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Los Angeles Review of Books FEW RECENT CONTROVERSIES in US poetry have garnered as much infamy and mainstream media attention as two recent writing projects, by poet Vanessa Place and fellow avant-garde poet Kenneth Goldsmith, that attempt to draw attention to antiblack racism in

20 ноября AVANT-GARDE SEASON в клубе Артель Бессонница 20 ноября, клубный проект ART {ель} Бессонница продолжает серию вечеринок под девизом «AVANT GARDE». Стиль на грани моды и искусства, сочетание не сочетаемых образов, музыки, шоу, все это ждет вас в новом осеннем сезоне «AVANT GARDE ». В пятницу, все гости

Europe Without Myth? Greek Antiquity and the Avant-Garde "How beautiful the world is | Greece never existed." These verses belong to André Breton, the founder of Surrealism--of that early twentieth-century avant-garde movement which was destined to shape fundamental aspects of all subsequent artistic and

14 ноября AVANT-GARDE SEASON AUTUMN'15 в Артель Бессонница 7 ноября клуб Артель Бессонница продолжает радовать своих гостей серией вечеринок под девизом «AVANT GARDE» и прекрасной музыкой от POLA, K.I.M и ANIMAL PICNIC. Хорошее всегда быстро подходит к концу, так и полюбившейся всем электронный проект Animal Picnic

The man who ran Avant Garde will do another Sajin Vaas The individual who ran Avant Garde will soon confess and come out with everything as Sajin Vaas did, Health Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said. "The names of all former 'kings' will be there in the confession and as

'Lazarus' review: David Bowie's baffling avant-garde musical It's baffling as hell and unapologetically avant-garde. But if you're up for something like this, its arresting visuals, dreamlike atmosphere and introspective Bowie songs have the potential to keep you entranced for two straight hours without

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Over The Weekend: Where Fashion Meets the Russian Avant-Garde - The Moscow Times (registration)

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The demonstrations in Cleveland: Everything changes but the avant-garde | Mulshine - NJ.com

I hereby humbly submit that I have had more experience in witnessing violent political demonstrations than any journalist present at the Republican convention. In 1969 I was on the track team at the university we runners called "Cal" and what non-athletic types call "Berkeley. This was an entirely pointless bout of street-fighting that led to one death and numerous injuries as cops responded with shotguns to rioters in tall buildings throwing potentially lethal-sized rocks at them. The goal of the rioters was to prevent a university-owned lot from being turned into a soccer field - hardly something worth fighting over. In fact the funny thing was that back then it was mostly the foreign students who played soccer, so the demonstrators were unwittingly depriving them of a field. A popular song that year was by a band that is a favorite of Donald Trump, if the music at his rallies is any indication. A standard intro is "You Can't Always Get What You Want," which has the immortal line: "I went down to the demonstration. Ever since, I can't watch a demonstration without wondering what the participants are getting out of it. In the case of the anti-Republican demonstrations I'm seeing in Cleveland, I'd almost suspect they were getting paid by Donald Trump to help... A popular chant among the Black Lives Matter crowd ended with the couplet "five, six, seven, eight - America was never great. I can't believe these demonstrators truly believe this sort of thing is helping their cause - whatever that cause may be. Such characters seem desperate to believe they're part of some sort of progressive avant-garde that is moving us to liberation. But they persist in such stunts as marching in quasi-military fashion as they chant - hardly a vision of individual freedom. A lot of people have been talking up the threat of violence in the streets here, but from the looks of the security forces arrayed, that won't be happening. On Sunday I saw a column of about 400 protesters take to the streets, often blocking traffic. At one point a group of Sunday drivers were penned in on both sides by the protest. The cops would send them one way and then they'd hit the protest and have to go back the way they came - only to be sent back again. The cops had plenty of patience and instead of forcing the protesters out of the intersection they just waited it out. As the protests out in the streets, it appears that because of those two recent shooting incidents the police are ready for anything. As you can see from the photos I shot, there are even what appear to be trained troops with automatic weapons on call. Meanwhile the Coast Guard boats in the harbor had. I got a good look at them while attending the big kickoff party at the Rock-and-Roll Museum, which is on the Lake Erie waterfront. Now that the convention is underway, I suspect there will be less media attention to the demonstrators. The more people see of them, the less they'll like. Whatever point the "Black Lives Matter" movement had is lost when they start that anti-Trump chant. Even the people who think "Make America Great Again" is a silly slogan usually do do because they say it's already great under Barack Obama.


In Tune: Indonesian avant garde Noise v2 - Jakarta Post

Beneath the saccharine pop and poor man’s alternative rock that permeates the Indonesian music scene lies a subsection of artists whose minds stretch beyond the usual tried-and-tested music route, creating sound art that is intimidating and... Though the history of Indonesian experimental music is relatively young, there are a host of groups and musicians that, united-in-mindset, possess expansive sound and, while the artists themselves may scoff at the thought of a “scene”, there’s no... “In the way it’s presented, ‘noise’ music serves up something atonal, or even something that can be considered ‘anti music’. People need to know that, in Indonesia, there are those who experiment with music and do so with a peculiar mindset,” says Adythia Utama, a filmmaker whom directed a documentary on the subject and who himself has released noise music under the... A description of these acts could be endless, considering the vast array of groups. Yet, it would be fair to at least try and paint a general idea of the varied sounds. Outside the conventional songwriting system, from the harsh electronic feedback and ear-piercing hiss of acts such as Aneka Digital Safari, Theo Nugraha and Bergegas Mati. to the nostalgia-drenched low-fidelity of Duckdive – there is clearly a limitless pool of sound to draw from. from Senyawa’s use of chants to evoke the old gods, to Duckdive’s nature-centered obsession. “I used looping pedals to create layers upon layers of melodies and textures to recapture the mood, to create new atmosphere inspired by nautical experiences,” says Muhammad “Gonzo” Fahri, the one-man band Duckdive, who feels that his music works... “I think people who have experience in underwater activities might be able to relate more to the music I make, yet I don’t think that others who haven’t had those kinds of experiences won’t understand it. I just hope that my music can help them... Maybe along the way they’ll understand how significant nature can be. Duckdive’s music is basically a representation of nature inside our heads. The best thing about experimental music is how evenly spread out it is. Unlike other sub-genres of underground music which stem mostly from Jakarta and Bandung, the most active experimental acts come from “smaller” cities, including Yogyakarta,... Rizki Aulia — who releases hypnotic electronica under the moniker Sawi Lieu and has played with Sangsaka Worship — considers evenness to be a part of the strength of experimental music. Without evoking any of the usual know-how needed to play conventional music, experimental music encourages pretty much anyone to create. Beneath the saccharine pop and poor man’s alternative rock that permeates the Indonesian music scene lies a subsection of artists whose minds stretch beyond the usual tried-and-tested music route, creating sound art that is intimidating and... Though the history of Indonesian experimental music is relatively young, there are a host of.


Avant-garde - Wikipedia Avant-garde verwijst in het algemeen naar een generatie jonge kunstenaars die met nieuwe vormen experimenteren in de schilderkunst, muziek, literatuur, poëzie, film, ...

Restaurant Avant-Garde Van Groeninge - Eindhoven Al sinds 2004 jaarlijks bekroond met een Michelin-ster. Verrassende arrangementen en menu’s van topkwaliteit. Gastronomisch genieten op sterrenniveau.

Avantgarde Saunabouw. Maatwerk sauna's - Zelfbouw sauna's ... Bij Avantgarde Saunabouw kunt u uw sauna op maat laten bouwen, een sauna als pakket kopen of onderdelen bestellen voor het zelf bouwen van een sauna.Daarnaast leveren ...

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