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Carlos Santana returns to Dubai Jazz Festival A show so nice he'll play it twice: Carlos Santana is returning to the Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival on February 26, 2016. Santana, 68, headlined the event two years ago. CEO of Chillout Productions, Anthony Younes, originally wanted Santana to

Log InRegister Marshall estate, Santana handpicked 40 photographs that were taken by the great photographer. The mix was eclectic and fascinating to Davis who was Marshall's assistant and a photographer in her own right. “It did surprise me very much what Carlos

Carlos Santana's 2015 season still is creating arguments Just ask them what they think of a certain first baseman named Carlos Santana. Thousands of words and countless passionate comments have been written on the Santana issue. Some fans simply cannot stand him. They'll bring up his low batting average, the

Джастин Бибер исполнил акустическую версию Let It Be Канадский певец Джастин Бибер исполнил классическую композицию Let It Be группы The Beatles на своем концерте в Торонто, сообщает Entertainment Weekly. Музыкант сам аккомпанировал себе на рояле. Видеозапись акустического выступления фанаты выложили на YouTube.

Dubai loves Carlos Santana too much, artist returning to UAE The multiple Grammy winner and global guitar icon Carlos Santana is returning to Dubai as part of his Luminosity Tour 2016. After last year's sold-out concert, fans of the iconic musician will get another chance to see him live on February 26 at the

Músicos de Carlos Santana darán clases en el país El sonido de Carlos Santana y su banda se ha caracterizado no solo por su conocido habilidad en la guitarra, sino también por la mezcla de ritmos latinos en sus composiciones. De esa poderosa base rítmica se encargan los reconocidos músicos Karl

RT @neudivili: Музыки вам в ленту))

RT @neudivili: Музыки вам в ленту))

RT @neudivili: Музыки вам в ленту))

Музыки вам в ленту))

Carlos Santana: 'You can get high on what's within you' - The Guardian

I started learning the violin when I was five and when we moved to Tijuana from Jalisco, I started listening to be-bop, rock’n’roll, T-Bone Walker, BB King and John Lee Hooker. Their music was an education for me. After Woodstock, there was no turning back. I guess something happened in my head while I was in Tijuana because when I moved to California, it all fused together. I drew on my Latino roots, plus the roots of all the other music: the soul and jazz, the blues and funk. You can get high on what’s within you. However, LSD – and I’m not promoting it – when under the right supervision, can help you claim your light, in a tangible way. But I had my dad, who was charismatic and everyone respected, and I grew up like my mother, questioning everything: “Why am I a sinner. God is in everything and everything is potentially divine. I’m not talking about the specific God from the Bible but the universal spirituality. Look at the cherry blossom on the trees in Washington in the spring – when they are out, they are beautiful, they know how divine they are, and they please the divinity. Reuniting with the original Santana band has been a joy. We went our separate ways in 1972, and it’s been such a long adventure since then. We know each other like we know ourselves, and each brings what they have learned to the table. You can hear all our different inspirations: Latino, soul, funk, blues… but you can also hear how much we’ve grown. Music cuts right into your subconscious, it speaks right past your head and into your soul. It sublimates the whole process of communication like no other language. Why is it that you can play one note, and it can make people cry. I find it hard to talk about, but it’s the level I live on. My mother knew how to pull God’s coat tails and get what she wanted. She didn’t do it for herself, she did it for the family. We didn’t get lost, we didn’t go to jail or get into any kind of trouble. We just learned to ask the right questions and be who we are. It’s always been about conveying a feeling through the guitar. BB King told me before he died, “You have to keep playing, Carlos, you have to keep the flame alight. Carlos Santana’s latest album, Santana IV, is out now.

Carlos Santana in concerto all'Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma - Cinque Quotidiano

Per anni ha incantato e divertito il mondo intero con le sue canzoni a cavallo tra rock e latino americano. Carlos Santana sarà in concerto con la sua chitarra domani sera all’ Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma (aula Cavea, ore 21) per una delle quattro tappe italiane del suo “ Luminosity Tour 2016 ”. Ad aprile scorso è uscito “ Santana IV ”,... “Santana IV”, i cui brani faranno parte della scaletta insieme ai successi più famosi della carriera del musicista, comprende 16 pezzi nuovi scritti e prodotti dalla band, con la stessa ineguagliabile energia e lo stesso straordinario talento che... Santana ha venduto oltre 100 milioni di album e suonato per oltre 100 milioni di fan in tutto il mondo. Ha vinto la cifra record di 9 Grammy® per un singolo progetto (Supernatural del 1999), compresi Album of the Year e Record of the year per il brano Smooth. Ha inoltre ricevuto il Billboard Century Award (1996), è stato inserito nel Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1998), ha ricevuto il Billboard Latin Music Awards’ Lifetime Achievement (2009) e il Kennedy Center Honors Award (2013). Carlos Santana,... E, dopo la pubblicazione di Corazón nel 2014, è uno dei due soli artisti nella storia di Billboard ad avere avuto almeno un album nella Top Ten per sei decadi consecutive dal 1960. Nell’autunno del 2014 Carlos Santana ha inoltre pubblicato il suo... Per ogni biglietto venduto 1 euro verrà devoluto alla Fondazione Milagro, l’organizzazione benefica fondata da Carlos Santana e la sua famiglia nel 1998, per sostenere i bambini orfani di tutto il mondo (www.

Northeast Music Center Inc. raffles off autographed Carlos Santana guitar to benefit Griffin Pond Animal Shelter - The Abington Journal

in Dickson City, a national retailer for electric and acoustic guitars and other musical instruments, in cooperation with Paul Reed Smith Guitars in Maryland, is raffling off this $4,200 U. S. -made Carlos Santana Model Guitar, with all proceeds... The guitar is signed by Santana. Tickets are $10 each or 12 for $100 and can be purchased online at bit. The drawing will be held Saturday, Sept. For more information, call the store at 570-909-9216.

Carlos Santana - Official Site "I invite and encourage you all to come and witness the divine fun and vibrant music of Salvador Santana and Band" -Carlos

Carlos Santana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Carlos Santana audio (help · info) (born July 20, 1947) is a Mexican and American musician who first became famous in the late 1960s and early 1970s with his band, ...

Carlos Santana - Wikipedia Carlos Santana: Algemene informatie: Volledige naam: Devadip Carlos Santana: Geboren: Autlán Mexico, 20 juli 1947: Land Verenigde Staten: Werk: Jaren actief

Carlos Santana — Free listening, videos, concerts, stats ... Carlos Santana (born as Carlos Augusto Santana Alves on 20 July 1947 - Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco, México) is a Mexican-born American rock guitarist.

SANTANA - The Official Carlos Santana Web Site Delivered with a level of passion and soul equal to the legendary sonic charge of his guitar, the sound of Carlos Santana is one of the world's best-known musical ...