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'Nathan For You' Renewed by Comedy Central for Season 4 Just close up shop already, fledgling businesses: Comedy Central has renewed Nathan Fielder's “Nathan For You” for Season 4. The show follows non-business expert Fielder offering his mostly terrible business tips to struggling businesses that could

In Fallout 4 You Can Have Lots Of Fun With Balls Ever since I saw basketballs and basketball courts in Fallout 4 I've been waiting for this moment, this video. It is here. A video full of mental Fallout 4 basketball trick shots. May this be the first of many. And as videos about Fallout 4 and

Photo: Comedy Central Nathan For You (Comedy Central, 10 p.m.): Though it feels like it just started, Nathan For You's third season is already drawing to a close. While parting is such sweet sorrow, we'll always have the memories (and, indeed, the episodes) of this

Let someone else mail out your holiday cards for you It's time to start thinking about those holiday cards, on top of everything else you have to do. I found a site that does all of the hard work for you, and it will cost you even less if you're an ABC15 Smart Shopper. It's called amazingmail.com and I

12 more things in Fallout 4 they don't tell you, but advanced players need to know Fallout 4's Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (VATS) mechanic slows time down to a crawl, and allows you to target specific body parts of enemies – and displaying the chance of hitting them in a percentage. This is all many players use it for but

Working 4 You: Protecting purchases from thieves Expecting a package in the mail from Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping? It could be a prime target for thieves on the prowl. The Spokane Police Department said there are steps you can take to make sure that gifts ends up under the tree, instead of

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Швейцарский франк достиг 3-недельного максимума 1,0795 против евро, прибавив 0,4% по итогам торгов Швейцарский фран https://t.co/sVqNXf87Uq

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В США цены на импорт в ноябре упали на 0,4%; цены на экспорт – на 0,6% В США цены на импорт в ноябре упали на... https://t.co/ngZGhbTrfe

This Interactive Chromebook Comparison Tool Helps You Find the Best Model for You - Lifehacker

The comparison tool itself (over at the link below) is simple enough—you can filter for manufacturer or brand if you prefer, move a slider to only see Chromebooks with more than 2, 4, or 8+ GB of RAM or 16/32GB of onboard storage, click to only... If you want a touchscreen Chromebook, you can toggle that condition on or off as well, choose only USB-C models, or even drill down to something as specific as models with backlit keyboards. All in all, it’s a pretty robust tool, and takes into account virtually every spec that’ll matter when you’re shopping for one. Once you find a few models you like, click them one at a time to build out the comparison chart at the bottom of the page, and then you can look over an apples-to-apples chart that runs down the features of each one, including the price.


Dubai too hot for you? Stay overnight on its snowy slopes - The Indian Express

Visitors to Dubai have a new way to keep cool during the scorching Mideast summer. The company behind the city’s indoor ski slope plans to let guests stay overnight in tents on the man-made snow on Fridays starting from July 29. For 750 dirhams ($204) a person, campers will get after-hours access to the slopes and refreshments,... The man-made Ski Dubai attraction opened in 2005 in the Mall of the Emirates shopping complex.


5 Signs That He's Not Made For You Even If He is a Good Person - LifeHacker India

Many-a-times, you jump into a relationship as soon as you discover some kind of a connection. As time progresses, you may find out things that you really don't like or that you're truly not compatible with this person. In the beginning of relationship, you often make choices out of attraction and fantasy-like projections instead of reality and logic that helps you take right decisions. With the passage of time, you may experience things that you don't expect from him or things on which you can't compromise. And these are the signs that tell if the person is made for you. To help you, here are five signs that tell he is not right guy for you no matter how good he is. ( Also read: How To Deal With Rejection). You do not feel comfortable when he is around : No matter what the reason is but you do not feel comfortable in his company. You feel you are acting or trying hard to be happy in front of him. That's means you are trying to be someone else in his company and such relationship can't last long. There are more difference of opinions than agreements : It is true that two people will ever agree on everything and that's why one has to compromise at some point of time to make the relationship work for long. However, if such things happen on a regular basis, it is time to realize that he is not made for you. You don't feel excited on meeting him : Do you keep looking yourself in a mirror before meeting him. Or do you keep trying dresses one after the other when you are about to meet him. If your answer is no, it means you don't feel excited when you are about to meet him. Thinking about the future together puts you under stress : If you are dating someone for quite a long time, but don't feel like taking the relationship forward, something is missing in your life. In fact, you don't even want to discuss marriage and such discussions put you under a lot of pressure and stress. You don't want him to meet your friends : If you don't want him to meet your friends, it means either your friends will disapprove him or you want to keep some secrets to yourself. It means you don't trust him that signifies he is not made for you. Most of you are not even aware of how much you are eating. Keep a track of what you eat. You will know if you are lagging. And diet does not mean starving yourself, what is important is a healthy diet and not just diet. Apart from strict diets and exercises, you need to sleep well too. You will be surprised to know that one of the biggest reasons behind obesity is lack of sleep. Keeping a control on your junk food may be difficult if you’re addicted to it. To lose weight you won’t only have to avoid fast food, but give up on it completely for at least a while. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat boring food.


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