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André Saraiva Opens Hôtel Grand Amour With Friends and Family “We just bought a hôtel particulier in Lisbon,” he said. “It faces a 656-foot-long mural representing an imaginary city I am currently doing. The place is beautiful, near a monastery. I'll call it Casa André (or André's House). It's about the size of

Art Basel In Miami Beach 2015: The Parties That Rocked Miami Art Week On December 3, the prolific artist debuted the fourth part of his upcoming feature film Future Relic, with Dazed & Confused, Nowness and the Miami Beach Edition. Afterwards, guests like Rose McGowan, Katie Holmes and André Saraiva headed downstairs to

Kenzo предложил надеть на Рождество Эйфелеву башню В начале ноября французский модный дом Sonia Rykiel анонсировал рождественскую капсульную коллекцию-2015, созданную совместно с художником граффити Андре Сарайва (André Saraiva). В линию вошли бархатный свитшот, трикотажный кардиган, кашемировые джемперы,

A New Video From an André Saraiva-Approved Musical Duo By the time they took an unplanned trip to Paris three years ago, they had accumulated a list of songs and were scheduled to play at Le Baron, the club run by the graffiti artist and night life entrepreneur André Saraiva. Saraiva, who is a close friend

ANDRE, LE CRÉATEUR DE MONSIEUR A, S'INSTALLE À L'HOTEL GRAND AMOUR DE PARIS Le week-end dernier, André Saraiva, l'artiste graffiste, père du célèbre logo Monsieur A, a inauguré l'Hôtel Grand Amour à Paris, qu'il a lui-même designé. Après avoir collaboré avec Louis Vuitton, Sonia Rykiel, Converse,…. André dédie son art au

Where to Find the Fashionable During Fashion Week: André Saraiva's New Café Though New York Fashion Week has made a decisive move to the west side of Manhattan, you can bet to find in-the-know editors and models sipping coffee at André Saraiva's new haunt on the Lower East Side. Café Henrie, opening today, is a seven-to-seven

A bon vivant artist who got death threats for spray painting a boulder in Joshua Tree has come clean - Los Angeles Times

A well-known French graffiti artist and bon vivant who became the target of social-media harassment has apologized, saying the crime for which he was vilified stemmed from a naive impulse: To tag a boulder in a Joshua Tree National Park parking... There wasn’t a ranger in sight that day in February of 2015, so Andre Saraiva says he didn’t hesitate to spray-paint a variation of his trademark tag — a top-hatted, grinning stick figure known as Mr. A — on a hunk of rock the size of a small... Within three weeks, the website Modern Hiker had spotted and posted evidence of the February 2015 act. Outraged, readers decried the vandalism, labeling Saraiva a ringleader of a new generation of graffiti artists who regard the natural world as an expansion of their concrete, steel and glass urban canvas. He’s been besieged with venomous insults and death threats ever since, he says. He denied the boulder was in a national park. But by comparing Saraina’s own social media feeds with Google satellite maps, longitude and latitude coordinates and field notes of concerned citizens, Modern Hiker readers were able to pinpoint and publish the boulder’s exact location — inside... The information triggered a National Park Service investigation that confirmed Saraiva, 45, as the culprit. On April 1, 2015, Saraiva paid a fine of $275 to the U. S. District Court in Los Angeles. Last month, speaking publicly for the first time since the incident, the impish former nightclub impresario famous for presiding over lavish after-hours parties and raves took a more remorseful approach, saying he has altered his views about... George Land, a spokesman for the park, said that he respects the shift in attitude. “I respect Andre for being a big enough man to say, ‘I made a mistake and I’ll never do that again … But he made himself a target by blatantly posting an image of his graffiti in the park on his website. That’s the part of the story in which Saraina feels that he was not the only one behaving badly. Modern Hiker’s investigation and undercover work unfairly suggested that he was, as he puts it, “a rich international who doesn’t care about America’s landscape. “Maybe I wasn’t nice — but they went a bit far,” he says,“by making people think I went all over the park to deface it, and by posting a 20-year-old image taken from one of my websites of Mr. A on a rock in Brittany, France and using it as... Casey Scheiner, editor of Modern Hiker, agrees that Saraiva’s story shows how “quickly the Internet can turn into mob justice for serial vandals and flagrant vandals like Andre. “I wonder if he would have taken that attitude if he wouldn’t have gotten caught. He had the opportunity to talk to me and clarify things. Saraiva blames his response on a different emotion: “I was scared. My family and friends were really scared because many different people were saying, ‘We’re going to kill you and your family.

Художнице в США запретили появляться в парках из-за трудносмываемых рисунков -

Суд запретил американской уличной художнице Кейси Нокет (Casey Nocket) появляться в семи национальных парках США общей площадью 524 миллиона акров. Нокет признали виновной в порче объектов национального достояния — она рисовала граффити на камнях и скалах, в том числе в Долине Смерти и близ озера Крейтер. Работники национальных парков усиленно трудятся, чтобы вернуть природе первозданный вид», — отметил федеральный прокурор США Филип Талберт. На рисунки Нокет в 2014 году обратили внимание пользователи Reddit и блогеры. В своем Instagram художница поясняла, что использует трудносмываемый акрил и водостойкие маркеры (пост не сохранился), чем вызвала возмущение в социальных сетях. В конце концов, неравнодушные американцы создали петицию, призывающую наказать Нокет, а затем отправили ее в администрацию президента Барака Обамы.

'Artists' don't deface a national park with graffiti — vandals do - Los Angeles Times

To the editor: Why would The Times refer to Andre Saraiva, who caused outrage after he uploaded an image of a boulder that he defaced in the Joshua Tree National Park, as a graffiti “artist”. (“ A bon vivant artist who got death threats for spray painting a boulder in Joshua Tree has come clean, ” July 9). This man defaces both public and private property with no consideration as to the damage that he does and the expense that will be... His own words within the article sum up his selfish attitude quite accurately: “If I want to do something, I do it. If I want to paint this rooftop, if I want to paint this train, or a place that’s very difficult to access, I’m going to go and... Many artists in their work have depicted endangered landscapes and have raised funds to help preserve them. Instead, Saraiva chose to deface nature while disrespecting one of our national parks. Saraiva’s $275 fine was not nearly enough. Follow the Opinion section on Twitter @latimesopinion and Facebook.

André (artiste) — Wikipédia André, de son véritable nom André Saraiva, est un artiste graffeur français né en 1971 à Uppsala en Suède. Il est le créateur d'un personnage rose, appelé ...

André Saraiva - MUDE - Museu do Design e da Moda André Saraiva, artista de origem portuguesa, iniciou a sua carreira nos anos 1980, nas ruas de Paris, quando começou a pintar os seus graffiti nas paredes da cidade.

"New York La La La": A fashion-infused skate-short by ... A fashion-infused skateboarding-short by L'Officiel Hommes André Saraiva and filmmaker Aaron Rose sees besuited skate stars Jerry Hsu, Austyn Gillette ...

Joyland - Livros, Tablets, Blu-Ray ... Carolina do Norte, 1973. O universitário Devin Jones começa um trabalho temporário no parque Joyland, esperando esquecer a namorada que partiu seu coração. Mas ...

Is Mr. Andre Tagging in Joshua Tree? | Modern Hiker A Modern Hiker reader contacted me last night, alerting me to the feed of street artist Andre Saraiva (Mr. Andre). On Andre’s Instagram feed, the well-known street ...