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Israel wants to treat Sweden as a banana republic Diplomatic spats between Sweden and Israel have become a regular occurrence. Ever since the Scandinavian country recognised the state of Palestine in October 2014 relations between Stockholm and Tel Aviv have gone from bad to worse. At the heart of

Gap sales fall 9% in November on poor showing by Banana Republic The holiday season is off to a rough start for Gap. Sales fell 9% in November, Gap said Thursday. Gap's Banana Republic brand took an especially deep dive, with same-store sales declining 19% globally, compared to a 2% increase in November 2014. Gap's

'India not a banana republic; Sonia, Rahul should face court' Attacking the Congress over disruption of Parliament on the issue, he asked party leaders, including Sonia and Rahul Gandhi to face the courts saying India is not a banana republic in which Parliament or media can decide the guilt or innocence in such

More bad news for Banana Republic The company, which reported that comparable sales were down 12% for the third quarter of fiscal 2015, reported even worse results for November. Comparable sales were down 19%. On a recent earnings call, Gap Inc. CEO Art Peck expressed he was frustrated

How Banana Republic is getting killed by fast fashion Women's fashion moves at warp speed these days -- and Banana Republic simply can't keep up. The iconic brand is getting crushed by more affordable fast fashion stars like H&M (HMRZF), Zara and Forever 21. Banana Republic is clearly in decline -- its

We went to Banana Republic to see why the retailer is in so much trouble Banana Republic prides itself on its "updated classics with a twist," as Art Peck, the CEO of its parent company, Gap Inc., put it recently. The twist isn't resonating with consumers. Banana Republic's efforts to appeal to a younger demographic have it

Banana Republic удалось провести успешную праздничную распродажу....

Banana Republic: the ugly story behind New Zealand's most popular fruit - Radio New Zealand

From the top of a rusting observation tower, the leaves stretch out in every direction: thick, glossy, utterly uniform, as far as the eye can see. It is silent at the centre of the plantation. No birds calling, no hum of insects, only the low whine of planes dumping their loads of pesticide in the distance. Banana bunches wrapped in blue plastic hang like alien egg sacs from the branches. The plantations cover around 10,000 hectares, encircling small villages, networks of roads, and the entire lives of the growers, who work, eat, sleep, live and die among the trees. Pausing to scuff the ground, he spits, and sweeps out an arm to gesture at the trees. Stacked in bright supermarket aisles, sliced over Weet-Bix, and left to turn soft, brown and fragrant in the bottom of schoolbags. Despite the country’s climate making it impossible to grow them commercially, New Zealanders eat more bananas per capita than any other developed country, and are the second-largest consumers globally. But it comes at a terrible human cost: Filipino workers forced to work 18 hour days, paid as little as 30 cents per hour, constantly exposed to toxic chemicals, and threatened with violence or death when they campaign for better conditions. It is still dark when Francisco rises at 3am, up from the woven floor mat, still aching from the work of the previous day. The sky is just starting to grey as he lights the fire, boils the kettle, brews charred corn grits to make coffee. He is silent, scuffing over the dust in grey rubber Crocs, playing with his dogs as the sky grows pale. A little after 5am, the workers begin their walk to the plantation to sign in for the start of the day. As the sun lifts and the first heat of the day starts to set in, around 30 men lean on motorbikes and smoke, assigning blocks of the plantation for picking, spraying, planting and pruning. Men carry the bananas through the plantations to the packing houses, lengths of plastic looped around their hips. They drag the 40 kg banana bunches, roped together in sets of up to fifty, on rails to the packing houses. For the workers in the packing houses, mostly women, the days are longer. Some start at 6am, and work through until midnight - then it’s home for a few hours of sleep before they return to do it all again. New Zealand imports 72 million kilograms per year, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation. Around 70 percent of that comes from this region in Mindanao, the southernmost island of the Philippines. Each New Zealander eats an average of around 18kg of bananas annually, at a cost of around $88 per household, or more than $142 million every year. But while the banana companies and exporters report billions of dollars in revenue, the workers on the plantations face a very different picture. “The truth is I work 18 hours,” says Janet Gorgio, who spends her days labouring in the packing plants. Gorgio has spent around 20 minutes trying to communicate the structure of her pay, and her eyes are now filling with tears with frustration. She works in one of the packing plants - and rather than being paid by the day, she is often paid by the box.

FBI's baffling rescue of Hillary is turning America into a banana republic - New York Post

Maybe FBI chief James Comey didn’t want to hand the 2016 presidential election to the erratic Donald Trump when he decided not to recommend any charges against Hillary Clinton for her insanely dumb and so obviously improper use of a private email... Or maybe, in some odd way, this longtime gumshoe really believes that what Clinton did — sending and receiving sensitive information on a private and very hackable email account — isn’t so bad and thus doesn’t deserve to be addressed with even a... Either way, by ignoring the findings of his agents — which have been documented on these pages, and which he documented in a bizarre press conference Tuesday — Comey has done his best to move rule of law in this country one big step closer to that... Not that we as a nation weren’t well on the way to becoming a place where criminality hinges less on the facts than on emotions and, of course, politics. Think of all those post-financial-crisis insider-trading cases against alleged fat cats later overturned for lack of evidence, and also the pass given to certain Wall Streeters who did some really bad things but, luckily for them, had ties to the... Now come the events of the past week, and the mother of all passes just given to Clinton — which would be panned as totally unbelievable were they in an episode of “House of Cards. As the feds’ investigation neared completion, former President Bill Clinton holds an impromptu meeting with the law enforcement official who could indict his wife: US Attorney General Loretta Lynch — who, like her boss in the Oval Office, has a... The two explain the whole thing as nothing more than an innocent conversation about grandkids and golf — nothing about official DOJ business that has been consuming both of them for the past year. But appearances matter, of course, so Lynch says she’s going to turn the matter over to the incorruptible Jim Comey, the FBI chief — to determine if Hillary really did anything wrong. Yet, after months of investigating, and being urged by his staff that there was evidence Clinton did indeed violate federal laws while using her private server, Comey miraculously shows up over the weekend and interviews Hillary about the email mess. Then miraculously (again), another 48 hours later, Comey all but clears Clinton, who’s now free to fly with Obama on Air Force One for some much-needed campaigning to ensure a third Obama term. What makes this whole sordid set of facts so damning is that before yesterday, Comey was considered one of the nation’s most trusted and apolitical beat cops. Indeed, when Lynch all but turned the case over to him last week, many (including me) believed the rule of law would actually prevail, particularly since FBI staffers made no secret in law enforcement circles that they believed Clinton’s conduct... He said “there is evidence that [Clinton and her team] were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified” information and that “there is evidence of potential violations of the statute regarding the handling of...

Retailers offer deals to steal Prime Day thunder - USA TODAY

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 11: Pedestrians walk by Macy's flagship store in Herald Square on May 11, 2016 in New York, New York. As the retailer faces a second year of sales declines, CEO Terry Lundgren has outlined numerous ways to boost sales including investing in better customer service. Overall sales fell 7. 4% to $5. 77 billion in the quarter ended April 30. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 639296557 ORIG FILE ID: 530665614 SAN FRANCISCO — Black Friday is coming five months early for some retailers. Stores including Macy's, Walmart and Banana Republic are offering deals around the same time as Amazon’s big Prime Day sale, which takes place on Tuesday. Macy's is celebrating "Black Friday in July" by offering deals and free shipping on items on macys. From Wednesday to Sunday, customers can enjoy deals both online and in stores, and receive free shipping for orders over $50. Walmart is offering free shipping on all orders from Monday through July 15 and launched new online deals on items... Competing retailers are betting that customers in the mood to shop — and maybe do some online price comparison — will head to more than just the Amazon app. The toy maker said since retail is a highly competitive environment, it wants to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to save with no membership required. The Limited, Sears, Bealls, Banana Republic, Express, the Gap and Old Navy are all offering big discounts in the week before Prime day, says Offers. Banana Republic is offering an extra 40% off sale through July 11, the store confirmed to Offers. com it is offering 60% off sale items through July 11. The Gap is holding "The Great Gap Sale" July 11 only, offering 60% off sale items, according to dealnews. But the company said it has more to do with the back-to-school season. Shoppers will find deals on supplies, backpacks and apparel throughout July and August, it said in a statement. While Prime Day has been a huge hit for Amazon and for retailers as a whole, the name is a problem for them. Trying to shy away from the P-word as just more free advertising for Amazon, other retailers have taken to calling Prime Day “Black Friday in July,” said Howard Schaffer, general manager of Offers.

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Banana republic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Banana republic is a political science term for a politically unstable country, whose economy is largely dependent on exporting a limited-resource product, e.g. bananas.