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Carolyne Roehm | Home Front Carolyne Roehm Style icon and lifestyle maven Carolyne Roehm has been part of American design culture for over four decades, with a career spanning the fashion, gardening, entertaining, publishing and decorative arts worlds. Finding a mentor in Oscar de la Renta

Socialite Carolyne Roehm displays her garden who buys the book comes away with a sense of peace and pleasure from the photos. As for the source of the flowers, during the warmer weather months they come from her garden, but during the winter, Roehm hits the streets. "I'm a big client of all

Designer Lauren Liess's five favorite entertaining essentials at Pottery Barn ^Chat Thursday at 11 a.m. Interior and fashion designer Carolyne Roehm, author of “At Home in the Garden,” joins staff writer Jura Koncius for our weekly online Q&A on decorating and household advice. Submit questions at . 8 At

Carolyne Roehm's Tips for Growing a Gorgeous Garden Making life more beautiful is all I've ever wanted to do. It's why I've spent most of my time in the visual world, working as Oscar de la Renta's assistant for nearly a decade and then running my own fashion house for almost as long—all the while

Carolyne Roehm's Secrets to Holiday Entertaining Carolyne Roehm's Secrets to Holiday Entertaining. The tastemaker and AD special projects editor shares her tips—from gorgeous winter table settings to festive decorations—to help make this season the most wonderful time of the year. Text by. Carolyne

What Oscar de la Renta and Bill Blass Taught Me For a series of table settings, Carolyne Roehm channeled advice and inspiration from two close friends. All of us have someone who becomes our mentor—and I have had the great fortune to have had two. First and foremost was fashion designer Oscar de la

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When it comes to high fashion, Carolyne Roehm made her mark decades ago as a New York City designer, trendsetter, a highly regarded businesswoman and an A-list socialite. Her friends and mentors included fashion designers Oscar de la Renta and Bill Blass, and her former husbands included successful financier, Henry Kravis. The now-divorced 65-year-old author, who was raised by her parents in Missouri, added a new chapter in her life years ago, building on her talents for color and design by turning to her passion for gardening and photography at her Sharon estate,... Today, its amazing acreage boasts lush shade, parterre, rose, wall and pool gardens, all the subject of her most recent book, “Carolyne Roehm at Home in the Garden. When I first bought this place with Henry, there was a string of Concord grapes in one little section and another section with a little vegetable garden and a perennial border that was kind of dinky. And there was gravel all around the house and I thought, “I have to look at cement every day in New York City, I don’t want to come and have to look at it here. Schilling, who looked after the house when we weren’t here, we planted a small rose garden in the front of the house. We used string to lay it out and chose roses in colors that I liked and would do well here, and that is how it began. Then I got into what the previous owner called a prayer garden, although it was just a place with bricks and grass. I beefed up the perennial garden by making the borders bigger and more defined with a yew hedge that the deer started nibbling at. And then added to the vegetable garden. I drove Henry’s car and he drove a U-Haul because we didn’t have much for Weatherstone. We had a party rental table, four bamboo chairs, two lamps, one of which got broken when we were transporting it on the way up. I was working with Oscar de la Renta then and had run to Macy’s to buy fabric for a tablecloth. I asked him if he could let some of the ladies help me make this tablecloth so there would something for the table. I was sad to lose that tablecloth in the fire we had here in 1999. But then Henry’s business started getting bigger and better and I was doing well in the design industry and Henry, who liked to fish, started talking about a trout pond and... We brought a team in and their ideas included the pond and waterfall and a plan that had me saying, “No one is going to live long enough or have enough money to do this. The waterfall kept breaking and the pond was too shallow, so we had algae. And, actually, if I had the money, I would bulldoze half of what’s here and start over. Choose your favorite flowers and then look them up. Find out everything you can about them and make sure it’s a good fit for the climate. I have tried to have delphiniums forever here and have given up. In this area of the state, delphiniums are an annual, not a perennial like they are supposed to be. One year I planted 700 of them and the next year, I could only find about 45.... ” I thought about France, but I thought to myself, “Do you want to be doing that traveling when you are 80. ” The architectural beauty and heritage in Charleston was appealing to me. My intent is to leave Connecticut, and that breaks my heart.

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Perusing Carolyne Roehm's exquisite new book, "At Home In The Garden," in anticipation of the Trade Secrets garden tour on May 15, a mere mortal of a home gardener can't help but wonder: How does she do it. Roehm's photographs lavish love on her... Turns out that she's had mishaps and made mistakes, just like the rest of us. "Even when you kind of think you're there, you're never there," she says. For example, she recalls, just when she was telling herself, man, the boxwoods have finally grown together to perfectly frame the parterre garden off her living room — bam — the following winter a hard freeze did its damage. But Roehm is no stranger to rebuilding, and the parterre gardens themselves were a change forced on her by events. In January 1999, much of her historic stone mansion, which was built in two phases beginning in 1765, was destroyed in a catastrophic fire. But Weatherstone is her haven, and she recreated it. The fire also forced her to regroup in the garden, as she lost a trio of large old maple trees. Out of the ashes grew the idea to put in three formal parterre "garden rooms. This parterre, the most formal garden room of the three at Carolyne Roehm's home in Sharon, Connecticut, is planted with white tulips, white-flowering Sargentina crabapple trees and hedges of boxwood. Roehm says the two-toned color combination is "simple, restful and elegant. " (Photo by CAROLYNE ROEHM / From "At Home In The Garden") The most formal of the three, off the veranda outside the living room, is planted in white-flowering Sargentina crabapple trees and white tulips — for a simple two-tone color combination... Roehm's exceptional garden is one of four that will be featured in the Trade Secrets garden tour on Sunday, May 15. The others are renowned interior designer (and Trade Secrets founder) Bunny Williams' and antiques dealer John Rosselli's 15-acre... interior designer and antiques dealer Michael Trapp's home garden in Sharon with its Italianate formality and geometric pools of water. and Judy and Patrick Murphy's Old Farm Nursery In Lakeville, with a kitchen garden, formal garden, secret garden and lush perennial borders. A day earlier, Trade Secrets will put on its annual rare plant and garden antiques sale at LionRock Farm at Route 41 and Hosier Road in Sharon, featuring five dozen specialty nurseries and antiques dealers from the Northeast. by Page Dickey, author of "Outstanding American Gardens: A Celebration: 25 Years of the Garden Conservancy," and by R. William Thomas, author of "The Art of Gardening: Design Inspiration and Innovative Planting Techniques from Chanticleer. Admission to the May 14 sale, from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. are $40 ($125 for early buying from 8 to 10 a. m., including breakfast), and tickets for the May 15 garden tour, from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m., are $60 in advance, $70 that day.

Carolyne Roehm For more than two decades Carolyne Roehm has been viewed as one of this country’s trendsetters in fashion, elegance, and taste making. After an impressive

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New York Social Diary - NYSD House Carolyne Roehm is one of those people who, whatever their origins, has been born a thoroughbred filled with nervous energy and tensed for a demanding race that they ... | Carolyne Roehm | Boeken Op zoek naar Carolyne Roehm? Bekijk hier het actuele aanbod van Carolyne Roehm. Eenvoudig te bestellen, snel in huis!