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Рождественская коллекция культовых браслетов David Yurman В прошлом году в ассортименте David Yurman впервые появились цветные браслеты из алюминия — ровно к Рождеству. Дизайн выбрали культовый и раскрасили таким образом витой «кабельный» браслет из коллекции Renaissance, самую крупную из его версий. В этом году опыт

Рождественская рекламная кампания David Yurman Черно-белые рекламные кампании David Yurman с супермоделями вроде Кейт Мосс или Жизель Бюндхен в главных ролях уже стали визитной карточкой этого ювелирного бренда, однако в новом сезоне команда решила отойти от своих правил. Рождественскую коллекцию было

David Yurman Announces Opening of First Boutique in Hawaii Located at Ala ... HONOLULU, Dec. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- David Yurman, America's premier fine jewelry and timepiece company, is pleased to announce the opening of its first boutique in Hawaii, located at Ala Moana Center in Honolulu, Hawaii's premier shopping

Ala Moana Mall dazzles with Christmas decor and new David Yurman bling boutique Just in time for Holiday bling shoppers David Yurman has announced the opening of his first Hawaii shop at Ala Moana Mall--one of the most popular attractions for visitors to Honolulu that even has convenient bus service from Waikiki and the Port of

Cable Renaissance Aluminium, David Yurman twiste ses classiques Après avoir réinventé son incontournable "Pinky ring" dans une déclinaison bubble gum à la fin de l'été, David Yurman continue d'apporter un twist pop à ses grands classiques. Cet hiver, c'est le bracelet "Cable" de ses débuts depuis devenu pièce

Le tic du jour: les bracelets Cable multicolores à accumuler de David Yurman ce bijou torsadé est petit à petit passé au rang d'indispensable du quotidien, également décliné en version fine jewelry pavée de diamants noirs. Pour les fêtes de Noël, David Yurman offre à son Cable 5mm une nouvelle matière en aluminium et un

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New post: Аксессуары на Новый год: рождественская коллекция браслетов David Yurman https://t.co/Ce7RNjMCC9

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#Путешествие Аксессуары на Новый год: рождественская коллекция браслетов David Yurman: Разноцветные браслеты... https://t.co/KSxco52cUu

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Jeweler David Yurman Is Selling a $48000 Handmade Motorcycle - Bloomberg

(Catch up with him in the Hamptons or at his place in Upstate New York, and you’re as likely to find him on a motorbike as in a car). He knew exactly whom he wanted to go to for a one-of-a-kind statement bike that would inspire while demonstrating the unique material properties of a small capsule collection of rings, keychains, bracelets, tags and cufflinks: iconic builder Walt... Siegl is the Austrian-born craftsman and pro racer famous for hand-making custom motorbikes at his remote shop in New Hampshire. Walt produced a thing of beauty: a three-cylinder, 800cc, four-stroke, 12-valve, and liquid-cooled engine that gets 160 horsepower, an immense amount of power for a machine that weighs just 305 pounds. Siegl made the bike in custom Kevlar, with a forged carbon triple tree (the apparatus at front) and rear and front fender, plus high-end Brembo radial disc brakes. In fact, Yurman said, if the bike were priced appropriately, it would cost closer to $250,000. “There’s no profit involved in this at all, whatsoever,” he said. “Walt is a great bike modifier and sculptor, and I was inspired to call him up and collaborate. Until it's sold, Yurman keeps it at his private design studio. “I just wanted to own it, that’s all,” Yurman said the other day, laughing. “If you just take forged carbon and put it in jewelry, that is only a one-way conversation. But if you put it in the form of a motorcycle, something you can use, it becomes a dialogue. So we got to utilize it in a different way that may be considered esoteric to some, but for the people who utilize it as a means to their industry, like Walt, we give them the opportunity to think way outside the box. If you can’t be the one to get your hands on the bike, you can always buy one of the new rings. ( $350-$3,250 at David Yurman retailers worldwide.


A 'dirt sandwich,' a David Yurman bike and Pokémon at Auschwitz - SFGate

“Negative rates are turning out to be a dirt sandwich, especially for Japan. They thought that that was going to get people out spending. And what happened is they got people to go and buy safes and put money into their safes and hoard money. Karyn Cavanaugh, a senior market strategist at Voya Financial, telling Bloomberg News how policymakers from Japan and the European Central Bank have sought to stoke economic growth by implementing negative interest rates. That’s caused firms such as insurer Munich Re to find ways to store cash so they can avoid the penalty caused by negative yields on debt, while Japanese banks have turned to derivatives to lessen the pain. HomeAway and San Francisco’s Airbnb are rivals in the vacation-rental market, but they will be allies in court. HomeAway, owned by Expedia, filed papers late Tuesday to join Airbnb in suing San Francisco over new city rules that could put vacation-rental companies on the hook for big fines and criminal penalties over hosts who lack the city’s required... Meanwhile San Francisco is weighing a revision to the rules that would address issues Airbnb raised in its lawsuit. TripAdvisor’s FlipKey missed a deadline to file papers in the case, which will be heard in U. S. District Court of Northern California on Sept. Here’s a shock, but only if you have no taste: You can’t play “ Pokémon Go ” at a former Nazi death camp. The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Poland says it does not allow people to play the game on their smartphones because it is “disrespectful. ” Spokesman Pawel Sawicki told the Associated Press that museum authorities are asking game producers to exclude the site. The Daily Briefing is compiled from San Francisco Chronicle staff and news services.


MV Agusta Forged Carbon by David Yurman - Motoblog.it (Blog)

Il prezzo di ogni motocicletta è di 48. 000 $, circa 43. 200 €, può sembrare elevato, ma il suo creatore dice che a causa dei materiali utilizzati il prezzo di listino è alto, ma lui non l'ha fissato cosi per farne profitto. Il telaietto reggisella, i parafanghi, il portachiavi e staffe poggiapiedi sono tutti realizzati in carbonio forgiato. La MV Agusta Forged Carbon monta uno scarico corto 4-in-1 con terminale a tromboncino in fibra di carbonio. Mantiene il 798 cc a tre cilindri di serie, così come il telaio e le sospensioni.


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David Yurman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia David Yurman Inc. is a privately held American designer jewelry company [1] founded by David Yurman (born October 12, 1942 in New York City) and Sybil Yurman (born ...

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