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Would-be thief dons Minion costume The man, who has admitted to attempted burglary as well as damage to property, apparently thought that the costume from kids' film 'The Minions' would provide an effective way of staying incognito. However, he was unable to force his way through the

Как красиво утеплиться зимой А для тех, кто считает себя умной и умеренной во всем, можно предложить заглянуть в коллекции Costume National, Missoni, Anthony Vaccarello, Philipp Plein. Небольшим сюрпризом оказалось то, что мех стал одним из преобладающих трендов. В этом сезоне вы можете выбирать

MISS UNIVERS 2015 Voici le costume national tout en plumes de Miss Belgique Tandis que Leylah Alliet, première dauphine de Miss Belgique 2015 est déjà en Chine, à Sanya, pour le concours de Miss Monde 2015 qui s'y tiendra le 19 décembre, Annelies Törös, Miss Belgique 2015, se prépare, elle, à l'élection de Miss Univers 2015

Costume National presenta Contemporary Line: nuova piattaforma digitale Costume National lancia il nuovo sito Contemporary Line CostumeNCostume, con una piattaforma digitale totalmente rinnovata. costume national costume line (4). Il concept del nuovo sito è stato sviluppato in collaborazione con l

Costume National представили новую рекламную кампанию. Осень-зима 2015-16 А видели мы и подобную манеру съемки, и способ подачи, и сам бунтарский дух рок-н-ролла в рекламных кампаниях, создаваемых Эди Слиманом для Saint Laurent . Однако креативный директор Costume National Эннио Капаза нисколько не смущается такого сходства. В конце концов

St Petersburg 'Nutcracker' shows global appeal of festive ballet ST PETERSBURG, Russia When the curtain rises for "The Nutcracker" at St Petersburg's Mikhailovsky Theatre, it is the culmination of hundreds of hours of toil and sweat by dancers, costume makers, set designers and musicians. It appears to have paid off

Друзья, хочу подвести итоги дня. Сегодня в промо зоне CoSTUME NATIONAL scents в ЦУМе мы были…

Пиджаки, кроссовки Costume National в Петербурге. Бесплатная доставка

Основатели Costume National братья Капаза покинули собственный бренд -

Сегодня стало известно, что Эннио и Карло Капаза, создавшие в 1986 году модный Дом Costume National, оставили собственный бренд. Они окончательно продали компанию холдингу Sequedge, который с 2009-го уже владел долей марки. Карло Капаза покинул пост генерального директора Дома, но остался на аналогичной позиции в Итальянской палате моды. Мы закончили этот просто невероятный творческий процесс в надежде на еще большие успехи Дома в будущем. Несмотря на сложившуюся ситуацию, бывший креативный директор марки Эннио Капаза сказал, что он по-прежнему уверен, что время истинной моды не прошло и во главе угла еще не всегда стоит маркетинг. Джейн Мейл, в прошлом любимица модных инсайдеров, которая была вынуждена закрыть свой бренд, этой осенью запускает его вновь, выступая с очень женственной, местами роковой коллекцией в духе своих прежних творений.

Rio 2016: Olympic opening ceremony outfits likened to erasers ... - BBC News

It can't be nice for a designer to have your work become the target of the unforgiving eye of a fashion critic. But a cultured reviewer is no match for the tirade that can come your way if you irk social media. Especially when the catwalk is one of Earth's most high profile and watched events. More than one billion people around the world are expected to watch the cream of the globe's athletes take part in the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio on 5 August. Historically, the likes of Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney have threaded their expensive needles and sewed furiously through the night (we'd like to think) to create designs for their nation's athletes. We imagine that when traditional Georgian clothing manufacturer Samoseli Pirveli got a call to design the look of the nation's Olympians for the opening ceremony, the brand must have thought it was a career high-point. So much so that more than 6,000 have now signed an online petition, against the firm's designs for the Georgian national team. Much of the criticism stems from the fact that the design of the outfits was inspired by the national costume, the Chokha. Worn by Georgians for over a thousand years, the high-necked wool coat was rarely seen during Soviet rule over 20 years ago, but has since started making a comeback. Samoseli Pirveli said that its design is a modern version of the Chokha. Female athletes are in long white dresses and dark red jackets and small hats and hold dark red purses, while men wear black suits with dark red frilling. Social media did not think so. Giorgi Mshvenieradze, who is a member of the NGO, the Democratic Initiative of Georgia said in a Facebook post: "State institutions exactly look like this costume. striving for the past rather than for the future, the colours of [19]90s. ". However, University Professor Merab Basilaia joked that perhaps the designs covered so much skin in order to protect the athletes from the mosquito-borne Zika virus. Politician Zviad Kvachantiradze called the design "tasteless" and worried that it would make "the whole world laugh at Georgia. " Similarly, the former Foreign Minister Salome Zourabichvili described the look as "neither sporty, nor Georgian". One of the rare voices appealing for calm was Vasil Maghlaperidze, political commentator and producer of one of the programmes on the GDS TV station (which is owned by former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili's family). "It is unfortunate that the Communist epoch made us so detached from our native culture that we take [everything] Georgian as alien," Samoseli Pirveli's Facebook post said. However, the company got off lightly compared to Mahnaz Armin who came up with the original design for Iran. Such has been the backlash that Iranian officials say they will re-design their team's opening ceremony outfits after the outcry over its "poor design". The widely-shared meme at the top of this article not too subtly likens the uniforms to Pelikan erasers. One of those drawing the comparison was the prominent actor and presenter, Rambod Javan. It came with the caption: "A great well done to our officials for their choice of designer.

A photographer wore a urine-sprayed panda suit to take the wildest panda... - Tech Insider

Before photographer Ami Vitale ventured up to the Wolong Nature Reserve in China, local panda caretakers warned her not to get her hopes up. "People are like, 'Well how hard can it be to shoot a panda. But Vitale persevered with a lot of patience — and by wearing a crude panda costume spritzed in panda urine. She went home that day with a shot that ended up as a full page spread published in the August issue of National Geographic magazine. The panda gods are on my side," she said. Up until the 20th century, people spotted them so infrequently that Chinese artists almost never incorporated them into their artwork. Even in the fenced-in Wolong Nature Reserve the bears rarely showed themselves to human beings. Here's how Vitale, working for three years on the project, captured some of the wildest panda photos we've ever seen.

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Costume National - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia CoSTUME NATIONAL is an Italian fashion house founded in 1986 by Ennio Capasa, Creative Director, and his brother Carlo, CEO of the Maison, which has its head offices ...