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Thursday's PM Hot Clicks: Elle Macpherson; Calgary's ugly sweaters The BBC has a wild story about a couple of grandparents in Canada who regularly commit crimes that could lock them in jail or force them to pay $500,000 in fines. Their offense? Smuggling maple syrup across provincial lines. Angele Grenier produce

Elle Macpherson puts on a VERY leggy display in dress at Art Basel event And on Wednesday Elle Macpherson proved that she still very much lives up to the famous moniker while attending the Art Basel event at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The 51-year-old glamazon put on a very leggy display in an extremely short black

Elle Macpherson reveals her bra as she attends Art Basel in Miami Beach While Elle opted for a more casual look, while Jeff dressed sharp in a cream coloured blazer over a powder blue shirt with black trousers and brown suede loafers. Looking good! At age 51 the supermodel has a better body than most 20-year-olds

Elle Macpherson gets into the spirit of Thanksgiving as she shares photo But this week, Supermodel Elle Macpherson got into the American holiday spirit, and celebrated Thanksgiving. The 51-year-old star and mother of two, shared an image to Instagram of her sons Aurelius Cy Andrea Busson, 12, and Arpad Flynn Alexander

Revealed, the worst celebrity fad diets of the year, from the kale and chewing ... Celebrity advocate: This product is endorsed by Elle Macpherson. What's it all about? 'The Super Elixir' is a food supplement aiming to change body tissue from an acidic to an alkaline state. It comes in the form of a green powder and contains just

Can Harry Styles and Elle Macpherson's diets really make you thinner? Harry Styles will point you in one direction – to a strong coffee – while Elle Macpherson says she has the Super Elixir to thank for The Body. But do celebrity diets work? Fat chance, says the British Dietetic Association. The dieticians' group has

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Njeni nasveti si sledijo takole:. "Preden se vkrcam na letalo, spijem dvojni odemerek zelenega smoothieja z obilo zelenolistnate zelenjave in dobrih maščob. Nato spijem tri litre vode, ki mi pomaga, da lažje premagujem časovno razliko. S tem moje telo dobi zadostno količino hranil in vode. "Najprej se preoblečem, potem pa se odpravim na kratek sprehod, da spoznam novo okolico in se navadim na okolje. To se mi zdi zelo pomembno za dušo, da se privadi na spremembo okolja in morda tudi časovnega pasu. "S seboj si vzamem nekaj beljakovinskega praška za pripravo zdravih jutranjih smoothiejev, sicer pa zelo uživam ob odkrivanju lokalne prehrane. Rada obiščem bližnjo tržnico in nakupim sezonsko sadje.


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Welcome to the Wellness Council, our handpicked holistic health squad: a tightly curated group that gives the best advice this side of your own personal guru. In this article, supermodel and WelleCo founder Elle Macpherson shares her summer travel secrets—AKA how to pull it off jet-setting with your health (and skin. What she writes about next is up to you—tell us what what you’re dying to know. It’s summer holiday time for lots of us, so this month I thought I would write about how to stay healthy while you’re away. My kids and I recently had a blissful week in the Maldives. We were active every day, with yoga at sunrise, diving and snorkeling expeditions, and—of course—lots of swimming. One of the tricks to a healthy holiday is choosing a destination that encourages a healthy mindset. But we still made time to rest and catch up and indulge—lazy open-air dinners on the Indian Ocean were definitely one of the highlights. Here are some of the ways I make the most of a holiday while staying healthy. On the plane First thing I do when I board a flight is to double dose my Alkalising Greens and drink three liters of water (two tricks Dr. Simone Laubscher taught me for long-haul flights). This helps me avoid jet lag, because my body has the nutrients it needs, and it also ensures I have that extra boost of hydration. On arrival I get changed and try to go for a walk outside and explore, take pictures, observe. It’s so important for the soul, and helps acclimatize to the new time zone (if there is one)—and if you’ve had a day of travel, it’s a great way to get in a bit of exercise. Eating when I travel I always take travel packets of Alkalizing Greens and our plant-based Nourishing Protein powder. I have both daily, and often I will have the Nourishing Protein Powder made into a simple breaky smoothie (recipe below). One of my favorite parts of travel is discovering the local cuisine. I love a trip to the local market and eating in-season produce. If we’re eating out, I tend to look for anything that is fresh, organic, and a whole food. For example, last year we went on holiday in Capri, and I think I ate Caprese salad every day. And of course, starting the day right makes everything better. Below, check out my favorite breakfast for when I’m on the go. My Clean and Simple “Breaky” Smoothie Ingredients:. The perennial “Australian Girl Next Door,” supermodel Elle Macpherson has been a prominent figure in business, fashion, film, and television for the past 30 years. In addition to achieving global fame as a model and actress, Macpherson has won scores of awards for her ingenuity and entrepreneurial drive. Today, she serves as the co-founder and creative director for WelleCo, a premium wellness brand known for its alkalizing Super Elixir organic supplements. What should Elle write about next.


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But on Friday, Elle Macpherson ditched the glitz and glamour to go for a jog around London suburb Chelsea. While the 52-year-old effortlessly sprinted through the grey London streets like a gazelle in the Serengeti, she did briefly run into some trouble as she stumbled on the edge of a pavement. Elle kept a spring in her step with a pair of grey Nike sneakers, and hid her face behind dark sunglasses to avoid being recognized by fans. The Batman & Robin bombshell listened to an iPod as she ran, which she had housed in a personalized cover featuring her initials in giant letters. The thrifty starlet had also attached a name-tag to her headphones, ensuring that the audio accessory would be returned to its rightful owner in the sad case that she ever happened to lose them whilst out and about. While Elle spent most of her time pounding the pavement at great speed, onlookers report that she was briefly distracted by some signs advertising hair removal and eyebrow tattooing outside of a local luxury spa. While the rest of her run went largely uninterrupted, she did distracted once again by a slew of movie posters advertising the latest releases. She appeared to be particularity taken with a poster for The Conjuring 2, and it's unclear if she was pondering a return to acting as she gazed upon the advertisement for the horror film. The woman once known as 'The Body' has admitted that fad diets aren't for her, but she swears by her own health product, Super Elixir Alkalizing Greens, which she sells through her company WelleCo. The mix of super greens, Chinese herbs, digestive enzymes, and mushrooms is meant to help the digestive system, the endocrine (hormonal) system, and the circulatory and nervous systems. Elle told The New Potato that in addition to her incredibly healthy diet — which involves downing three whole liters of water every day — she credits maintaining an alkaline body with being the key to looking and feeling great. Known as 'The Body', Elle has obviously always stuck to a healthy diet. Lunch is fish and vegetables, and for a snack, she'll make a protein shake or lemonade with cayenne pepper, fruit, and almonds.


Elle Macpherson - Wikipedia Elle Macpherson: Elle Macpherson tijdens de Women’s World Awards (2009) Algemene informatie: Geboortenaam: Eleanor Nancy Gow: Geboren: 29 maart 1964: Land

Elle Macpherson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Elle Macpherson (born 29 March 1964) is an Australian model, businesswoman, television host and actress. She is well known for her record five cover appearances for ...

Elle Macpherson - IMDb Elle Macpherson, Producer: Britain's Next Top Model. Elle Macpherson was born on March 29, 1964 in Cronulla, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia as Eleanor Nancy Gow.

Elle Macpherson - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Elle Macpherson; Macpherson en los Women's World Award de 2009. Nombre real: Eleanor Nancy Gow: Nacimiento: 29 de marzo de 1964 (51 años) Cronulla, Nueva Gales del ...

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