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REPORT: Sephora Will Open Store in Downtown Newport Sephora's unique, open-sell environment features an ever-increasing amount of classic and emerging brands across a broad range of product categories including skincare, color, fragrance, body, smilecare, and haircare, in addition to Sephora's own

DO NOT CROSS: Approaching holidays sees rise in thefts 15: A student in Dowell Hall had a $40 bottle of Ed Hardy perfume and $60 brown boots stolen from her room. She claims that her roommate lends their room key to friends and never locks the door. Print Friendly. Tags: campus, crime, Kappa Alpha Psi

After Attacks, the Soul of Paris Endures Waiting for the Metro, I got a gust of the burned rubber and singed wool smell (brake shoes?) that is for me a more potent scent of Paris than all of the fragrances in fancy bottles in the city's shop windows, and I realized I was hungry. The tiny no

Iconix Brand Group (ICON) - Investment Analysts' Recent Ratings Changes 11/11/2015 – Iconix Brand Group had its price target raised by analysts at Roth Capital from $7.00 to $12.00. They now have a “buy” rating on the stock. 11/9/2015 – Iconix Brand Group was downgraded by analysts at TheStreet from a “hold” rating to a

Iconix Brand Group Sets New 12-Month Low at $6.14 (ICON) The Business also offers interest in Artful Dodger, Material Girl, Peanuts, Ed Hardy, Truth or Dare, Billionaire Boys Club, Ice Cream, Modern Amusement, Buffalo, Nick Graham, Pony and Hydraulic brands. Its brands are licensed by the Business with

TheStreet Lowers Iconix Brand Group to Sell (ICON) The Organization also has interest in Artful Dodger, Material Girl, Peanuts, Ed Hardy, Truth or Dare, Billionaire Boys Club, Ice Cream, Modern Amusement, Buffalo, Nick Graham, Pony and Hydraulic brands. Its brands are licensed by the Business with

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Ed Hardy wanted to know if I had any tattoos. "My dad took me to get one when I was 15," I told him, "I got a yellow rose on my ankle, a very 15-year-old girl tattoo to get. " Ed Hardy said his first tattoo was also a rose. He buried his under black clouds—a decision that later in life, he tells me, he would come to regret. Back in May I found myself at Kings Avenue on the Bowery getting a tattoo designed by Hardy. He was to the right of me, and his son Doug to my left, delivering the ink to my arm. Ed was emotional. I saw tears well up in his eyes as he watched his son recreate one of his first ever designs on my wrist, a sailboat he sketched when he was just 10 years old. A week earlier I had received an email from Hardy's publicist announcing he would be in New York soon for an exhibit for one of Hardy Marks' latest titles —in a series of emails she futilely tried to persuade me into believeing this was... Eventually, and somewhat facetiously, I replied: "Can I interview Ed, while he gives me a tattoo. " I had told myself, stigma be damned, if things went this way, I would do it. There was one caveat to her "yes," however. Ed doesn't actually tattoo anymore, so it would be coming from his son, as I interviewed Ed. And there we were. Donald Edward Talbott Hardy began his career in tattooing at a young age. "I got interested in tattoos when I was ten years old," he told me, "I started drawing on neighborhood kids. I was doing colored pencil tattoos on kids, using Maybelline eyeliner, I did that for about three years, and drew all this flash. " ( Flash sheets are what you see on the wall when you enter a tattoo shop. ) His grandmother kept a lot of these sheets, and old photographs, so this early era of his tattoo work is pretty well documented. "This is the first time one of my drawings that I did when I was ten years old is getting put on as a tattoo," he told me, "I'm honored that you picked this. " He told his son he was doing a good job, then he explained the design's origins, or at least what motivated him to include it on his flash at that age—"I grew up in the Newport Beach area, it's a famous harbor, sailing town, all the movie stars... " A sailboat is also, of course, a traditional Americana design in the tattoo world, exactly the kind of design that Hardy would later veer away from as he became interested in Japanese style. Hardy explained to me how he made tattooing a career, and an art form beyond the classic designs that were basically the only ones available in the U. S. at the time. I was on a career track to Yale, and I was headed for academia [Hardy declined a graduate fellowship at Yale University]. Then I met this tattooer in Oakland who was a writer, I always call him part of the renegade intellectual set, this guy who had this whole other life above and beyond tattooing. I loved all the classic Americana stuff, but that's kind of the only thing that was available those days. It was very very difficult to get into in those days. It was a challenge not only to move it up artistically, but just to reach out and take away the stigma. "Tattoos were the province of people living outside the constraints of mainstream.


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Французский дизайнер и модельер Кристиан Одижье, прославивший марку Ed Hardy, умер от онкологического заболевания на 58-м году жизни в одной из больниц Лос-Анджелеса. Как сообщает The Daily Mail, причиной его смерти стал миелодиспластический синдром (МДС). Врачи поставили модельеру диагноз МДС в январе 2015 года. После этого Одижье прошел курс химиотерапии, а 19 марта перенес операцию по пересадке костного мозга. Кристиан Одижье родился 9 июля 1958 года во французском Авиньоне. Через год его заметил один из топ-менеджеров Mac Keen Jeans и предложил сотрудничество. Спустя некоторое время Одижье основал собственную компанию Christian Audigier and His Gang и стал сотрудничать с ведущими мировыми брендами, создающими джинсовую одежду. В начале двухтысячных годов он переехал из Франции в Нью-Йорк. В 2004 году стал сотрудничать с модным брендом Ed Hardy и сумел прославить его. В разные годы Одижье работал с такими компаниями, как Guess, Levi's, Diesel, Outfitters, Fiourucii, Bisou Bisou и XOXO.


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You may not have known Christian Audigier's name, but you knew his work if you were alive and entered a shopping mall between 2000-2010. The French-born designer made household names out of the tattoo-inspired Ed Hardy clothing line as well as... Audigier told TMZ this spring that he'd been diagnosed with After starting out as as a denim designer in France, he moved to New York in his 20s. But it wasn't until he relocated to Los Angeles that he broke out. That was when he was hired by then unknown label Von Dutch. Together with owner Kenneth Howard, Audigier popularized the brand by putting their clothes on the backs of stars like Justin Timberlake and then girlfriend Britney Spears.


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