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«Дрэговая» Impala. Это вам не такси! В той же старушке-Европе автомобилей такого класса попросту не существовало – сравниться с полноразмерным седаном могут только авто премиум-класса вроде Mercedes-Benz S-Class либо BMW 7-series. Шасси этой Impala также было изготовлено компанией Chris Terry Racing.

Какие автомобили предложат Голливуду В столице Западного побережья США и мировой киноиндустрии, известной прогрессивными и самыми рафинированными в Америке вкусами, пройдет около 30 мировых премьер легковых автомобилей и внедорожников. Основные тренды автошоу – стильный дизайн, «зеленые»

Bill Blass Is Back With Chris Benz running the show, the beloved all-American brand is making a comeback — but with a modern twist. Bill Blass. Courtesy of Instagram/BillBlassUSA. November 19, 2015 Emili Vesilind. After several ill-fated attempts to revive it, Bill

The NFL's hottest team is creating a splash locally Norman is the former cornerback for the Coastal Carolina University Chanticleers who is now in his fourth season with the Panthers. Lopez is the athletic director at the Claire Chapin Epps Family YMCA in Myrtle Beach who also attended CCU. His old

Squash: Chris Simpson the hero as Benz Bavarian Duffield pull off unlikely win CHRIS Simpson played the match of his life to bring home another unlikely Premier Squash League win for Benz Bavarian Duffield, according to team manager Felix Frixou. Simpson came from a game down to beat former world number one James Willstrop and

How Designer Chris Benz Is Making Bill Blass Cool Again And now, after a few unsuccessful attempts to revive the brand under a number of head designers, Bill Blass has found a leader in Chris Benz to give it the lift it needs. At first glance, it's hard to believe it's the same brand at all. The business

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Other guests included artists Melissa Baker and Mo Milgram, Shari Gardner from Friends of the Napa River, Chris Benz from the Sierra Club, John Comisky from the Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County, and Amanda Griffis from Upper Valley Waste... She explained that scientists can gauge the health of a stream by studying which insects live in it. Crawdads like the one Alfaro found can live in even the dirtiest streams, but other species can only survive in clean, unmuddied water.

How to be the next Lewis Hamilton: what is the best way into motorsport? -

ith Lewis Hamilton winning the German Grand Prix to extend his run of victories to six in the last seven races, turning a deficit in the Formula One standings into a healthy lead, there's renewed interest in how a young lad from Stevenage reached... Many of F1's greatest exponents have, like Hamilton, honed their racing technique in the cut and thrust of kart racing, bu there's a wider argument as to whether racing for real or spending hours in a simulator is the best way to reach the top. We went to a prestigious karting event to find out. The competitors – average age 22 – know that it's "only" a charity event but veryone’s focus is on tyre pressures, racing lines and suspension set-up. But as founder John Surtees looks on, alongside five-time Le Mans 24 Hours winner Derek Bell and F1 and sports car star David Brabham, there’s another hot topic of conversation that didn’t even figure when these motor racing legends were forging... Which competitor clocked the fastest time in the simulator, improving their lap times in virtual reality. And how does their performance compare with those who honed their technique in real-life kart racing. Is it really the case that hours spent immersed in the fast-accelerating world of artificial intelligence provide greater rewards for the future stars of motorsport than actual competition on the circuit. Even wealthy F1 teams’ computerised simulators were in their infancy and, with entry to the world of kart racing costing thousands of pounds, it was a sport for the better off, or the supremely dedicated. Lewis Hamilton famously started his career in karting, as did Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button, Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna, who described it as the “purest driving experience”. Technology has leapt ahead, however, offering a world of searingly lifelike simulators to aspiring racers, and today, at the Karting Challenge, there’s scarcely a competitor who hasn’t visited the world of virtual reality in their quest to improve. “I was with McLaren F1 when simulators first came in around 1998,” says racing driver Darren Turner, head of Base Performance Simulators at Banbury, whose sophisticated £35,000-£105,000 “sims” are bought by venues offering training to... Turner, who was since joined Aston Martin Racing, says there are now about 10 UK centres where racers can immerse themselves in virtual reality, becoming intimately familiar with circuits where they’ve never set foot. If you do 10-20 hours learning the circuit in a highly realistic sim, when you get there you already know what corner’s coming up, where you’re going to brake, all the things drivers need for better lap times. This year he made the leap from bicycle to car and, with the aid of a driver coaching and development programme based on Nissan’s GT Academy, including an intense simulator training regime, finished the world’s most demanding motorsport endurance... Mike Carcamo, global motorsport director for Nissan, told the Telegraph: “We could not have hoped for a better result for a rookie driver to finish, and finish well. The GT Academy programme has also propelled ‘bedroom racers’ like Jann Mardenborough from playing realistic racing games at home to professional racing drivers. “The GT Academy is more than a game, it’s a programme to accelerate a novice driver to a professional.

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Vanguard Group added another chapter to the saga that is investors’ quest for yield last week when it closed the popular Vanguard Dividend Growth Fund ( VDIGX ) to new investor. The move highlights good stewardship on the part of the Pennsylvania-based fund giant and also how darn crazy demand is for dividend-paying stocks given that interest rates are so low. Christine Benz at Morningstar circles back on the fund closure given that VDIGX has been one her “core” portfolio recommendations for retirees. She notes that the fund’s built-in protection mechanism of owning stocks with strong balance sheets made it a solid choice for those who need their nest eggs intact — it lost about 10 percentage points less than the S&P 500 in 2008, for example. Benz give the nod to the index-tracking Vanguard Dividend Appreciation Fund ( VDADX ) in lieu of Vanguard Dividend Growth. And if you prefer exchange-traded the funds, the Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF ( VIG ) is also available. “The index fund’s returns haven’t been as strong as Vanguard Dividend Growth’s. senior analyst Katie Reichart notes that Dividend Appreciation, which tracks the Nasdaq US Dividend Achievers, lacks some of the flexibility that the active fund enjoys. But the fund has the tailwind of ultralow costs of just 0. 09% for the Admiral share class or ETF, and investors can expect a portfolio complexion and performance pattern that’s in the same ballpark as Dividend Growth’s. Although VIG and SCHD are low cost alternatives, our clients are invested in the PowerShares S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility ETF (SPHD) among others. Although the expense ration is 0. 30%, SPHD screens for the 75 highest yielding companies with no more than 10 companies from any one sector and then selects the 50 least volatile stocks for the portfolio. It has consistently had lower downside risk than the market and its peers, which has led to above average returns - both nominal and risk-adjusted. As exchange-traded funds and other investing vehicles have ballooned in number, the task of figuring out what works well and what doesn’t has only gotten harder. com’s Focus on Funds looks under the hood of ETFs, mutual funds and hedge funds for overlooked values, actionable ideas and the latest pitfalls for fund investors. Chris Dieterich has covered the U. S. stock market for The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires. He is a graduate of Regis University and the Missouri School of Journalism. Write to Chris at Chris.

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Collection - CHRIS BENZ - SHARK PROOF. Chris Benz Story; Chris Benz Watches; Chris Benz Features; Chris Benz Shark Proof ... The story of CHRIS BENZ Watches Intl. is the story of a young man´s passion for ...