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Madras HC imposes dress code for devotees visiting Tamil Nadu temples Pants or skirts that are too revealing, clingy, or tight should not be worn and the dress permissible to men for worship is that they should wear long pants and plain shirts without messages or slogans when visiting mosques. Short-sleeved shirts are

Vogue's Guide To Decoding The Dress Code DENIM, leather, suede and trainers - all were banned at the Vogue Christmas party this year, much to the Vogue team's distress. "That rules out most of my wardrobe," muttered one fashion editor. "I've got absolutely nothing to wear," said another

Dress code for devotees in Tamil Nadu temples? Emphasising that a dress code for devotees visiting temples in Tamil Nadu is important to enhance the spiritual ambience among worshippers, the Madras high court has directed the state government to take a decision on introducing the code as

Citigroup sent a memo to staff members in Hong Kong reminding them to not ... The US bank sent out a presentation to its Hong Kong staff in November detailing do's and don'ts when dressing for the office. The document was sent ahead of an office move for some workers, according to a person familiar with the matter. Business

Soulard's Tropical Liqueurs Might Have the Most Bizarre Dress Code in St. Louis That's the fascinatingly detailed dress code currently posted in the window of Tropical Liqueurs in Soulard. The beloved Mizzou bar famous for its frozen alcoholic slushies opened its first St. Louis outpost in July, and suffice it to say, it's since

Friedensnobelpreis: So streng ist der Dresscode Da die Preisverleihung in Anwesenheit des norwegischen Königs durch den Vorsitzenden des norwegischen Nobelkomitees erfolgt, unterliegt die Veranstaltung einem strengen Dresscode. Geteilt ist die Veranstaltung in zwei Teile: die eigentliche Verleihung

Джиджи Хадид показала роскошный модный образ в бежевой гамме. Фото https://t.co/rpNBp21BFg

Джиджи Хадид показала роскошный модный образ в бежевой гамме. Фото: 20-летняя модель появилась на ... https://t.co/zyozkno5pF #followback

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Виктория Бекхэм с особым талантом обыграла total black. Фото: Знаменитость продемонстрировала свой... https://t.co/X5Pgkqb1Fi #followback

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Teacher dress code prompts complaints, concerns - NBC4i.com

SAVANNAH, GA (AP) — School leaders in Savannah have been considering changes in the dress code for teachers. The changes are being discussed after the Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools received complaints about teachers and employees with piercings, tattoos, stilettos and revealing necklines, The Savannah Morning News reported. The new standards would apply to school and central office employees. School board members were supposed to review the proposed changes at a recent meeting and vote on it in August, The Savannah newspaper reported. “For now we’re just going to give this one a pass,” school board President Jolene Byrne said at a recent board meeting. There are too many concerns about the proposed changes, and teacher input should be gathered before the issue is brought back before the board, Byrne said. In addition to email complaints, two parents came to a recent board meeting to voice their concern. One of them, who had tattoos and a nose ring, argued that it was not an unprofessional distraction, the Savannah newspaper reported. The current rules also allow principals to judge whether clothing is too revealing, and gives them the discretion to ask teachers to cover piercings and tattoos during instructional periods.


SONA not a fashion show, dress code changed to business attire - CNN Philippines

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — The traditional grand red carpet fashion show by members of Congress and their spouses attending the President’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) will be discarded to shift focus from ostentatious appearance to... Incoming Finance Department spokesperson Paola Alvarez on Monday said the dress code for President Rodrigo Duterte’s upcoming SONA will be simple “business attire. “We want to center on what the President's message is to our people, especially it's his First State of the Nation Address. Alvarez, who is helping in the preparations for the SONA on July 25th said this will be the case in Duterte’s succeeding SONAs. Alvarez said the number of legislators comprising the Congressional entourage that will welcome the President and lead him into the session hall also will smaller than in previous SONAs. “So instead of having a lot of congressmen there, we will be minimizing this to the Senate President and the Speaker of the House and afterward we will have the majority floor leader of both Houses to escort the President,” she said. According to Alvarez, the SONA will focus on the administration’s 10-point economic agenda and will also tackle more detailed plans regarding promises Duterte made during the election campaign. Duterte’s legislative agenda is expected to include the restoration of the death penalty for heinous crimes, a measure that will push for federalism and comprehensive tax reform. It’s not clear, however, if the President’s promise to double the salary of policemen and the military will be raised. “If it is not within this budget, then it will be on the second budget,” he said. “The issue there is that we have to pay first the pension of the soldiers and the other personnel ng [of] AFP. The rites and other activities related to Duterte’s first SONA will be directed by award-winning Brillante Mendoza who has offered his services for free.


Maje's Creative Director Breaks Down the French Woman's Office Dress Code - Vogue.com

As has been confirmed by countless pieces on the subject, the French woman is empirically chicer than most. There seemingly isn’t an occasion to which she isn’t wearing that mind-boggling apropos combination of basics that seem anything but. Whether for a grand affair or coffee at the local café, those from the Left Bank, the Right Bank, and elsewhere have dressing down to a subtle art. This is in large part due to the fact that so many of them are often wearing the designs of Judith Milgrom—the creative director behind French label Maje. A lifelong fashion aficionada who came from a family of textilers, the French-Moroccan designer launched her line in 1998 after working with her sister to develop that other cult-favorite French brand, Sandro. Sensing a void in the womenswear market, Milgrom launched the collection in hopes of creating a collection that felt luxurious but was within the budget of the cool girl in the know. And when it comes to her own personal style, Milgrom brings a similar vibe to the office, selecting not-so-basic basics that move with her as she works to bring her design vision to life. Today, as France celebrates Bastille Day, the perennially chic Milgrom breaks down the designer pieces she mixes in with her steadfast Maje pieces and what, exactly, defines the elusive French dress code. My mother and grandmother always made everything themselves, from bread to curtains and clothes, which developed my passion for everything that is homemade and handmade. My father worked in the fabric business and was impeccably dressed in his suit and tie without fail. From a very early age I started making dresses for my dolls from my grandmother’s scrap fabrics. I also remember stealing my grandfather’s shirt to customize it. This was the first time I ever wore one of my creations. Pieces the French Girl Is Missing. When my sister Evelyne created Sandro, I worked alongside her and her team for nine years, learning the trade. My big break happened when I felt ready and confident enough to create my own collections. I realized how many girls in my entourage were frustrated by the fact that they loved designer pieces they couldn’t afford. My goal was to create quality, stylish, and affordable collections with a true brand identity, and sell them in boutiques that offer the same comfort and service as luxury brands. Luckily, I’ve had other big breaks, including the launch of Maje in the U. S., which seemed completely surreal at the time. I’m super excited to work on a wider range of accessories—especially bags and jewelry. The Not-So-Basic French Girl Essentials. I don’t have a typical routine but I try to start my day with a bit of exercise before I go to the office. I then work with the studio team, the patternmakers, and the rest of my team. My collections are created and developed entirely in Paris (there is an atelier within our building) so the days are quite filled up. I try to have lunch with my team when I can but most of the time I do back-to-back meetings and work sessions in... I don’t dress according to my meetings because my daily outfits fit most situations: My favorite pieces are generally a well-cut blazer or a leather jacket, a cashmere jumper, a good pair of Acne Studios jeans, and a white Charvet shirt. I used to dress.


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Ontdek alle soorten dresscodes ~ Uitleg & Tips Dresscode.nl Bij ‘Black Tie’ dragen de heren een smoking. New York chic staat bekend als een hele vrije dresscode. Ontdek hier alle soorten dresscodes!

Dress code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dress codes are written and, more often, unwritten rules with regard to clothing. Clothing like other aspects of human physical appearance has a social significance ...

Dress-codes.nl, informatie over dresscodes. Bekijk hier ... Dress-codes.nl, overzicht van alle Dresscodes. Een dresscode betekent letterlijk dat er kledingvoorschriften zijn waaraan je op redelijke wijze moet voldoen.

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