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John Carpenter Scoring Short Film 'The Puppet Man' The Puppet Man is a short film written and directed by Jacqueline Castel that will be featuring the music of John Carpenter as well as a short cameo from the master of horror himself! The short slasher film stars supermodel Crystal Renn in her acting

Plus-size model Bree Warren on accepting her shape, and why seeing more women ... After decades of curvaceous triumphs from the likes of Crystal Renn, Tara Lynn and Candice Huffine, the most polarising fashion conversation is still a model's size. To me, the whole idea of labelling models based on size is so passé. I may not be old

Darf's ein bisschen mehr sein? Und erinnert sich noch jemand an Crystal Renn? An Sophie Dahl ? Nein? Die beiden wurden als Plus-Size-Models bekannt, für ihre »sinnlichen Kurven« gefeiert, dann nahmen sie auf der Höhe ihres Erfolges ab und - übrig blieb der traurige »Lollipop

Chân dài 9X kiện nhiếp ảnh gia tội hãm hiếp Anh từng hợp tác với tạp chí Vogue Italia, Marie Claire, thời trang Polo và chụp ảnh nhiều chân dài tiếng tăm như Anja Rubik, Crystal Renn, Chanel Iman. Theo Thefashionlaw, Alesia Riabenkova đâm đơn kiện hôm thứ năm (3/12). Nội dung đơn kiện khẳng định

'I wanted people to question the dangerous lengths people go to attain beauty ... With high-profile campaigns for Chanel and Agent Provocateur under her belt, Crystal Renn is one of today's top models. However, the 28-year-old from Mississippi, hasn't had a straight trajectory to success. Her career began with drastic dieting

Nicole Scherzinger & Laverne Cox Are Ballet Gala Beauties The 37-year-old singer was joined at the event by ballet dancer Misty Copeland, as well as Orange is the New Black's Laverne Cox, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, and models Crystal Renn and Lydia Hearst. Earlier in the day, it was announced that Laverne

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Lizzie Jagger is the latest recruit on the Redken roster, joining the luscious locks of Suki Waterhouse, Amber Le Bon, supermodel Mariacarla Boscono and Crystal Renn as ambassadors of beautiful hair. We love how versatile Mick and Jerry’s little gal is, with her hair transformations ranging from lush thick curls, to silky straight. Wet ‘n’ Wild have scored a hat trick with three new celebrity Global Beauty Ambassadors. Firstly we have Jasmine V, with a whole host of experience as an actress and musician, including a song featuring Kendrick Lamar, we’re sure she’s about to be huge. Next we have Brianne Howey. We loved her last year in Scream Queens and we love her even more as a beauty icon. Last but not least we have Kat Graham. Straight from the set of The Vampire Diaries it’s no surprise this drop dead gorgeous woman was chosen to front their campaigns. Elizabeth Arden have gone down a different route with their latest campaign, ‘From the Desk of Liz Arden’, creating a fictional character to speak on their social media. However, back in the real world, they have brought on board a set of inspirational women to launch it, including comedian Chelsea Handler. supermodel and Elizabeth Arden Brand Ambassador, Karlina Caune. and fashion designer/ex-girlfriend of Jerry Seinfeld/New York It Girl/Elizabeth Arden Style Director, Shoshanna Gruss. For more celeb and beauty news, pick up the latest issue of XPOSÉ Magazine, on sale now.

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Crystal Renn has never played by anyone’s rules. After more than a decade in the modeling business, she has made her name on defying expectations, first by breaking barriers for models beyond a size zero, and then by starting a dialogue about body image with her best-selling memoir, Hungry. Given her unique career trajectory, it seems fitting that Renn is fashion’s latest multi-hyphenate, adding “photographer” to her list of specialties. that’s absolutely why I pursued modeling in the first place,” says Renn. “It was always about the images. ” Here, the star talks inspirations, what she owes to Instagram, and why directing may be in her future: “I have always believed that one can do it all, and for me that is being in front of and behind the lens. The first time that I started taking any kind of pictures was when I traveled to Patagonia on a hiking trip. I did it just to record this moment that was special for me, not with the intention to pursue photography as a creative outlet. My travels are what made me pick up a camera, but when did I do it with intention. I would say that the real marker of when that happened was probably Instagram, funnily enough. It actually came because of encouragement from others. Your first job as a photographer was for Chanel. What was it like creating images for such a storied brand. One of the managers at Chanel who I had been friends with for years gave me a gig to shoot backstage at the Dubai show. What he said to me was, “I want you to shoot Chanel. But I want you to do it your way. This is not about showing Chanel, this is about you and Chanel. they don’t just want me to take backstage shots. The pictures I wound up creating were intimate. It [looked] abandoned and was kind of hidden, and I put my Chanel bag on the slide and then wanted to see where it would fall. I did that and it ended in a certain spot and it was the perfect shot. Chanel gave me the motivation to take this seriously, because I enjoyed taking those pictures so much. What is it like for you to capture your own image. I think that when others shoot me it’s often about creating a character, or transforming into these different ideas and different concepts—which I love. Posing offers me a wonderful outlet, but what I like about shooting myself is how intimate it is. I feel like I’m telling my little secret and it’s authentically me. I came to the table with the idea. the clicker is in my hand. I like to shoot alone, to embrace the solitude and the privacy. it’s really connecting with myself in a way that is cathartic. The type of photographers I have always loved have those messages. André Kertész is the best of the best, for me. The cinematic, old-film quality of his work captivates me. Francesca Woodman—her talent was just incredible, you stare at every image. Instagram brought a different awareness to my eye that hadn’t been there before. Documenting my day-to-day experiences instead of just “Oh, I’m going on a vacation. Some people like to keep in touch. some people like to say, “Hey, I’m working on this or that. ” What I really love about Instagram is that it puts me in the habit of finding moments within my life and creating an image daily. It offers a structure to my work, and the.

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My grandmother, who raised me, used to work for a cosmetic brand, so hair and make-up were a big part of our lives. She would have meetings at our house every Monday, where she would show other women how to apply make-up. I was too young to use it myself, but I would watch quietly from the corner. None of these women looked alike yet they were all learning the same tricks. In fashion, everyone is trying to push the boundaries, so you get a lot of experimental hair and make-up. I was never even close to that. But in that struggle I’ve learned how to take care of my skin. You don’t have to get crazy and blow your budget – even something as simple as using witch hazel as a toner I find to be life-saving. It’s quite dramatic when you’re straight off the plane and your driver is taking you to a job while you have this white mask on – but they do work. They give immediate moisture and mean I’m ready for make-up straight away. I get my hair done every day at shoots, so protecting it from damage is important. Going to sleep with Redken’s All Soft Argan Oil in my hair makes all the difference. Crystal Renn is the face of Redken. IN CRYSTAL'S KIT.

Crystal Renn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Crystal Renn posing for a photograph, April 2012. Born: Crystal Renn (1986-06-18) June 18, 1986 (age 29) Miami, Florida, United States

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