrived has to be the fact that she has full permission (in the name of fashion) to ruin couture in the pool. Anyone who’s anyone in modeling has taken an iconic diving or swimming shot dressed head-to-toe in a designer gown. So to celebrate Hadid’s momentous victory, we rounded up our other favorite moments of “models diving in couture.

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To plagiarise a phrase from the late great British comedian Caroline Aherne, what was it that first attracted Slovenian-born fashion model Melania Knauss to the multibillionaire property mogul Donald Trump. If the 20,000 party faithful hanging on the current Mrs Trump’s every word at the Republican National Convention on Monday were hoping for some kind of warm, fuzzy insight into the man behind one of the most disturbingly divisive American... Wheeling out the spouse has always been a hazardous gambit on such occasions, but Trump was presumably confident that parading his striking other half, the beautiful yin to his yang, would soften his image and guarantee valuable evening-news... Worse, they were platitudes that had been cooked up and delivered fresh by the first lady, Michelle Obama, in a speech in 2008. Instead of repackaging her husband for broader consumption, Melania instead rebranded herself as a laughing stock. speculated on Tuesday that her speech had been written weeks ago by two highly regarded masters of the art, but Melania apparently took it upon herself to rewrite it, in the process presumably assuming that no one would recall words uttered by Mrs... By Wednesday, a speechwriter for the Trump Organization was taking the fall, saying she was the one who included the offending words, despite the Trump campaign denying earlier that any plagiarism had occurred. Melania Trump, now 46, was born Melanija Knavs in Slovenia (then part of Yugoslavia) on April 26, 1970. She would later change her name to the more Germanic-sounding Melania Knauss. The biography on her own website is thin on childhood details, skipping directly from her birth, with no mention of parents or her older sister, Ines, to the beginning of her modelling career at the age of 16. More details, however, can be found... But that reality came a step closer on Tuesday when, despite his wife’s best efforts, Trump’s presidential candidacy won the formal backing of his party. Home for Melania was once Sevnica, a small town on the Sava River in central Slovenia, a landlocked state sandwiched between Italy and Hungary to the west and east, and Austria and Croatia to the north and south. The third Mrs Trump’s personal views on the plight of migrants is unknown, but her home country drew attention to itself earlier this year when it closed its borders to tens of thousands of refugees seeking to reach Europe. According to ’s co-authors Bojan Pozar and Igor Omerza, Melania comes from “a completely average socialist Slovenian family, born and raised in the former Yugoslavia under the dictator Josip Tito". Her father, Viktor, they say, was a member of the Communist Party – something Trump’s people deny – and, while Melania’s parents “weren’t rich … they weren’t poor either". On her website, Trump (née Knauss, née Knav) claims to have obtained “a degree in design and architecture at university in Slovenia", but according to Pozar and Omerza, that may not be true.

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Fashion Show - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston | The MFA is ... Paris is the undisputed center of the fashion world, and “Fashion Show: Paris Collections 2006” demonstrates why fashion remains a fine art.

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