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Deutsche Modewoche: Die Termine der Berlin Fashion Week im Januar 2016 Glücklicherweise ist ein organisatorisches Detail der Berlin Fashion Week mittlerweile selbstverständlich geworden: Die deutsche Modewoche findet nicht mehr parallel zur Haute-Couture-Woche in Paris statt, sondern zeitversetzt – das hat dazu

Xavi Reyes bei der Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin live erleben Mitmachen ... 2014 klopfte der schwedische Moderiese H&M an, und ein Jahr später feierte er sein Fashion-Debüt bei der Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid. Jetzt laden ELLE und Mercedes-Benz den talentierten Designer nach Berlin ein, um seine Spring/Summer

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В Украине состоится Финал II конкурса fashion-видео Fashion Move On Я уже имела возможность работать с несколькими талантливыми украинскими дизайнерами и хочу своей поддержкой Fashion Move On выразить им свое искреннее признание», – прокомментировала проведение первого конкурса Fashion Move On Лиза Филиппини, соучредитель Berlin

Termine & Kalender: MBFWB Fashion Week Berlin im Januar 2016 Ganz Berlin wird wieder verrückt spielen, wenn sich in Berlin während der Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week im Januar 2016 alles um die Mode dreht. Und alles wird wie immer sein. Die Einen finden Berlin zu provinziell, die Celebrities zu zweitrangig, Blogger

Новая мода на подиумах Fashion Week в Берлине Открыл берлинскую неделю моды Berlin Fashion Week бренд мужской одежды Sopopular, в актуальной коллекции которого угадывается влияние культурных традиций Японии: струящиеся ткани, рукава "кимоно", узкие брюки. Цветовая гамма лаконична: хаки, серый, черный. Новый

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Between Couture shows in Rome and Resort shows in Rio, it's clear that the traditional fashion capitals-New York, Milan, Paris, and London-no longer have a monopoly on fashion "week. " What's less clear, however, is how emerging designers-who almost certainly don't have the funds to stage shows in far-flung locales-will fit into the changing landscape. MADE-acquired last year by IMG-has an idea: The company, which describes itself as "a year-round, dynamic platform that connects emerging talent in fashion, music, art and culture with visionary brand partners" is expanding outside of the U. S.... "I think fashion weeks [in secondary markets] will continue to play a greater role in fashion over the coming years," says MADE's managing director Barnett Zitron. "Fashion culture is strong in so many places around the world. There are industry icons, creatives and fashion consumers in all these cities, and their impact is global. Over July 4th weekend, the company kicked off its new global push with a dinner during Berlin's Fashion Week that celebrated the Spring/Summer collection of the first brand to be selected for the designer exchange program: Ottolinger, founded by... "We've been so impressed by Berlin's fashion culture," says Zitron. Cosima and Christa from Ottolinger have uniquely strong visions that deserve global recognition and we felt giving them a platform at MADE New York would be the perfect way to kick off our designer exchange program. "We're very excited to go and have a new experience and reach a new crowd. " The program is undeniably a boon to Ottolinger's global profile-yet it also provides an opportunity for MADE to make in-roads within Berlin's creative community. The company has proven itself adept and thinking outside the box and last week's Berlin event was no different: Held at the iconic Galerie at Alte Teppichfabrik, which is, essentially, an abandoned carpet factory in East Berlin, the dinner,... It was a perfect example of the kind of event that might actually help to foster a dialog between brands, designers, and editors from separate markets. last week in Berlin, everyone was a participant. "As part of WME | IMG, MADE is very well positioned to help designers realize their creative visions with music collaborations, entertainment aspirations and brand partnerships. How designers make their collections come to life is really up to them. " An emerging brand could never hope to put on grand spectacles like the big brands can--recent shows put on by Louis Vuitton (at Niteròi Contemporary Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro) or Fendi (atop Rome's Trevi fountain) come to mind-but they can... Says Zitron: "Often times the new generation of designers push the boundaries for the traditional industry cycle, and so it's important to support them on their journeys.

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Berlin fashion week has been showcasing its “Fashion Fusion” and “Smart Fashion” exhibits designers hope set the pointers for the future of what we will all be wearing. Local designer Anja Gockel also celebrates 20 years of her label with a special anniversary show. “Fashion Fusion” wants to help pioneering new forms of technologically enhanced fashion, wearable technologies and everything in between. The idea is to develop relevant, functional, sustainable and sought-after smart fashion and services that enrich peoples’ lives in the long term. “The great thing in fashion design is that it can tell a story. And the great thing in technology is that everything is possible. But together, everything is possible,” says Fashion Fusion curator and of Electro Couture Lisa Lang. Germany has to up its game or it will be left behind says the Head of Berlin’s German Design Research lab. “Germany actually does have all the components: we have great experience in the area of textile design, we have great experience in the area of microelectronics. And now this is the moment where we can bring it together and together shape those new forms of interaction. But we really need to get going because the competition does not sleep and Silicon Valley is busy creating as well. Centrepiece of this “Fashion Fusion” initiative is a pan-European ideas competition throughout the year open to talents from fashion and technology. The best team wins prize money of 20,000 euros and a chance to take the collection to market. The collection will then be presented at the Berlin Fashion Week next January. The show featured a colourful collection of light fabrics, with several models walking the runway with flags of various countries tied to their arms or around their waists. The 48-year-old was already as a child fascinated by art and was drawing and painting almost every day. She studied fashion in Hamburg and then after graduating from the world-famous Central St. Martins fashion school in London she worked a year for Vivienne Westwood and then founded her label in London before moving back to her hometown Mainz in... One big surprise for this collection was male bridal wear in the rainbow colours of the.

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Streetwear Rules at Berlin Fashion Week Spring 2017 This week, the fashion fleet departed Paris and landed at Berlin Fashion Week. So far, Berlin's giving us some good shoulder, with collarbone-skimming off-the-shoulder tops and loose, summery tanks. Though overwhelmingly cast in black, white, and ivory, a few pops of green, red, and royal blue here and there liven up the series of streetwear looks.

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin - Focus On Fashion Aktuelle Informationen zur Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin und exklusive Lookbooks aller Designer – präsentiert von Mercedes-Benz. - Current information on the ...

Berlin Fashion Week – Wikipedia Die Berlin Fashion Week bzw. Berliner Modewoche ist eine seit 2007 saisonal periodisch (2014: im Januar und Juli) stattfindende, etwa eine Woche andauernde ...