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These 8 hot cocktails are way more creative than your classic hot toddy NW. 202-332-7777. theroyaldc.com. Coffee shop by day, cocktail lounge by night, Colombian food served all the time: The Royal's hot cocktail tries to cover all aspects of the LeDroit Park restaurant's personality. Bartenders steep Counter Culture's

22 ways to celebrate the holidays around Lou Saturday and Sunday from noon-4 p.m. children can enjoy art activities while families shop. Through Dec. 20. Flame Run Ornament Making. Flame Run, 815 W. Market St. Fridays-Sundays through Dec. (812) 944-7336. Christmas Tea With the Snow Fairy

The New Orleans Exercist: Sleigh this workout Kung fu grandmaster Shi Deru hosts a series of seminars at Shaolin-Do Kung Fu & Tai Chi (4210 St Claude Ave., 504-944-1880; www.nolashaolin.com) this week. The main event is the Shaolin Chan KungFu Legacy competition at the Carver Theater on Saturday

Showbizz Bart: "Tom Cruise vond ik niet zo vriendelijk" een vraag stelde over een bepaald camerastandpunt, of iets anders technisch, reageerde hij heel enthousiast. Maar wanneer het ietwat persoonlijker werd, haakte hij af. Hij reageerde vrij arrogant. Misschien kreeg Scientology hem zo ver, misschien

Report: Scott Weiland died of overdose Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland performs at the 9th Annual KROQ Weenie Roast at the Verizon Amphitheatre in Irvine, Calif. on June 23, 2001. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images). Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver has died. The

Simonett Pereira's Style Mafia Sets Miami Fashion on Fire In 2010, an internship at 944 Magazine connected her to a job with Morgans Hotel Group. Pereira began producing visuals for the group and rubbing shoulders with photographers, designers, and other creatives in Miami's fashion industry. Soon after, she

Middletown man uses billboard to boost job search - FOX43.com

"Your employees are happy, but I can make it better," he says. "I could show you gaps in your hiring process to make it more efficient, cheaper for you, the employer, but also help you find better employees. But it has not been enough to get him a job in the human resources field. So, with the help of his family, there is now a billboard on the corner of Route 322 and Mushroom Hill Road in Swatara Township with his face and phone number on it. "It puts me out there in a way that emailing a resume can't," he said. "What I'm doing right now is not working out too well for me, so why not, let's do it, let's go for it. ". Daniel's mom, Barbara, who owns the small business where he currently works, saw a magazine article about a man in England who paid for a... It gave her the idea to do the same for her son. "It's very difficult as a mother to see that he's not getting a job," she said. "I mean, he's putting out applications, he's going to interviews, he's willing to relocate anywhere. Daniel says the job-seeking process has taught him a lot about himself. "I've faced failure in my life before, everyone has and it's something you learn to overcome, but this seems like something that I haven't been able to overcome yet," he said.


Somewhere Underneath This Outrageous Time Attack Aero Is a Porsche 968 - RoadandTrack.com

The 968 is an often forgotten model within the Porsche lineage. Replacing the more popular 944, the 968 was produced in much lower numbers, and faded into the background as Porsche became the 21st-century company it is today. A Porsche 968 is one of the last cars you'd think to turn into a time-attack race car—unless you're the guys at PR Technology, that is. PR Technology is a racing shop in Australia that specializes in building Porsche race cars and supporting... While most people think of the 911 GT3, Spec 944, or the Cayman GT4 Clubsport as your typical track-ready P-Car, PR Tech thinks differently. It has a wing that nearly doubles the height of the car, and a splitter big enough to double as a snow plow. The inside edges of the front wheels stand wider than the doors, and require massive arches to accommodate their reach. The rear diffuser looks like something taken straight out of a Transformers movie, the car's original taillights nearly buried behind huge carbon elements. The body isn't the only thing that's been tweaked to the extreme. They then slapped on a huge Borg Warner turbo to create enough power to back up the looks—somewhere between 600 and 900 horsepower, depending on what the driver requests. At the back end of the car, PR has replaced the original gearbox with a six-speed Albins transaxle.


Former resident restoring historic tavern building - Meriden Record-Journal

When Richard Rice is back in his hometown working on 944 Worthington Ridge, his concentration is often interrupted by passersby who roll down their windows to call out “thanks” for saving the historic Loveland Tavern building. The Historic District Commission recently gave thanks to Rice with a framed certificate of appreciation. The award is given periodically to recognize care, craftsmanship, and respect for period detail and aesthetics demonstrated in a renovation project. While growing up on Worthington Ridge delivering newspapers, Rice appreciated the surrounding history, but never imagined he would be buying former mayor Warren Kingsbury’s old home. After the Kingsburys sold the home, it soon fell victim to the housing collapse and recession. Left unoccupied, rain water trickled through a hole in the roof, and the dirt basement became thick with mold. Through foreclosure, the house came on the market again. Buyers looking for a bargain were deterred by the scope of work needed, but Rice could see the potential. Having family and friends here to help with the work made the home’s transformation possible. Next, they hand dug the dirt basement floor, and removed the mold with gallons of bleach. While over the years the building has seen alterations, the wavy, hand blown glass, 6 over 6 panes, wood windows remain, as does much of the original clapboard, some secured with hand wrought nails. The overhanging second story is a unique feature as are the brownstone steps. Cut in a style know as a “curtain entry with volute,” the lower stone step has a carved swirl on either side. Recently, Rice replaced wood clapboards on the upper front story, as the old ones were too fragile to scrape and sand for painting. Another unique feature is that the width of the wood clapboards differs on each side of the building. The Historic District Commission regulations allow for replacement of exterior features if “like for like,” in the same materials and style. The wood clapboard gradations on this home have become part of its unique history. The building has an interesting history of habitation. Elijah Loveland was operating a tavern there as early as 1775. It was one of several establishments, including the Beckley Tavern, Fuller Tavern and Berlin Hotel, providing rest and sustenance for stage coach travelers along the Boston-New Haven... The taverns were social gathering places and the Loveland Tavern even had an upstairs ballroom. Census records from 1850 show a mix of families living in the building, including Loveland’s grown son and daughter, a North family of four, and two women, Lucy Pease and Sarah Stone. The ladies ran a women’s apparel shop there called “Pease and Stone. ” Later, the 1880 census records the Roys family as the occupants of the building. He became a partner in Peck, Stow, Wilcox, manufacturer of tinsmith tools and metal roofing in East Berlin, the epicenter of the tin industry at that time. Sarah Roys, one of the three daughters, ran a private school in the house, eponymously known as Miss Roys’.


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