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Panic! At the Disco While working on the latest Panic! At The Disco album, Death of a Bachelor, producer Jake Sinclair ended up in the psych ward. This occurrence wasn't strictly the fault of Brendon Urie, the sole remaining—and always central—member of Panic! At the

Gig: Mid-Week Disco A mid-week party to beat the work blues. Some of the city's best DJs will spin tunes to pay homage to the godfather of disco and pioneer of EDM, Giorgio Moroder. An all-disco line-up will see Kris Correya X United Machines, Kini Rao and LoboCop play

To Disco, With Love Disco distinguished itself from traditional Top 40 songs by experimenting with the length of its tracks. Disco dancers wanted to be fully involved in a song, wrapped up in it. No one knew this better than Tom Moulton, who is universally credited with

Panic! At The Disco посвятили песню Лос-Анджелесу (Видео) Группа Panic! At The Disco порадовала поклонников музыкальной премьерой. Новая песня “LA Devotee”, как следует из названия, посвящена Лос-Анджелесу. Композиция войдет в пятый по счету альбом коллектива “Death of a Bachelor”, релиз которого намечен на 22 января 2016 года.

CAMA hosts DJ Roscius, Queer Disco party HA NOI (VNS) — Tomorrow, CAMA will present live minimal disco act Roscius, bringing a unique live world minimal disco set at ATK. Originally from London, Roscius is a world-class DJ who experiments with vocals from around the world. Add a touch of

Disco house mafia pravi haos u Beogradu Ovo sivo i tmurno vreme će razbiti sjajna žurka sa odličnim di džejevima u Beogradu, pušta će se samo dobri, stari haus hitovi, a tokom večeri se očekuje i vrlo seksi iznenađenje. Ovog petka žurku prave disko haus mafijaši Oysha, Peppe i Goran

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Организация выступлений: Scorpions / Скорпионс / Пригласить популярного артиста ( музыканта), заказать проведение .. https://t.co/VTmDZ9tmKq

Игровой автомат "Disco Spins" - Belrynok BY

Среди множества стилей и направлений, музыка в стиле диско до сих пор находит своих поклонников, несмотря на то, что популярной во всем мире она была более тридцати лет назад. Если вы любите слушать диско или просто эта музыка вызывает у вас приятные эмоции и ностальгию, то игровой автомат под названием «Disco Spins», который доступен по ссылке http://vulkanstavkabets. com/disco-spins/, вам обязательно понравится. С технической стороны, «музыкальный» игровой автомат схож со многими другими современными слотами. В данном эмуляторе есть привычные пять барабанов, вращающихся независимо друг от друга и двадцать игровых линий, точное количество которых игрок может выбрать непосредственно перед началом игры. Кстати, благодаря демонстрационному режиму, попробовать «Disco Spins» можно совершенно бесплатно и без регистрации. Во время игры, гэмблер сможет наслаждаться не только буквенными символами, но и танцорами диско, которые выполнены в достаточно реалистичном стиле. Для максимального удобства игроков, слот-машина» «Disco Spins» оснащена функцией автоигры, благодаря чему, необязательно каждый раз нажимать кнопку для вращения барабанов. Чтобы играть в этот игровой автомат, его совсем необязательно скачивать и устанавливать на свой компьютер, так как разработчики («Нет Ентертеймент») специально позаботились о том, чтобы эмулятор запускался непосредственно в окне браузера. Играть в «Disco Spins» на деньги или нет – личное дело каждого гэмблера. В любом случае, музыкальный слот подарит позитивные эмоции и приятные воспоминания.


July 12, 1979: 'The Night Disco Died' — Or Didn't - NPR

It was the summer of 1979, and disco was taking over the world. Donna Summer, Chic and Gloria Gaynor were at the top of the charts. Just a few months earlier, the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack had been named Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards. Radio stations were switching to all-disco formats. He had been fired from a Chicago radio station when it, too, went all-disco. In his new job at a rival rock station, he took out his frustration by destroying disco records on the air. "Back in the day when we had turntables, I would drag the needle across the record and blow it up with a sound effect," Dahl says. Pretty soon, station reps and Chicago White Sox promoters had the crazy idea of actually blowing up disco records. The team was averaging just 16,000 fans a game and would have done anything to fill Comiskey Park. So, on a muggy Thursday night doubleheader with the Detroit Tigers, fans could bring a disco record and get in for less than $1. What transpired came to be known as "Disco Demolition" and is the subject of Dahl's new book Disco Demolition: The... At the time, Jim Maines was a long-haired, working-class 19-year-old from the South Side. "We thought we'd be the only ones that showed up that night, but when we got there, it was unbelievable," he says. He was among roughly 50,000 rowdy fans, some of whom started using records as Frisbees. Also at the game was a teenaged usher named Vince Lawrence, who says he'd hoped to snag a few disco records to take home. Then an aspiring musician who was saving up money for a synthesizer, he says he was one of the few African Americans there that night. Soon, he began to notice something about the records some people were bringing. "Tyrone Davis records, friggin' Curtis Mayfield records and Otis Clay records," he recalls. "Records that were clearly not disco," but that were by black artists. After the Sox lost the first game, a giant crate full of records was placed in the outfield. Dahl, the disgruntled disc jockey, donned a combat helmet and military jacket and led chants of "disco sucks. The explosion scattered records high into the air and left a crater in center field. But Maines says the pitcher still started to warm up for the second game. "And then all of a sudden, somebody ran by him from the stands. And then once they seen one person run by, then everybody started going over the wall," he says. An estimated 7,000 people slid down the foul poles, lit things on fire and literally stole the bases. The White Sox had to forfeit the second game. "I was faced with some guy rushing up to me, snapping a record in half in in my face and going, 'Disco sucks. "Like an overt statement to me like I was inherently disco. Over the years, Disco Demolition came to be seen as a not-so-subtle attack against disco's early adopters: blacks, Latinos and gay people. Dahl, who helped write the new book, calls this revisionist history. "When you see the images of Disco Demolition, it looks like a book burning," he says. "I was in the crowd, and that was the mentality of the person who was coming," he says. The subtitle of Dahl's book is "The Night Disco Died" — but disco never really died. In Chicago, it went underground and was reborn several years later as house music.


Fab or flop: Rita Ora's disco dress, Olivia Palermo's white lace and more - AOL News

The dog days of summer are here and celebrities turned up the heat in hot styles. Rita Ora looked like a modern disco queen in a sexy short-sleeved silver minidress and silver platform sandals. Glam makeup and pinstraight locks completed her hot look. ) Olivia Palermo was a statuesque beauty in a gorgeous white pleated Self-portrait Amelia midi dress with delicate lace accents. A necktie and heels added an extra touch of polish. Even Kendall Jenner, who covered up in high-waisted, wide-legged black slacks and cardigan added a sexy, stylish twist with a black satin bralette. SEE ALSO: Sexy Stars: Diane Kruger, Alicia Vikander and more stun in sultry looks. TV personality Erica Mena left very little to the imagination in a totally see-through silver tunic that put her bust on full display. Nastia Liukin slipped into a revealing black minidress with cutouts at the hipbones and a futuristic bustier bodice, but the look ended up looking more tacky than sexy. And AnnaLynne McCord looked ready for her Winter Olympics close-up in a figure skater-esque floral cape dress and mismatched nude heels. See this week's best and worst dressed celebs in the slideshow above.


Disco (muziekgenre) - Wikipedia Disco: De originele leden van de Village People in 1978: Vaak toegepaste instrumenten: gitaar, bas, piano, keyboard, drums, drumcomputer: Populariteit

Disco - Wikipedia Disco kan verwijzen naar: Disco (geslacht), een geslacht van eenoogkreeftjes; Disco (muziekgenre), een dansmuziekgenre dat zijn oorsprong vindt in de discotheken

Disco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Disco is a genre of dance music containing elements of funk, soul, pop, and salsa that was most popular in the mid to late 1970s, though it has had brief resurgences.

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