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John Taylor's daughter Atlanta de Cadenet splashes around in Miami Atlanta's mother Amanda, had a famously wild past who once dated Keanu Reeves and model Nick Kamen. She is now married to Strokes' guitarist Nick Valensi, with whom she has twins, Ella and Silvan, six. She once told Red Magazine: 'I had a rough patch

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor : Sexy en bikini, moquée pour ses rondeurs Ils sont pourtant bien d'actualité pour une poignée de bombes décidées à passer les derniers jours de l'année en bikini. Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor fait partie de ces résistantes ultrasexy Atlanta est la fille de la photographe Amanda de Cadenet et

Pursuing inside-out strategies Perhaps you've noticed the packs of celebrities traipsing about town in their bathrobes (Rihanna, Beyoncé), slips (Amanda Seyfried, Saoirse Ronan, Lily Aldridge ) and pyjamas (Cate Blanchett, Selena Gomez, Jaime King). You'd be forgiven for wondering if

Demi Moore Turns 53 Today! See Her Beauty Transformation It can't be possible that Demi Moore turns 53 today—mainly because the woman does. Not. Age. Seriously! In 2015, she's as gorgeous as ever and still has the same youthful glow and toned physique we remember her having back when she was just a budding

Wow! Třiadvacetiletá dcera kytaristy z Duran Duran je v bikinách ženská jak má být Na dráhu modelky se vydala další dcera celebrity. Potomek kytaristy Johna Taylora (55) z kapely Duran Duran Amanda de Cadenet má za sebou první kampaň pro značku Forever 21 a jejich podzimní kolekci, jejíž se stala tváří. A zřejmě už si připadá jako

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley celebrates pal Amanda de Cadenet's birthday Fashion photographer Amanda de Cadenet was marking her 43th birthday with a host of her celebrity pals on Sunday. And Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was one of the guests of honour at the party alongside the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore. The 28

Amanda de Cadenet Sends Messages of Support for Friend Amber Heard After the Actress Claims Husband Johnny Depp ... - People Magazine

Although Depp has not yet directly responded to the abuse allegations, his attorney Laura Wasser claimed on Friday that Heard is making the allegations in order to gain an upper hand in the divorce proceedings and "secure a premature financial... At the time, Heard declined to file a police report and the officers did not see "any evidence of a crime" so they did not pursue charges against Depp.

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But few would plump for Amanda de Cadenet, best known in the UK at least for fleeing the country more than 20 years ago after making a name for herself as the leading wild child of the day, posing for Playboy and marrying a rock star while five... But since decamping to Los Angeles in 1992, de Cadenet has undergone an extraordinary transformation. The drink and drugs that fuelled her table-dancing antics at London nightclubs have long been dropped. The post-baby body that got her cruelly renamed “Amanda de Flabbenet” has been whipped back into shape by a combination of yoga and a diet that permits no dairy products, no wheat and no caffeine. And her interviewing technique has been honed over the past four years by chats with celebrity chums such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga on the set of her cable TV show The Conversation. The result was a saccharine sweet exchange screened last Wednesday between the “incredibly grounded and very humble” presidential candidate and the English presenter who has mastered both therapy-speak and a West Coast twang. “She’s such a unique woman and she has a life and a life story that is so unusual. I know about her politics, but I didn’t know about her. The interview went so well that Clinton’s camp presented her with a throw cushion bearing the words, “A woman’s place is in the White House”. But perhaps we can forgive de Cadenet’s decline into blandness and that condition known as Los Angelitis on the grounds that her teenage years were such a whirlwind of activity that they offered up enough material to fill several volumes of... Most amateur psychologists have concluded that her chaotic youth had its roots in her parents’ divorce when she was just nine. Her father Alain was a French viscount-cum-racing driver while her mother Anna was a former model. De Cadenet was still a pupil at Princess Anne’s former boarding school Benenden when she discovered boys – or, more accurately – men. “I went from being able to walk down the street and be ignored to having men whistle at me,” she says. “I was an insecure young girl and it felt good to have attention, even though it was inappropriate. With her bee-stung lips and mop of blonde hair she cut a striking figure and was still a young teenager when she started dressing to impress. Aged just 14, she began attending a weekly rave at Crazy Larry’s night club on the King’s Road, where she and fellow teens Emma Ridley and Tamara Beckwith danced in barely-there outfits such as PVC leotards and rubber mini dresses, drank... The papers coined the term “wild child” to describe her and her equally sexually precocious contemporaries and their antics were faithfully recorded by the paparazzi who regularly snapped them falling out of clubs. But De Cadenet’s lifestyle couldn’t last given her age. When the 14-year-old schoolgirl stopped going home and moved in with a friend, her parents called the police and she was taken into care. As a teenager used to living it large in the big city, she did not take kindly to the restrictions of life in a children’s home in the west London district of White City: “Your.

Amanda De Cadenet on Hillary Clinton Interview: "She is a Very Compassionate Person" - Hollywood Reporter

For a special airing on Lifetime on Wednesday night, the interviewer reveals what most surprised her when she sat down with the presidential candidate. Amanda de Cadenet — the thoughtful multihyphenate known for her lengthy and diverse discussions with top female talent on The Conversation interview series — has long had a dream shortlist of interview subjects that contains only two names:... 21, 2015, one of those dreams came true when she sat across from the presidential candidate on a sofa in New York City for a Lifetime special, The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet, which airs Wednesday night at 10 p. m. ET/PT. The hourlong exclusive chat will feature a peek inside Clinton's personal life as well as a digital media-inspired segment that puts Clinton in front of YouTube stars Glozell Green, Chriselle Lim and Maya Washington. Cadenet sat for a phone conversation with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss highlights of her time with Clinton, revealing the process behind booking the Democratic frontrunner and what most surprised her about the former First Lady of the United... De Cadenet is the founder of The Conversation Group, which has produced interviews with such A-list stars as Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow and Zoe Saldana. Amanda de Cadenet: I have wanted to interview her for a very long time — probably like 15 years. She’s such a unique woman and she has a life and a life story that is so unusual. I know about her politics, but I didn’t know about her. When she announced she was running for president I thought that this was my chance. People around me suggested that I wait until after the primaries, but I didn’t want to wait, so I put a request in. Bizarrely, I was having a meeting with somebody in July and they had just come from a meeting with Hillary’s digital team, and I... " I asked if they could put me in touch because I had an idea for Hillary and for her campaign that would work really well. I wanted to interview her and bring in some other voices to the show, not just mine. I wanted to do a one on one with her for three quarters of the show, and the last piece of the show would be other voices — women — who can ask her questions that they want to know from that audience. So, I put together this idea for a special Conversation episode and I pitched it [to Clinton’s campaign]. Hillary Clinton poses with Amanda de Cadenet. Just how completely down to earth and grounded she is. I mean, there is so much surrounding her having been Secretary of State, First Lady of the United States and now a presidential candidate. That’s a big life to manage and a lot to take care of. But, what I found with her, from the minute we said hello and shook hands and looked at each other, she was so down to earth and she made it easy for me because she was not guarded. I’m not interested in surface fluff, but I also don’t have an agenda to get someone to be someone they’re not, or to reveal something. When she came to do the interview, she knew what she was walking into. Most surprising is how relatable she is and how wise she is. She’s very wise. My favorite conversations to have are with people who can talk about and are interested in equality and justice, who are interested in changing the playing fields for women.

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Amanda de Cadenet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Amanda de Cadenet (born 19 May 1972) is a British photographer and former actress.

Amanda de Cadenet – Wikipedia Leben und Leistungen. Amanda de Cadenet ist eine Tochter des britischen Rennfahrers Alain de Cadenet. Sie debütierte im britischen Filmdrama Er?

The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet - HONEST TALK As I am reading her new biography My Life on the Road and feeling so insanely inspired, it seems timely to share this unpublished interview I did with Gloria Steinem ...

Amanda De Cadenet - IMDb Amanda De Cadenet, Actress: Four Rooms. Amanda De Cadenet was born on May 19, 1972 in England. She is an actress and producer, known for Four Rooms (1995), The Word ...