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Un nouveau volet pour la campagne Futuroscope La campagne « Vous n'imaginez pas ce qui vous attend » s'enrichit d'une nouvelle affiche créée par BRUNE, consacrée au lancement de cette nouvelle attraction. Shootée par le photographe allemand Achim Lippoth, une petite famille couverte de « peaux de

TBWA\Zürich: Wenn ein Baby das grosse Thema wird (Strategie), Cyrill Wirz, Bruce Roberts (CD), Tizian Walti, Wanda Michel, Sara Steinmann, Marek Zdarsky (Kreation), Seda Sirin, Marisa Columberg, Marina Cantafio (Beratung). Filmproduktion: Pumpkin Film: Alexandra Fisher (Regie), Lamar Hawkins

Маленькие взрослые: отношения современной детворы (Фото) Ахим Липпот (Achim Lippoth) (род.1968 г.) немецкий фотограф и кинорежиссер, который любит детей. Он их фотографирует в различных ипостасях. Дети, для его необузданной творческой фантазии, являются источником вдохновения и кладезем бесконечной череды изощренных

This Campaign Wants You to Make a Child Cry The children, clearly in pain or terrified, at first seem a familiar sight reminiscent of films from other PSAs featuring little ones sobbing from misfortune. But, as it turns out, they are crying for another reason. The international campaign, by DDB

#MakeAChildCry Ads Remind Shocked Commuters That Sometimes Pain Means Love For the past two weeks, metro and subway riders throughout Western Europe looked up from their phones to find enormous close-up posters of toddlers whose expressions can only be described with words the Bible used for newbies to hell: There is much

DDB Paris Makes Children Cry for Doctors of the World Creatives: Gautier Fage, Sébastien Henras, Julien Bon, Benoit Oulhen TV Producer & Achat d'Art: Marine Rolland Sound: Studio 5. Digital Producer: Alice Kraft Account Management: Matthieu de Lesseux, Marine Hakim, Sophie Colus PR: Anne-Marie Gibert

'Domicile' - Home story for KID'S WEAR magazine Vol. 43 by photographer Achim LIPPOTH - GoSee

In the KID’S WEAR Mag Vol. 43 editorial 'Domicile', Achim LIPPOTH photographed the little tykes doing things that kids do at home in more or less unobserved moments: rolling around on the carpet, climbing on a door frame, sitting on the edge of the bed, poutinig in a... We have the photos of the home story for you on GoSee.

#Momentioriginal: il nuovo corso di comunicazione di Original Marines. Firma GoLab Agency - Engage

#Momentioriginal : questo il nome della nuova campagna pubblicitaria Original Marines dedicata alla collezione autunno inverno 2016-2017, ideata e firmata da GoLab Agency, agenzia scelta per assegnazione diretta . L’adv rivela autenticità,... Il nuovo corso di comunicazione sarà on air da fine agosto e prevede campagna stampa e outdoor integrata con il nuovo catalogo consumer e on air da settembre con il nuovo spot tv e sul web. Gli scatti sono a firma del fotografo e regista Achim Lippoth. Attimi istintivi di ogni giorno, semplici e naturali ma ricchi di emozioni come l’allegria del risveglio, le birichinate tra amici ma soprattutto i momenti di tenerezza, la gioia e la spontanea complicità tra genitori e figli, raccontano la... «La nuova campagna Fall Winter 2016/17, ci permette di trasferire la gioia, la freschezza e la qualità delle nostre collezioni dedicate al target 0/16 anni. La creatività della nuova campagna nasce, infatti, dalla volontà di accompagnare i bambini in tutti i loro momenti e nelle loro esperienze, vivendoli dal loro punto di vista e sottolineando contestualmente lo straordinario rapporto di fiducia che... – Con #Momentioriginal e attraverso lo sguardo di Achim Lippoth abbiamo voluto raccontare una storia rassicurante e allo stesso tempo emozionale per rivelare e sottolineare il carattere distintivo e unico del nostro brand sempre più specialista e... «Per noi di GoLab, fin dall’inizio il progetto Original Marines è stata una sfida assolutamente inedita e stimolante – racconta Giorgio Bartoli, direttore creativo e fondatore dell’agenzia. Quando l’Azienda ci ha coinvolto nel progetto ci siamo chiesti se con gli strumenti di lavoro che avevamo per rappresentare la quotidianità avremmo potuto raggiungere il risultato richiesto. Poi abbiamo capito la chiave da utilizzare ed è stato tutto incredibilmente rapido, naturale e veloce: abbiamo smesso i panni dei creativi e degli account e ci siamo calati in quelli di ciò che siamo tutti i giorni, genitori, e in quello che siamo... Perché la sfida vera non è stata stavolta quella di inventare delle storie, ma di raccontarle con sentimento e onestà. In questo siamo stati aiutati da Original Marines, che rappresenta davvero da sempre i valori che dovevamo raccontare, dal fotografo, perfetto nell’esprimere senza filtri quello che chiedevamo, e dalla location, inedita e piena di luce e di spunti. Credits Agenzia: GoLab Agency Direzione Creativa: Giorgio Bartoli Art direction: Mattia Nobile Executive producer /account: Giulia Castellini Fotografia e regia: Achim Lippoth Still life: Marco Gazza Stylling: Catrin Hansmerten Service: Laurel...

It's a Boy! Now Is That a Blessing or a Life Sentence? - Men's Journal

Ellen said, "Yes," just as I was saying, "No. " Then I called my last time-out. "Do we have to know this second. I'd have given anything for even 30 more days of ignorance. Thus far, I'd been able to cling to the idea that the rest of my life might be tenable, if not enhanced, by the imminent Blessed Event. I'd even found stories that presented fatherhood as the ultimate self-improvement project, the key that might turn the ignition on this creative dynamo sleeping within me. "Everything changed," comedian Louis CK said (not jokingly) of the creative... "I started to look at shit like a real man does. I had to start going OK, what do you want to do. Make plans," he said of his new mode of operation. Go from middling surrealist stand-up to Comic Laureate of America. I devoured similar accounts from other heroes — Wu-Tang mastermind RZA, reformed crackhead and star journalist David Carr — all of whom shared that game-changing moment, the instant they saw their newborn. I believe it was the English poet Hugh Grant who said, "Fuck-a-doodle-doo. As I fumbled for composure, my gut hit the floor, followed by waves of shame and confusion. I'd been able to put on a brave face over most every nonparental feeling I'd had thus far, but this freaked me out. Didn't the Chinese choose auspicious date nights to conceive boys (and drop the others off at adoption centers bound for the U. S. ). Don't new dads get so geeked on the miracle love hormone oxytocin they can't even see gender. Aren't they, in the end, all children. "I'm fond of children," said Lewis Carroll. " The opinion is not without basis. Boys prefer breaking toys to playing with them. Boys see no poster or wall decor that isn't improved with the addition of a scrawled hairy penis. Boys fill time not spent jacking off by playing Killzone: Mercenary. And then, eventually, boys grow up to be men. Like Donald Trump, Ryan Lochte, Charlie Sheen, Richie Incognito, Michael "the Situation" Sorrentino, Joffrey Baratheon. Think of the five humans with whom you'd least like to spend any time on a desert island. Now what percentage of them are male. I believe fathers can and do raise sons well, all the time. The role's most crucial task is what psychologists call "modeling": providing a consistent example of manhood the boy can adopt as he matures. Unfortunately, this implies a model who is himself adept at manhood, who can straight-facedly call himself a man without adopting a cartoonish self-mocking voice. The postwar era's twin poles of model patriarchy, Don Corleone and Ward Cleaver, both got whacked in the free-to-be-you-and-me 1970s. Not many archetypes replaced them, but three seem to endure. Type one: the huggy, man-boobed Guidance Counselor. An unashamedly loving male by default — ready to kiss away boo-boos, serve up tasty s'mores, homeschool the bullied in nonviolence through puppetry. Dustin Hoffman in Meet the Fockers, for example. Type two: the enigmatic Boardroom Warrior. A remote but well-intentioned provider whose enduring appeal modernizes even an anachronism like Don Draper, whose first moment of filial intimacy comes six seasons in, when he sneaks a 10-year-old Bobby into a matinee of Planet of the Apes, ...

Achim Lippoth Photographer Achim Lippoth, born 1968 in Ilshofen, Germany is internationally working as freelance Photographer & directing commercial videos since 1992. His work, mostly focused ...

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Achim (name) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Achim; Pronunciation: Gender: male: Language(s) Hebrew in Germany, Austria, Switzerland: Origin; Meaning: made by Yahweh: Other names; See also: Joachim

Finn-Lennard Eisenstein Lemmi (Bekleidung), Fotograf: Achim Lippoth, Köln . Der Bär (Bekleidung), Fotograf: Achim Lippoth, Köln : Schiesser (Unterwäsche), Fotoatelier Steiner, Düsseldorf