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Reminiscing With Grace Coddington And the trips I've done with Arthur Elgort are certainly very memorable — my favorite is my Mad Max one. I like Ellen von Unwerth a lot, and we did one called the Piano Lesson, where we went to Jamaica with great big John Galliano dresses on the beach

The Man Who Would Make the World a Prettier Place In Trunk's trunk are images by hundreds of photographers, including many of fashion's marquee names: Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Weber, Arthur Elgort and Patrick Demarchelier. Mr. Moneypenny has built Trunk into a digital, long-tail boutique of stylish

Pratt hosts 'An Evening with the Elgorts' On Tuesday, Pratt Institute hosted “An Evening with the Elgorts,” an intimate discussion featuring Arthur Elgort, Grethe Barrett Holby, Sophie Elgort, Warren Elgort and Ansel Elgort. The evening panel was moderated by Surface Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Ansel Elgort's Adorable Holiday Plans Will Make You Want to Join His Family Ansel Elgort has already demonstrated his impressive acting chops. And those familiar with the 21-year-old's upbringing aren't the least bit surprised by his ease in front of the camera—after all, his father, famed fashion photographer Arthur Elgort

Legendary Photographer Arthur Elgort Looks Back I first met photographer Arthur Elgort in late 80s on the set of an American Vogue shoot. We worked together almost every single week for years, together with some incredible models including Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Amber

Ansel Elgort's Iconic Photographer Dad, Arthur, Talks Family Some of my happiest moments as a freelance makeup artist have been working on shoots with legendary photographer Arthur Elgort. Now 75, Arthur has shot every major model from Kate to Naomi, for every major magazine including Vogue and Vanity Fair. His

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There is a distinct chill in the air in Sydney, and so a few days ago I decide it is finally time to wear tick tights beneath a knee-length skirt. As I reach for the matte black Wolfords, I realise they are just about the only trend from the 1980s that hasn’t made a comeback. The eighties are back, especially with the age group that never had to wear it. Think Kim Kardashian in revolting double denim, the proliferation of fluoro, or the return of big shoulders, oversize jackets, white pumps, gold dresses, cuffed pants... But in the late 80s, they were the bomb. I recall all those cheerful, energetic Arthur Elgort shoots in Vogue, with bright coloured mini skirts and Chanel style jackets, brightly clashing shoes and Greek fisherman’s caps. There were high kicking legs for days, mostly Linda’s and Christy’s, rocking the matte black Wolford. Black tights are such a wardrobe bonus – they’re warm, they make your legs look slimmer, they cover up all types of skin imperfections and your lack of a tan. They are snag resistant, and a cost-per-wear bargain. So of course they’re not “in”. Why would fashion be kind enough to be so practical. They are about the only 80s trend I can abide. You won’t find me hurtling toward the 80s section of the vintage store, rifling through Diane Fries polyester dresses anytime soon. I hate almost everything I wore back then, except maybe the eyeliner and my boyfriend’s oversized black leather jacket. I feel the same way about the 80s as I do about Las Vegas – I find it hard to even appreciate the irony. Every time I look back at photos from the time, I am shocked by how ugly my hair and makeup was. I’m a person who loves a lot of products, but dear god talk about how to add 20 years in one makeup application. I mostly recall the high camp of it all. The Dynasty dresses, the huge, teased hairdos, wake me up before you go go faux-active horribleness complete with a bad hat and hot pink lipstick. They would include a purple silk knee-length dress with a full skirt and puffy sleeves, and a lurid fuchsia blazer, which I wore with a black and white, striped stretch skirt and gold button earrings. But I watched Hannah and Her Sisters again recently, released in 1986, and was gob smacked by how wonderful Diane Weist looked. She was the epitome of perfect 80s style. When you really pull it apart, some of the elements were gorgeous – diamante and paste jewellery, berets, tweed, brooches, oversized man style coats, socks and loafers, fake pearls, pale denim. I came upon a great photo of on-the-way-to-fame Madonna taken in the street in NY, in what looks an entire thrift store look that is just fabulous. Combing through my husband’s wardrobe the other day, I came upon some of his old suits (he throws nothing away, much to the excitement of my sons who are now raiding his closet for 80s injections). A red suit jacket with black embroidered lightning bolts down the sleeves. Meanwhile, I’m left with my black tights — that nobody likes.

Famed Lensman Arthur Elgort and His Daughter, Sophie, Are Here to Solve Your Photography Needs -

First up is Arthur Elgort, the iconic fashion photographer who has captured some of the most memorable photos in Vogue. The third character is MZ Wallace, the bag brand that’s occupied a sunny spot on Crosby Street in Soho since 2000. Together, they’re debuting a line of camera bags—two black, two camouflage—designed by the Elgorts and benefitting Sophie’s charity. The story of the Elgorts and MZ Wallace actually begins more than 15 years ago. Arthur was walking through Soho one day, ran into Monica Zwirner, a cofounder of MZ Wallace, and expressed displeasure with the fact that he’d never found a camera bag he liked. Rather than stay and kvetch, Zwirner decided to do something about it, partnering with the lensman on the Elgort bag in 2000. “If I remember correctly, he came to the store and described a bag he had and loved. “We got Arthur his bag, but we liked it so much that we decided to put it on the line. They all sold, and it was a style we kept on the line for some years. ” The appeal was instant for Arthur, who’s particularly fond of its deceptively large interior, which allows for two camera bodies and three lenses. Good news for a man who carries his camera with him every day—“I don’t take it to bed with me, though,” he joked. “I used to take pictures of my friends in the hallways in between classes. At that point it was still film, so I would take the rolls of film home to my dad to get developed. Fast-forward to 2016 and Sophie has a photography career and her own camera bag needs. “As a working photographer,” she explained, “I’m familiar with running straight from a shoot to a party, without time between to go home and change. Same thing goes for traveling or even just walking around the streets of New York City—I always want to have my camera with me, but at the same time don’t want the camera bag to ruin my outfit. ” So Sophie teamed up with MZ Wallace on her own bag, the Sophie, launched this week online and in stores. To mark the launch of the Sophie and the return of the Elgort bag to MZ Wallace’s shelves, the photography duo shot portraits of each other on the streets of New York. “It was very easy to photograph each other because we both knew what we were doing,” Arthur said of his daughter. “She was in pictures all the time [growing up], and I think that has something to do with it. She was around the camera a lot, so when she decided to become a photographer, I didn’t have to show her much. “We went down Crosby Street, took pictures of each other wearing our bags for about 20 minutes, and then we were done,” Sophie continued. MZ Wallace’s Elgort and Sophie bags are available now on its website and in its New York stores.

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Ansel Elgort not only has good taste in movies (he has starred in both The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns). The 22-year-old model also has good taste when it comes to girlfriends, and he hasn't minded showing the latest one off. On Tuesday the son of photographer Arthur Elgort posted a Snapchat video of his girl Violetta Komyshan wearing nothing but a little pink bikini as she jumped on their hotel bed while on vacation in Europe. The lovely brunette seemed to be in great spirits as she jumped for joy on their queen bed which was made nicely with white sheets. The looker started off slowly, then went faster as she carefully turned so the camera could get a good look at not just her toned abs and cleavage but also her pert derriere and muscular thighs. The two were staying in a dreamy hotel suite that had a quaint balcony which offered up a stunning, postcard-worthy view of the Mediterranean Sea below. The couple was last seen in Mlian attending the Prada fashion show held during Milan Men’s Fashion Week SS17 at Fondazione Prada on Sunday in Milan, Italy. James Cox is directing the drama based on a true story about a group of wealthy young men in Los Angeles during the early 1980s that try to establish a 'get-rich-quick' scam, but then it turns deadly.

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Arthur Elgort - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Arthur Elgort; Born (1940-06-08) June 8, 1940 (age 75) Brooklyn, New York, U.S. Nationality: American: Occupation: Photographer: Known for: Fashion photography

Arthur Elgort - IMDb Arthur Elgort, Director: Colorado Cowboy: The Bruce Ford Story. Arthur Elgort is known for his work on Colorado Cowboy: The Bruce Ford Story (1993), Texas Tenor: The ...

Ansel Elgort - Wikipedia Ansel Elgort: Elgort bij de filmpremière van Divergent in Californië op 18 maart 2014: Algemene informatie: Geboren: 14 maart 1994: Land Verenigde Staten

アーサー・エルゴート(Arthur Elgort ... 1940年米国生まれ。医科大学卒業後、カーネギーホールで案内係として働きながら バレー写真家を希望して付属のダンス ...