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Girl of the Day: The wonderful Dayle Haddon Our Girl of the Day for today is the wonderful Dayle Haddon, who enjoyed a long and successful career in the modelling industry in her younger years and has since gone on to achieve much more. Dayle was at the top of her modelling game in the 1970s and

Dayle Haddon Models a New Paradigm of Beauty When I attended and live-blogged the 2012 Women in the World summit, I was surprised to find that Tweets from the handle of @dayleythought belonged to top model of the 1970s and 80s, Dayle Haddon. Ever the curious reporter, I did a quick search to find

What I Know About Beauty: Advice From Canadian Model Dayle Haddon What's her secret?' It's something a lot of people wonder when they meet Dayle Haddon. The Montreal-born beauty was a Canadian supermodel in the 70s and 80s, and the star of beauty campaigns for L'Oreal, Max Factor, Estee Lauder and Revlon. Now at 63

From Cover Girl To Dishwasher, A Supermodel Reinvents Herself And Gets Rich In ... As a supermodel in the 70's and 80's, Dayle Haddon's face graced more than 100 magazine covers. Then she turned 38 and was told that she was too old to be useful. She went from a life of glamour to an assistant at an advertising agency where she

My Trip To Bolivia It was difficult to breathe when we landed in La Paz, the highest airport in the world at 12,000 feet. It was 6AM. We hadn't slept all night. Dizzy, off balance, there was a tightness in our heads, coupled with a continual low-grade headache that hit

A Gossip Girl Gets the Graphic Novel Treatment Among the guests who joined Ms. Marchetto on Tuesday were New Yorker editor David Remnick, Lucy Sykes and Euan Rellie, adman Richard Kirshenbaum, Dayle Haddon, Marla Maples, Alina Cho, Sandra Bernhard, Robert Verdi, Wednesday Martin, Erica Jong and

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Christy Turlington, ses amies (Jennifer Connelly, Kelly Rutherford, Ann Curry, Blythe Danner, Debra Messing, Dayle Haddon, Tonya Lewis-Lee et Heather Armstrong) et bien d’autres femmes bénévoles décident de passer le message dans un film. Elles lancent le mouvement en annoncant dans une campagne réalisée en partenariat avec CHI&Partners, que cette année, elles n’accepteront ni cartes, ni fleurs, ni cadeaux de leurs proches. Une manière de marquer les esprits, de faire prendre conscience des disparitions trop prématurées et évitables de ces milliers de femmes qui veulent donner la vie.

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About her experience of that time Haddon told me, "It was climbing up glass walls. " She noted that going from cover girl to office worker was "humbling," but that "it was a good thing. " She was the "lowest person on the totem pole" and Haddon acknowledged, "No one made any fuss over me. " It was a difficult period, but Haddon suggested that the experience was a "character builder. Exasperated that the trade where she had previously made her living was writing off a whole demographic of women, Haddon believed that she could make a difference by encouraging the decision-makers to see otherwise. She pitched Max Factor and Revlon in the 90s on the concept of illustrating how attractiveness evolves. When her contract with them expired, she immediately created a relationship with L'Oréal, and has been their spokeswoman for the Age Perfect skin care line for fifteen years. Determined to open a conversation on defining beauty differently, Haddon's question was, "What are the components of beauty. " She emphasized that new elements had to be "brought into the equation. " For Haddon, who had been raised in a family with a strong social consciousness, part of the progression included "giving back" and using her fame quotient to promote human rights issues, particularly as they impacted girls and women. Describing herself as a "logical person," Haddon is constantly pushing forward. " She advised that if you wrap everything up in your appearance, "you will always be disappointed. Haddon also stressed the importance of developing an "inner life. " A woman who enjoys "dressing up" but who can "still climb a cliff," Haddon continues to search for the equilibrium that suits her -- between work, family, and social engagement. "That changes all the time," she said. Expressing bafflement about those preoccupied with their younger years, Haddon asked rhetorically, "Why are we going to struggle to go backwards. As a grandmother and the mother of a 41-year-old daughter, Haddon said, "It's time to give back. " With WomanOne targeting specific endeavors and helping girls and women "one by one," Haddon's goal is to effect change. She reiterated that communicating to other women has always been "a thread" woven through her activities. Beyond helping women to feel good about themselves, Haddon said that she has consistently tried to find the "value" in things.

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With intergalactic villains, swashbuckling heroes and silver-screen romance, Flash Gordon was pretty much made for the big screen. But even with a charismatic producer, big budgets and a pick of hot directors, Alex Raymond's musclebound creation had an arduous journey to the cinema. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens sweeps all before it, Empire tells the fantastic tale behind one of its key inspirations. Sometime in early 1979 Mike Hodges, the British director of The Terminal Man and Get Carter, found himself aboard Concorde flying from Heathrow to New York. As the world’s first, and apparently last, supersonic airliner levelled out of its alarming climb and approached its cruising speed of Mach 2, the besuited business tycoons aboard sipped their G&Ts and began to pull out sober reading matter for... “I, on the other hand, took out the bumper album of the original Flash Gordon strips. The swanky Concorde booking was a typical flourish courtesy of producer Dino De Laurentiis, an increasingly infamous European mini-mogul who appeared to have emerged straight out of central casting. De Laurentiis had arrived in Hollywood from his native Italy at the start of the decade with grand ambitions, and a seemingly endless supply of money from what were often rumoured to be dubious sources and rapidly caught and rode the wave of... With the previous director ignominiously fired, it would now be down to Hodges, who had happily admitted to a general ignorance of both comic books and special effects, to shepherd Gordon to the big screen. As he was drawn like millions before him into the tale of the lantern-jawed championship polo player transported to the planet Mongo to do endless weekly battle with the evil Emperor Ming, a distinctly Kaiser-like despot goosed with an oriental... “As it turned out, 60,000 feet above our planet, and travelling at well over a 1000mph, was the perfect way to meet Flash for the first time. Flash Gordon was a child of The Great Depression, the result of a circulation war between King Features, which syndicated cartoons to thousands of newspapers across the USA, and its rival, the John F. Dille Syndicate. In 1929 the Dille Syndicate had introduced its readers to Anthony "Buck” Rogers. Rattled by the time-travelling character’s immediate success, King Features had ordered Alex Raymond, a 22-year-old staff artist, to come up with something with which King Features could compete. The winter of 1933, when Raymond and writer Don Moore began work, was a bitterly cold one even by New York standards. Outside their office temperatures plunged to minus eight and though they might have been cheered a little by the relaxing of Prohibition, it is hardly surprising that escape from the grim, chilly realities of depression life was uppermost in his... The first panels he and Moore worked on are, then, ablaze with colour and action: 'WORLD COMING TO END' screams a newspaper headline. 'Strange New Planet Rushing Towards Earth: Only Miracle Can Save Us. ' A mere 12 frames later, with Flash and Dale secreted aboard the insane Doctor Zarkov's.

Dayle Haddon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dayle Haddon (born May 26, 1948) is a Canadian model and actress, presently known for promoting anti-aging products manufactured by L'Oréal. [1] Additionally, she is ...

Dayle Haddon - IMDb Dayle Haddon, Actress: Cyborg. Dayle was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. As a child she was enrolled in dancing classes to develop her physique. It worked well ...

Dayle Haddon - Wikipedia Biografia [modifica | modifica wikitesto] Nata e cresciuta a Montréal, sin dagli otto anni è entrata nel mondo dello spettacolo, prima come ballerina (ha fatto ...

Dayle Haddon - Biography - IMDb Dayle's husband died suddenly in 1991, leaving her with little money and a fifteen-year-old daughter to raise alone. Not being able to afford any longer to live in ...

Advocacy and Charitable Donations Save Lives | UNICEF USA UNICEF's relief work depends on a vast movement of supporters—including celebrity ambassadors, NGOs, corporate partners, volunteers and, of course, donors.